You can’t earn a fortune online penny by penny.

You can’t even earn a steady online income penny by penny.

Even the most skilled, popular, dazzling blogger cannot earn a rich income penny by penny.

So why do struggling, low-earning bloggers believe they can earn a solid income through advertising revenue?

The biggest problem I see with low earning bloggers is that they try to force a full time income through advertising revenue. This is like expecting to earn a full time income through advertising revenue on a local cable access channel with 10 viewers. 5 of them being your grandparents, mom, dad and sister.

Trying to earn advertising revenue is a poor way to make money online until you register thousands of visitors to your blog on a daily basis. Attract thousands of targeted visitors, who genuinely want what you have to offer and you may make a hundred bucks or a little more money monthly.

In much of the world, $100 monthly will not get you too far. Which is why it is a big mistake to believe you can earn a big time online income through advertising revenue as a newbie blogger or as a blogger who has no real traffic volume yet.

How to Earn Big Money through Advertising Revenue

Look at a blog like The Huffington Post. The HP has thousands of writers. Said writers create content 24-7, 365, driving an avalanche of targeted traffic to the blog, yielding all types of ad clicks every day and a staggering amount of ad revenue monthly.

On a smaller scale some top bloggers build up huge email lists and a boat load of traffic over 5 to 10 years. After 10 years of creating valuable posts the number and targeted nature of the traffic these bloggers receive results in a high volume of clicks on advertisements, which yields a steady income in the thousands of dollars per month. Or more.

Of course, it takes 5 to 10 years to develop your blog to the point where it generates ample targeted traffic to drive thousands of dollars in advertising revenue per month. Because you need to offer something valuable to both net a higher payout per click and to drive significant, targeted traffic that clicks and nets you steady earnings.

It is foolish and completely unrealistic to believe you will earn a steadily increasing, high income through advertising revenue until you have built a respected, industry resource of a blog over at least a 3 to 5 year period.

Since most bloggers are desperate to earn even pennies they enter into the blogging game with an unrealistic, warped, skewed take on how much they should earn through advertising revenue, so after wasting their time with posting ads and seeing no earnings month after month they either quit blogging or have squandered away months of time better spent creating useful courses, eBooks and services.

The Solution


  • online courses
  • eBooks
  • audio books
  • affiliate products
  • services like freelancing and coaching

Create something useful. Publish something helpful.

Don’t try to manipulate some system so you can try to earn money by getting folks to click on an advertisement.

Give your readers something super useful through your content.

Wow your subscribers with your blog posts, videos and podcasts.

Build something sustainable.

Make a difference.

Scrap the ads until you generate a high volume of targeted traffic that will make your advertisement campaign highly profitable.


I wanted to share a video from the jungles of Costa Rica where I explain one concept that will help you make money blogging.