After receiving a few pitches to join affiliate networks I want to share how I handle these pitches to help folks and to boost your profit potential.

One blogger reached out to me from a fairly established site in the digital nomad niche. The blogger asked me if I wanted to promote an affiliate opportunity for a prospering partnership.

My plate is full on the affiliate front unless a trusted friend contacts me. I am all ears for my friends, all the time. Anyway, since this blogger came in cold – not an established buddy – I explained how I could take on no more opportunities now. I thanked the blogger for the opportunity.

All according to the book, right? At least to now. Do not burn bridges. Do not close yourself off from partnerships. But politely decline and move on.

I then did something that would confuse many established, pro bloggers, but this strategy has been good to me. I have:

  • increased my profit potential
  • built my friend network
  • boosted my blog traffic
  • expanded Blogging From Paradise brand awareness

all through this simple technique.

Reach Out Versus Shut Out

I reached out to each blogger who pitched me after responding to their emails by:

  • reading their latest post
  • tweeting their latest post
  • commenting on their latest post
  • following them on Twitter

I shot them an email explaining how I reached out to them with the read, tweet, comment and follow.

These simple, 2-4 minute actions (collectively) help bloggers, help their readers and form a potential friendship with a fellow blogger. Win-win-win, across the board. Profit maxing potential here because promoting other bloggers, commenting on their blogs and following them on Twitter tends to fan the flames under a bond. The more genuine friends you make, the greater potential for both parties down the road.

I reached out, versus shutting out these bloggers via a snippy, rude email, or maybe, by ignoring the email all together. Or maybe I could respond with one sentence – politely – and leave things there. No potential flows out of a polite response, but worlds of potential flow out of a blog comment, a RT and a follow on Twitter.

Can you see why reaching out and not shutting people out can help grow your blog, brand and blogging profits?

The Turning Point

I had to open my heart, feel any emotions of annoyance or agitation when pitches flowed in and I had to leave the “forget these strangers who are trying to use me”, fear-based mindset to a “I see potential friends and prospering partnerships everywhere” loved-based mindset.

This was uncomfortable at first because I was used to feeling anger or annoyance if someone I did not know wanted me to join their affiliate opportunity, to accept a guest post on my blog, or to do something else for them that could benefit both of us, but that was asked by a seeming stranger to me.

I trained myself to see a living, breathing, real human being on the other side of those emails. A human just like me.

When I did that, I dropped my guard, the resistance dissolved and I saw a potential friend versus seeing a stranger.


Watch this 4 minute video.

I explain this idea in detail:

Take a deep breath if you feel annoyed, agitated or flat out angry at a pitch that may not be a match for you now. Who knows how things will change down the road? Successful, full-time, pro bloggers are opportunists who adapt to change.

How are you working with pitches in your email inbox? Do you see friends and prospering partnerships?