During lean blogging days I had a tough time thinking about others.

Things turned the moment I did a full 180.

Being compassionate helps you develop a successful blogging mindset.

Here’s why:

Successful Bloggers Think about Others

Being successful requires you to think about other folks. Otherwise, you’d not be successful.

Compassionate bloggers think about people’s thoughts, feelings and actions.

Just yesterday I came across someone who wanted to place a link on my blog. On reviewing their site I spotted a few false endorsements. I doubled checked to verify that the individual had not appeared on the world famous sites noted.

I immediately felt the individual’s fear – why would you make up endorsements, unless you feared you were not good enough to grow your business unless you lied? – and saw the fear manifest as a lack of judgment, dishonesty, and other qualities. Maybe greed played its little part too.

In any case, if you feel compassion for people you will not judge, criticize or flat out flip your lid over folks who do silly stuff. This is the prospering mindset to develop because if you go from fear and anger to love and fun when dealing with folks you make a bunch more money and have fun in the process.

I turned yesterday’s experience into a few pieces of content. Prospering content. Traffic driving, serving, helpful content. If I was pissed off at the guy, no way I turn the experience into something beneficial for me and my readers. I would have been too caught up in complaining to do any creating.

See how that works?

Turn the complaint into creation by developing the habit of being compassionate. Doing so helps you think, feel, act and be a successful blogger.

The Compassionate Shift

The shift happens when you clear your deep-rooted fears – largely – to become aware of the suffering and struggles and fears of other bloggers.

I came across someone in a Facebook Group yesterday who feared sharing their thoughts via a large, public forum. Said blogger felt intimidated by experienced, nasty pros who would tear them down by criticizing them and embarrassing them.

I felt their pain. I experienced their fear. I was in the same spot, at one time.

I reached out on the thread and extended an invite for any blogger to contact me via direct message. I am happy to help folks who feel scared or worried to ask for help on a public stage because I recall having the same fears many years ago.

This is compassion in action. Instead of criticizing the person or ignoring their pain or scoffing at their fears, I put myself in their shoes and offer service, with love.

Success and Being Compassionate

Compassionate bloggers appear to be all over the place in their niche because they serve people all day long through a wide range of channels. Compassionate bloggers are generous with their time and talents. Compassionate bloggers do not obsess about getting something in return through each interaction. They are not focused on whatever is in the interaction for them.

These are the same folks who seem to find money wherever they turn.

I recall years ago seeing months between making a dime through my blog. I lacked compassion during those days.

These days, money flows to me more easily because I intend to compassionately think about how I can serve, or help, other bloggers.

Be compassionate. Be of service. Help. Think about your fellow blogger. Think of your readers.

Your Turn

How are you being a compassionate blogger?

Or do you need to clear fears around your blogging career to tap into a more compassionate, empathetic energy?