Kelli and Ryan went to the Kelly and Ryan Show this morning.

We just hopped downtown in NYC – on the same street mind you – and attended a live shooting of the wildly popular Kelly and Ryan Show.

Of course, Kelli is my wife’s name. And the show is the Kelly Ripa and Ryan Seacrest Show.

I learned a valuable blogging lesson I wanted to share with you.

This lesson is pure gold if you are having a tough time building a successful blog. Especially if you are frustrated by your blogging traffic and profits.

The Power of Community

The show’s producer is named Geldman. He is a celebrity on the show and in talk show circles as he has been with the show since the beginning.

Before the show started Geldman instructed us on signals. When he raised his hands and whipped them around we should clap, hoot and holler like a bunch of wild gorillas, making a ruckus, exciting the audience, the hosts and the guests.

This method creates an energized, joyous, good-feeling vibe that the in studio and TV audiences both feel.

Whenever Geldman raised and whipped around his hands we went bonkers. Felt fun. Really fun.

The collective energy of the audience rose about 50 levels after these cheering sessions.

Which got me thinking about blogging and the power of community.

Watch this video to see the secret to community building:


Blog Comments

This was the power of community manifest. A group of like-minded, passionate folks getting together to let their voice be heard, to give Kelly and Ryan and the guests props and to lift the collective energy of the audience, both in studio and through television.

Blog comments are your most critical community builder. Readers and fellow bloggers get heard through comments. Like the hooting and hollering audience at the show, as more folks spread the word and share their opinion the collective energy of your blog becomes like a big old party. A community of like-minded folks contributing to create a super fun time.

You are making a terrible mistake if you’re struggling with your blog and close comments. You’re making an ever bigger mistake if you keep comments open but never ask questions, or never comment on other blogs. Asking questions on your blog and commenting on other blogs are 2 surefire ways to boost engagement through comments on your blog.

Opening the comments field and encouraging comments:

  • allows readers to become co-stars of your blog
  • boosts return traffic
  • adds social proof to your blog posts
  • builds a community
  • raises the collective energy of your blog and brand
  • allows readers to ask pressing questions that you can respond to in a timely fashion
  • gives readers the platform they need to be heard

I felt like I’d just downed an espresso with 45 sugar packets mixed in the moment Geldman told us to go bananas. It felt….FUN! The same type of charged, high energy, party-like atmosphere your blog becomes if you build a raving, raging, uproariously engaged community of readers and commentors on your cyber real estate.

It takes work. A little more than whipping your hands around in a frenzy. But goodness is it ever worth it.

Your Turn

Is your blog a community of engaged, commenting readers?

Or are you struggling to get blog comments?

Are comments even open on your blog?