Today I am sitting in New Jersey.

Tomorrow I will be sitting in New York City.

15 days from now I will be sitting in North Carolina.

A few days after that, who knows?

I like to travel. A lot.

I’ve lived in places like Fiji, Bali, Thailand, Costa Rica and India. For months at a time. Being a New Jersey native you get that I often spend 12 to 24 hours or more circling the globe to reach my desired tropical hot spots. Even a short flight from NYC to Costa Rica takes 5 hours of time in the air plus a few hours travel to and from the airport in the US and CR, taking up most of my day when you factor in the full travel time.

Being a travel blogger requires me to tap into a passive promotional strategy along with my active, manual, hands on promotional strategy too. Because I need to engage manually to build trust, to befriend follow bloggers and to enjoy this ride fully.

*But* I’d go batty if I relied on manual promotion alone.

Which brings me to the secret of travel bloggers. Which is not so secret among established, pro, full time travel bloggers.

Watch me discuss from gorgeous Savusavu, Fiji:


I am a busy bee today. Come to think of it, I am a busy bee everyday.

But today I am especially busy with some family-related stuff I need to attend to later in the day. Toss in the fact that I chased my 1 year old niece around the house this morning and today was especially hectic.

How in the heck could I tweet out some of my 126 eBooks, my courses and old blog posts from Blogging From Paradise if I spend a significant amount of time offline? Whether circling the globe or circling my 1 year old niece?

I automate. Extensively.

I load up a tool to publish updates on some social media channels around the clock. I use plug ins to tweet old blog posts.

Automating is a secret to my travel blogging success because if I relied solely on my own man power to build a rocking blog I’d be dead in the water; tools and teams help me to build a successful blog around the clock.


This is the principle of leveraging, manifest. I can only do so much as a human being. But using effective, helpful tools can help leverage my presence, can save my time and flat out makes my life easier.

All travel bloggers – and traveling bloggers – can use the concept of automation to:

  • lessen their workload
  • leverage their presence
  • generate passive blog traffic while offline
  • generate passive blog profits while offline
  • save time
  • free up time to do what they truly love

Imagine if after flying from JFK in NYC to Bali – 23 hour flight in total – I had to sit down and tweet updates to my blog? Imagine if I had to manually tweet all of my 126 eBooks, or 4 blogging courses, or services page? Impossible. I’d run out of time. I’d also have little time to do all the blog posting and guest posting and blog commenting I need to do to build a successful blog.

1 Big Block

Pride. That’s your biggest block. Some bloggers pride themselves on doing everything themselves. But any sane travel blogger – or any blogger for that matter – who wishes to have a life outside of blogging plus a successful blogging career knows that automating some updates to social media and using tools to publish social updates around the clock on a platform like Twitter is the only way to build a rocking blog as you circle the globe.

Take it from a guy who changes time zones like most folks change their mind.

Your Turn

How are you automating your blogging campaign?

What struggles are you facing as a travel blogger?

What automating tools are you using to make your life easier?