I just emailed my list.

Free eBook Friday.

1 travel-themed post too.

Then I added a few updates.

1 notified our community of how Kelli and I are enjoying our time in New York City. Immensely.

I also explained how the commenting problems on my blog had been fixed, because I migrated comments to the Disqus platform.

Readers noted how, after commenting, a blank page popped up. So they had no idea if the comment was published or not.

Instead of writing: “Comment situation fixed on my blog. We are using Disqus on Blogging From Paradise now.”, I wrote: “I have fixed the comment situation on my blog, so your comments won’t go to the Vale of Shadows.”

Pop culture reference. Humor.

I just watched Stranger Things on Netflix over a 2 day stretch (see how hard I work on blogging research?).

The Vale of Shadows reference relates to a previously undiscovered dimension. And it’s an old school Dungeons and Dragons reference.

Without being TOO much of a spoiler I shall now digress.

Humor. Lightness. Funny references. Writing stuff that makes people chuckle. Writing stuff that makes people smile.

It may be the missing element from your blog.

Here’s why.

Humor = Fun Energy

Blogging is an energy game.

Having fun with your blog, or, blogging predominantly for fun moves you more towards LOVE and less towards FEAR.

Fun-loving bloggers manifest sweet online success because these guys and gals:

  • detach more from outcomes
  • attract influential bloggers buddies
  • allow in money
  • allow in profitable ideas
  • inject colorful, entertaining humor into their work
  • do not blog from a place of tension/fear/strain

Reading some blogs is like watching paint dry. These boring bloggers mean really well, and I love them, but their lack of humor would better suit a morgue than a million member blogging community.

Reading other blogs is like sitting in a funeral home; these tortured bloggers come off as bitter, angry and in many ways, flat out grieving over their sense of blogging loss (diminished traffic, profits, etc).

Reading some blogs is like watching Seinfeld. Or Curb Your Enthusiasm. Or It’s Only Sunny in Philadelphia. Funny, gut-busting, laugh out loud type stuff.

These bloggers who inject humor into their blogs help you learn more easily. Because few learn easily when presented with boring or bitter lessons. But most folks learn super duper easily when a lesson is presented with humor and levity.

Check out the lead in to this post:

13 Successful Tips for Becoming a Full Time Travel Blogger

I could have lead in with: “Do you want to be a full time travel blogger?”

But instead lead off with: “Nuts fell on her hair. A veritable trail mix of cashews, Brazil nuts and peanuts…”  here’s the lead in:

See how this post nabbed 86 comments?

Teaching with humor:

  • entertains
  • makes lessons memorable
  • relieves tension/worry/fears
  • connects to your heart aka divine center
  • is a million times more fun than teaching from a serious, strained or flat out bland space

Add humor to your posts.

Just a little bit.

No need to be the next Dane Cook or Chris Rock.

Just add a funny snippet here and there to lighten the mood, to help folks laugh, to entertain, and to add some fun to your blog.

Your audience will thank you for it.

And you will connect with your readers more easily, leading to all types of sweet benefits.

Your Turn

Do you use humor on your blog?