“How can you make money blogging?”

This is one of the common questions I get from new or even established bloggers who have yet to crack the income code.

I filmed a video answering this question – and 9 other common blogging questions – on YouTube to help you on your blogging journey:

I think of making money through blogging as a 2 step process:

  1. practice creating content and building connections
  2. open income streams

Most if not all of the money you make through blogging depends on step #1. Money responds to your blogging skills. Step #2 is about opening streams through which you receive money. In truth, the income streams themselves have little to do with making money online, save being actual channels through which you receive money.

Focus virtually all of your attention and energy on creating content, building connections and honing your blogging skills. Said skills being writing, creating solutions via your blog posts, networking with fellow bloggers and learning how to effectively monetize your blog through exploring different income streams.

I estimate 95% or more of blogging money flowed to me in response to the time, the diligence and flat out dogged persistence I put toward practicing my writing skills. Much of the success I see today occurred because I wrote 1,000 to 10,000 words daily for many years. I also turned those words into guest posts, blog comments and in some cases, long form videos, all helping me connect with readers on a deeper level.

How to Make Money Blogging

  • get clear on why you are blogging; tie the reason to something fun and freeing
  • practice a core skill to lay the foundation for successful blogging; I prefer writing but also added video marketing to my blogging campaign
  • create helpful content through blog posts on your blog and through guest posts on blogs from your niche
  • comment effectively on top blogs from your niche, creating 2-3 paragraph comments
  • promote top bloggers from your niche through social media and through your blog
  • choose income streams that feel fun to work

The monetizing part – as far as picking income streams – requires some thought but should take up only a little bit of your time. Laying the foundation for a profitable blog requires a devotion to following your passion, to practicing persistently and to helping folks generously with your time and talents.

Give folks the freemium. They buy the premium.

This simple mantra helps you understand the true nature of how to make money blogging: practice your blogging skills to help folks for free and in time, some of the people who enjoy your free content will become customers or clients.

What About the Income Streams?

Add one income stream to your blogging arsenal every 3-6 months.

Pick streams that seem fascinating, fun and intriguing. Study these income channels. Learn from pro bloggers how they opened and successfully earned cash through these streams.

By learning from established pros you can shave time off of your blog monetizing learning curve.

Some Income Streams

  • self-publishing and selling eBooks
  • co-creating and selling audiobooks
  • selling online courses
  • offering consulting services
  • offering coaching services
  • earning advertising revenue
  • earning sponsored post revenue

Your Turn

How do you make money blogging? What tips can you add to this post? Are you having a tough time making money with your blog? Are you possibly skipping a few of these steps?

The Call to Action

Before you dive into your blogging tasks today ask yourself if you are giving most of your attention and energy to following your passion, practicing your blogging skills and helping people. If you get these ideas firmly planted into your mind you will have few issues monetizing your blog effectively over the long haul.