Look up.

467,000 tweets through my Twitter account.

That’s a whole lotta help.

Help people.

Help more people.

Then help more people.

Following this simple tip helped me expand my reach far and wide. I became an established, pro blogger by helping a high volume of folks interested in blogging without looking for anything in return. Simple. Powerful. Because embodying this concept expanded my online presence, which helped me appear to be all over the place, which helped me become familiar in the blogging tips and travel blogging niches, which helped me build a successful blog.

Watch as I discuss via this YouTube broadcast:

Simple But Ignored

This advice is simple. But most bloggers ignore it. Because helping people generously without looking for anything in return across many platforms feels uncomfortable sometimes. Fear creeps into your mind. Fear that you are losing money. Fear that you are wasting your time. Fear that you cannot possibly build a profitable blog if you are not trying to squeeze money through every interaction.

Failed bloggers or struggling bloggers cower to this fear, cutting off their generosity and exposure.

Successful bloggers feel the fear but help people generously, anyway, sending off an abundant vibe with expands their online presence and success.

How it Works

Here’s how my day has gone. And will go 🙂

I woke at 8 AM. After 35 minutes of energy work – offline – I:

  • helped people through email
  • responded to comments on my blog
  • broadcasted a YouTube live video on blogging
  • broadcasted a Periscope and Facebook Live video on blogging
  • uploaded my Youtube video to the Huffington Post
  • am writing this post

I will help people by recording my next podcast in a few minutes. I will write another guest post or 2, likely. I will help people via:

  • promoting other bloggers
  • Quora
  • the Warrior Forum
  • blog commenting

and other channels.

I will include calls to action to buy my eBooks or to hire me throughout some of my help yet I expect nothing of any individual. I help predominantly to give, to be generous, to have fun and to enjoy the ride. Helping is enough. Helping formed the foundation of my blogging success.

This is how I appear to be all over the place in the blogging and travel blogging niches. I am generous across a wide range of platforms. I help people. I serve people. I do not hold back or pull back on my help when someone asks me a question or Quora, telling them I will only help them if they pay me for my consulting services or buy one of my courses or buy one of my eBooks.

I help without looking for anything in return from individuals interested in blogging.

I become familiar because I appear to be everywhere. I am seen as an authority. I build a full time blogging business. I build a rocking blog.

The formula is simple to understand when you give it just a little bit of thought. Help folks. Be generous. Be everywhere. Gain massive exposure. Build your blog, and your brand. Succeed online.

How Are You Helping People?

Are you being generous with your time and talents? How are you helping people? How can you better serve people across a wide range of online platforms? What are you doing to release on the urge to write off tire kickers, to belittle people who want your help but struggle financially, or to pull back from being generous?


Bonus video today 🙂

Build a rocking blog by being generous and by asking the right questions. If you ask the right questions you get answers that accelerate your blogging success swiftly.

I answer 10 common blogging questions via this YouTube video: