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$1 Domain Name: Best Registrars To Check Out

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If you own a small business, have a podcast, or like to make content and put it on the web, you may have considered starting your website.

It is close to impossible to run a business in today’s world without one.

A lot of companies make the bulk of their profits through transactions online.

If you are just starting, you might have reservations about spending a lot of money to carve out a space on the internet.

So if you want to spend as little as $1 on a domain name, here are some of the best registrars to check out.

Can I Get a Domain Name for Free?

It is possible to get domain names for free.

Many places that sell website hosting or companies that build websites will offer you a free domain name when you sign up for services with them.

Some of them give you the domain for free for a year and then let you decide if you want to pay to renew it at that time.

Some companies offer free domains that do not have the traditional .com suffix.

They usually do not have some of the perks you might get with a domain you paid for, like an email address.

If you are starting a website as a hobby and not trying to represent a business, these domain names work to get started.

How Much Do Domain Names Cost?

A domain name can cost as little as 99 cents or as much as $20 per year.

The price usually depends on the popularity of the registrar.

The ones with a higher cost can come with extra security measures and customer service agents you can contact if there is a problem.

What Is the Cheapest Domain Name Registrar?

The cheapest registrar is Dot.TK because they offer completely free domains.

However, you cannot get a free domain ending in the .com suffix through them.

They have domains ending in .tk, .ml, and .cf.

These are typically not good for anything more than personal use as they do not have the protections you would need to do e-commerce.

Namecheap.com has domain names starting at 99 cents.

Again, these will not be the usual .com domains that most reputable sites use.

However, they have low prices on .com domains.

You can get those for as little as $8.95 per year.

They also offer web hosting for as many websites as you wish for $3.18 per month.

How Do You Get a 99-Cent Domain?

A quick search online will bring up dozens of sites willing to sell you a domain name for as little as 99 cents.

They all have different criteria to get you that price.

We’ve put together a list of the best domain registrars to check out for cheap domains.

vector graphic showing an illustration of  domain names on a browser screen

1. GoDaddy

One of the most famous web hosting sites is GoDaddy.

They have been helping people get started for a long time.

They have some low prices on domains.

With GoDaddy, you can get web domains for as little as a penny if you sign up for two years of hosting.

2. Hostinger

If you buy a domain through Hostinger, you could pay just 99 cents.

These are typically .shop or .store, which are good domains for e-commerce.

They also have some .site domains for showcasing if you are a photographer or artist.

The .com domains will cost $8.99 per year.

However, if you sign up for hosting for $2.99 per year, you will get a .com domain for free.

3. Namecheap

Domain names with a .com suffix are a minimum of $5.98 per year with Namecheap.

However, you can get a domain for much less as they offer a multitude of suffixes with various price tags.

Hosting starts at $2.18 per month, but they do not have free domains with it.

If you have a WordPress site, you can host it for free.

More GoDaddy Coupon Codes for 2022:

GoDaddy is beginning to disable a lot of coupons, but here are some that work and some that *may* work.

Sometimes coupons only apply to certain accounts or products, so if one doesn’t work, try another.

  • ACOSKS55 – $10 off your order of $50 (works on renewals)
  • SAS15ORDER – Save $15 off your order of $75 (works on renewals)
  • HOSTVIP20 – Save 20% off hosting
  • CJCRMN33 – Save 33% off the Discount Domain Club making the membership $60.29 per year. If you have multiple domains, it’s worth it.
  • CJC3CP – Existing customers register a new .COM domain for $3 and get $1 private registration.
  • CJC599NEW – Register a new .NET domain for $5.99
  • free6 – 1 year of free domain privacy with new domain signup
  • go32off6 – 32% off your order of new products
  • 50host1 – 50% off new hosting plans plus a free domain
  • CJCRMN3CP – 84% off .com domains and $1 domain privacy *HOT*
  • cjcrmn199 – $1.99 domain name

Expired/May not work:

  • cjcrmnh50 – 50% off hosting plans + Free domain with annual plan purchase
  • cjcrmn30n – 30% off your order
  • gdbbx1705 – 33% off .com and .net domain renewals, 44% off .org renewals
  • gdbbx1705 – 33% off renewals, $9.99 renewals (plus ICANN fee)
  • BB2086D15 – Save 30% off + FREE private registration
  • BIGWIN30 – 30% off domain renewals
  • cjcrmnhost – 70% off 12 months Economy hosting
  • HOSTDJ – Economy hosting plan for $1.99 per month for one year plus free domain
  • go32off1 – 32% off + 50% off new hosting plans + 50% off First Year of Business

Please note that some offers only allow you to use your Credit Card to checkout, not Paypal.

If a code isn’t working for you, it could be due to your country.

Try another code instead.

4. BigRock

BigRock has the highest costs on this list, with .com domains starting at $13.49 per year.

You can get a discount if you sign up for two years.

However, they have much lower prices on other suffixes, with .website domains going for $2.09 per year and .online going for $1.98.

What To Be Aware of With $1 Domain Names

A $1 price tag for a domain sounds excellent.

You can stake your claim on a piece of the internet for next to nothing.

However, most of these companies will want more money from you eventually.

Most of them require you to sign up for multiple years or lock you into allowing them to host your site.

You may look at the terms they offer and think that it sounds like a great value.

After all, if you build a website, you will have to host it somewhere.

However, it’s essential that you look over the prices and fine print very closely to be sure you will not see more charges later on.

Comparing prices and services will ensure you get the best offer.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are a couple of the questions asked the most about finding the best registrars to check out for $1 domain names.

vector graphic showing three generic browser windows with a google domain email on each of them

Does Wix give you a free domain?

When you sign up for hosting services with Wix, you will get a free custom domain on all their plans.

Their plans begin as low as $16 per month if you need a website for personal use.

If you plan on doing e-commerce, you will need one of their business plans which starts at $27 per month.

Is a WordPress domain free?

WordPress domains are free for a year when you sign up for their annual plan.

If you buy a domain from somewhere else, you can connect it to your WordPress site for free, regardless of what plan you have.

Wrapping Up

There are a lot of places where you can find domains for little to no cost.

However, different companies have many things they offer with those domains.

Some require hosting, which could be a good value in the long run if you like the conditions they offer.

Always compare costs and services when signing up for a domain, or you might lock yourself into something you will not like later on.

Looking to save even more?

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