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By: | Updated: March 28, 2021

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1 And 1 hosting is a web hosting company that offers a wide range of services at reasonable prices. In fact, 1 And 1 has some of the most affordable hosting plans on the market complete with a long list of features and benefits to maximize. In this 1 And 1 hosting review, you will find a number of important things about 1 And 1 hosting, particular about the shared hosting plans this company is offering. Let’s get started, shall we?

1 And 1 Hosting Review -Features and Benefits-

The Linux shared hosting from 1 And 1 hosting is superbly affordable. If you have a fairly limited budget for web hosting, you can go for the 1 And 1 Starter that includes 50 GB of storage space and unlimited monthly data transfer. The plan also allows you to host a maximum of 250 email accounts and 10 MySQL databases. Since 1 And 1 is very famous for its scalability – you can upgrade to a higher service plan at any time to enjoy more features – starting with the 1 And 1 Starter shared hosting service package may prove to be highly beneficial. With this 1 and 1 hosting review we want to make sure you are totally informed on all your hosting options.

For an unlimited amount of web storage and unlimited Click and Build applications, all you have to do is choose the 1 And 1 Unlimited instead. As the name suggests, the unlimited plan comes with unlimited possibilities. You will also get a free domain name upon signing up for an account, allowing you to start your website without spending extra money in the process.

Business users may want to go for the 1 And 1 Business instead, mainly because the shared hosting plan offers unlimited email accounts and MySQL databases. You still get a free domain name upon signing up, but as an addition you also get support for Adobe Dreamweaver CS5.5 for easy and highly streamlined web development. These features are very suitable if you want to start a professional online store and you need the best web hosting you can afford.

1 & 1 Service Plans Pricing

As mentioned earlier, 1 And 1 is famous for being tremendously affordable. The 1 And 1 Starter can be used for just $4.99 a month. If you decide to upgrade to the 1 And 1 Unlimited shared hosting plan, you can enjoy the extra features for $6.99 a month. The 1 And 1 Business plan is just as affordable at only $9.99 a month.

You do need to sign up for a minimum of 1 year, but 1 And 1 is compensating the long-term commitment by offering a wealth of special offers. Discounts are added to both the 1 And 1 Unlimited and 1 And 1 Business shared hosting plans. The already affordable 1 And 1 Unlimited is reduced further to just $3.49 a month; you are saving a total of $42 for the first year. 1 And 1 Business, on the other hand, is priced at a cool $4.99 a month after the added discount.

1 And 1 shared hosting is compatible with popular web applications; Zen Cart and WordPress are two perfectly good examples. You can have these apps installed in a matter of minutes thanks to the one-click installer included as part of 1 And 1 shared hosting plan. Additional features such as a dedicated SSL certificate and mobile website design package are available at extra costs.

How 1 And 1 Is Performing

In terms of performance and reliability, 1 And 1 is one of the best on the market. This company proves that affordable hosting plans don’t always have to be bad or difficult to use with its carefully designed shared hosting service packages. You can expect your websites to perform nicely even under heavy load. Since each plan comes with unlimited monthly data transfer, you also don’t need to worry about running out of monthly bandwidth due to heavy traffic.

When compared with other shared hosting plans, 1 And 1 can be rated as equal to most of the top hosting companies. However, there are certain features that you may not get from 1 And 1. FatCow unlimited shared hosting, although slightly more expensive than 1 And 1’s unlimited plan, offers bonuses such as a Google AdWords credit, Facebook Advertising credit and many more. These bonuses are worth a lot of money and will certainly help you promote your websites quickly.

You also get unlimited mailboxes and better overall customer support from FatCow. Server reliability of the two companies are more or less the same, but the general performance of your website is greatly enhanced thanks to FatCow’s advanced load balance r and other additional technologies. Let’s not forget that FatCow is also 100% environment friendly thanks to its use of wind energy and careful waste management. These are part of your concerns when choosing a shared hosting company, then FatCow is the better option to go for.

Most corporate users will go for VPS hosting or dedicated servers when searching for a suitable web hosting plan to use. 1 And 1 is offering a wide range of dedicated servers to choose from nonetheless, along with the best 1 And 1 discounts to make the plan of your choice even more affordable. You can choose from 3 major categories of dedicated servers from 1 And 1 before customizing the detailed features to make the plan suits you better.

1 And 1 Dedicated Server Options

As mentioned earlier, 1 And 1 offers three major dedicated server plans to choose from. For standard applications, you can go for the L option; it includes AMD or Intel Xeon CPU, a maximum of 4 cores to use, up to 12 GB of RAM and 1,000 GB of data storage. The L plans start from as little as $59.99 a month, making this particular category of 1 And 1 dedicated server one of the most affordable today.

For more server resources, you can either opt for the XL or XXL dedicated server. Similar to the previous plan, ever aspect of the server can be customized to your liking. The XL plans offer servers with Intel Xeon E5 processor and a maximum of 32 GB of RAM. The XXL plans are even more monstrous with its dual Intel Xeon E5 processors – with up to 32 usable processor cores – and a maximum of 64 GB of RAM. For the most resource intensive applications such as professional data processing, the XXL plans’ 4,000 GB of storage is certainly useful.

Once you have selected the correct category to use, you can then choose the particular plan that suits you best. Each plan in the category comes with different sets of features and storage capacity. It is very easy to find a suitable dedicated server to use regardless of your needs and personal preferences.

Customizing the XL service plan is very easy to do. You can either opt for AMD Hexa-Core processor for better affordability or simply go with the feature-packed Intel Xeon E5-2640 with 6-cores for maximum performance; the later costs $259.99 per month but comes with 32 GB of RAM and support for software RAID 1.

1 And 1 Dedicated Server General Features

Advanced security and information safety are the two most common general features offered by top service providers, and 1 And 1 is no different. The 1 And 1 dedicated server service packages all come with the ability to write and read from multiple drives simultaneously for better data redundancy and integrity. You also don’t need to worry about server security in general because measures are put in place to ensure the safety of your sensitive data.

You also have the option to choose between Linux and Windows Server operating systems. This choice is usually made based on the web application you want to use or other specific needs. Both operating systems offer specific advantages and disadvantages, so be sure to review your needs carefully before finalizing your purchase decision.

Full root access and intuitive administration panel are also part of the dedicated server 1 And 1 offers. Using the provided 1 And 1 discounts, added features such as serial console and advanced recovery tools can be made available for free as bonuses. Managing your dedicated servers doesn’t always have to be difficult thanks to 1 And 1’s team of technical support officers; whenever you run into problems with your server, you can always ask for help and get the issues resolved in a matter of hours.

Our Verdict

The 1 And 1 discounts certainly make these dedicated server service packages very tempting and more affordable, but they are still no the most affordable on the market. InMotion, for example, offers its Elite dedicated server with native RAID support and quad-core processor for just $189.95 per month before discounts. 1 And 1 also doesn’t guarantee instant activation; servers with high demand may require up to two weeks to set up. If you need a dedicated server quickly, the extra waiting time may be a huge turn-off indeed.

Other features offered by 1 And 1 are very similar to those available from other hosting companies. 1 And 1 is more reliable than many other service providers on the market, especially with its superb customer and technical support, but the company is still not the best one to use. With more technology partners supporting the dedicated servers, InMotion can offer better services and technical support to a wider range of customers. The number of discounts and special offers available from InMotion is also higher.

Take all the time you need and compare service plans before making any purchase decision. It would be very easy to find the most valuable dedicated server service package to use according to your specific needs and purchase budget.

1 and 1 coupons-

Affordable Unlimited Hosting Using 1 And 1 Coupons

Shared hosting is by far the most popular type of hosting service these days. Site owners can benefit from the shared resources and affordable price, allowing more websites to be started for less. 1 And 1 and its unlimited hosting plan is considered to be one of the best options to look into if you are looking for affordable unlimited hosting. The 1 And 1 coupons available today will make this particular service plan even more affordable.

1 And 1 Offers and Features

The 1 And 1 shared hosting service comes with a long list of features any web owner would love. For starters, you get unlimited storage space and monthly data transfer for maximum convenience; there is no need to monitor your sites’ bandwidth usage or the remaining disk space even when you are hosting a large number of sites. You can also host as many domain names as you like at no additional charge; it is very easy to host multiple sites on one account with 1 And 1 hosting thanks to its 50 FTP accounts and the user-friendly 1 And 1 Control Panel.

You can only set up 25 MySQL databases and 500 email addresses, which may prove to be an issue if you are using popular content management platforms that require MySQL to function properly. You can still use table prefixes and combine multiple websites into one MySQL database, but that would make managing the sites much more difficult in the long run. It will also influence the overall performance of your site; the bigger the database, the longer it would take to find a particular set of entries requested by users.

1 And 1 also limits the server usage of its Unlimited shared hosting plan. To be able to maximize the server resources, you would have to opt for the more expensive Business hosting. However, you still get support for popular web programming languages such as PHP5, Ruby and Zend Framework. You can use any type of web application you like – mainly those that are compatible with the supported programming languages – and add more features to your websites.

Added Features and 1 And 1 Special Offers

The best part about using 1 And 1 Unlimited plan is its affordability. The plan’s regular cost is set at $6.99 with a 12-month contract required. Enter the correct 1 And 1 coupons and you can have the service charge lowered all the way to $3.49 a month; that’s a superb saving of $42 on your first year alone.

1 And 1 also includes a number of bonuses and internet marketing features with its unlimited shared hosting service package. You automatically get $100 in Google AdWords credit when signing up for an account, along with $50 Facebook Advertising credit and a wide range of other SEO and internet marketing features. You can use 1 And 1’s Green Hosting logo to show that you are using environment-friendly servers powered by wind energy only, boosting your site reputation even further. These features and bonuses, however, come with requirements and terms; be sure to read them carefully before deciding to sign up.

Back to server performance and quality of services, 1 And 1 is one of the leading companies that offer superb services to its users. The customer support hotline is available 24/7, but you may want to consider other options before choosing to use the Ticket support system; it may take a few hours, sometimes even more, to get a valid response and the help you need with the hosting account. Another primary concern we came across when completing this review is the use of 1 And 1 Control Panel; if you are familiar with cPanel, switching to this particular control panel may require some getting used to.

Choosing Your Hosting Plan

Unlimited hosting gives you the most flexibility at the best price; 1 And 1’s unlimited hosting plan is no different. You can host as many websites as you like without having to worry about running out of disk space or monthly bandwidth. It is also very easy to manage multiple websites using the same hosting account since you no longer have to move between accounts to access different site configurations.

When compared to other unlimited hosting plans, however, 1 And 1 Unlimited may not appear to be as attractive as you may think. In terms of introductory price, 1 And 1 does offer the best deal on the market at just $3.49 a month. However, the lack of unlimited MySQL databases, email addresses and other specific features make the unlimited plan slightly less valuable.

FatCow, for example, is offering an unlimited shared hosting plan at a slightly higher price of $3.15 per month. Aside from the usual features and bonuses, you also get superb customer support, unlimited MySQL databases and a larger script directory to use. Let us know what you think of 1 and 1 and our 1 and 1 hosting review.

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