I was fuming.

I remember many years ago.

Even though my energy was a bit off – I was doing a wee bit too much from fear, and not enough from the energy of love and fun – I was creating and connecting persistently. I helped people. I was not stuck on getting anything in return from these helping sessions.

I kept at it too; guest posting, commenting effectively and genuinely on top blogs from my niche.

Yet I saw other bloggers in my niche making thousands and thousands of dollars on some days. Although I had raked in coin at times, I did not do so persistently.

What gave?

I finally figured it out; I suffered from a mental block that cuts the legs out from many aspiring blogging campaigns.

I compared myself and my results to other blogger’s results. When I did not seem to stack up well against these dynamos, I quit following proven, success-promoting techniques, before the strategies yielded much blogging fruit. Blogging fruit meaning ample traffic and profits.

I went through a vicious cycle; do what works, back the actions with positive, loving, generous energy, see a fellow blogger making serious coin, get pissed off, ditch my smart strategy to blogging, and run into struggles, or muted blogging success.

The Wake Up Call

My wake up call – and yours – roots itself in feeling the fears that feed your Comparison Curse. Ya know; the fear of running out, the fear of not enough, or the general, rank fear of simply feeling like you are wasting your time doing disciplined foundation setting while other bloggers seem to be raking it in with minimal effort.

Once I felt those unpleasant emotions, I cleared out some deep-seated fears around money and success and life, in general. I proceeded to blog from a more generous, loving space, doing things mainly for fun and not thinking much about my results or the results of other bloggers around me.

I came to appreciate their results, celebrating the success of other bloggers as much as I celebrated my own success, but I also focused heavily on service and helping because the work of blogging was the reward for me; all else like traffic and profits feels like extra.

I dissolved the mental block, got busy creating and connecting, and money began to flow to me more freely and steadily versus back in those days when I was frustrated about how other bloggers so easily earned coin.

Turns out, those prospering bloggers put in the very years of smart, intelligent, generous work that I had to put in, for all of us to establish full time blogging careers.

Your Job

Feel the fear behind this mental block, this Comparison Curse. If you do not feel the fear, you cannot clear the fear. And if you do not clear the fear, you will quit following proven, successful strategies, when you give into the fear, making you bail on a sound blogging campaign before you earn a full time income.

Success will be yours when you clear the deep-rooted fears you cling to, concerning loss, lack and limitation. Dissolving that low energy stuff makes room for fun, love, service, creating and connecting, and you will find yourself celebrating your fellow blogger’s success as much as you celebrate your wins.

Your Turn

Have you fallen prey to this blogging mental block?

What did you do to dissolve this common, success-strangling, Comparison Curse?

What tips can you add to the insights I’ve shared?

Are you still having a tough time with comparing yourself to other bloggers and their heady success? Even if you have had success yourself?

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