The white screen of death.

Your hosting company pulls your blog.

Your prime income stream dries up.

What do you do?

Follow this piece of advice to handle blogging fires.

Slow Down Your Thinking

The first chapter of my eBook on blogging lessons I learned in Bali discusses an oft ignored blogging concept; what to do when the poop hits the fan.

Things will fall apart with your blog at one time or another. This is part of paying your online tuition.

How you deal with blogging obstacles determines how much – or little – you succeed.

Most bloggers panic for minutes, hours or even weeks when something tough happens in their online lives. A few bloggers quit blogging all together after a rough blogging incident.

The winners learn how to slow down their thinking in order to find a solution to their blogging ills quickly.

Slowing down your thinking means not reacting, not complaining and not panicking about some circumstance. Although you may lack Buddha life equanimity and poise in responding to a blogging block, you can embrace a quick, sharp reaction and swiftly shift toward slowing down your thinking to find a solution pretty dang fast.

3400 Posts Gone

3 years ago when I was living in Fiji, my hosting company pulled my blog. Offline. Gon-zo.

I felt a wave of panic on initially seeing my site was offline. I quickly shifted toward calmly and logically thinking through a solution step by step.

I had tired of my old blog, anyway, I thought to myself. Why not start a new blog based on how I retired to the tropics through blogging?

Blogging From Paradise was born.

Imagine if I followed the normal, struggling, panicked path of trying like hell to hold on to a losing venture? I never would have created Blogging From Paradise. Or I would have waited months or years to create this fun, freeing, prospering blog.

I did not panic when the poop hit the fan.

I slowed down my thinking to pinpoint specifically how to dissolve the blogging obstacle.

Meditation: Your Best Friend

Meditation is your best friend if you want to slow down your thinking.

Meditating reveals this fact: you are not your thoughts or feelings. You are awareness attending to your thoughts and feelings.

You are a watcher of thoughts. You are an observer of feelings.

You are the person sitting in the movie theater, watching your mind on the screen playing out its stories, all the while sitting calming in the seats, enjoying the show, watching the mind-games and thoughts and feelings slowly drift by.

I meditate 20 minutes daily. No other practice has had as profound an effect on my blog than meditating.

Start with 5 minutes of meditating daily. Slowly add minutes every few weeks.

Your Chief Goal

Remain calm by embracing your fears.

Obstacles are big balls of fear, popping up in your blogging experience to show you what you need to clear to enter the next stage of your blogging growth.

Clearing or dissolving obstacles gives you confidence and clarity in your blogging journey. You feel empowered, bold and ready to conquer the blogging world when you dissolve a seemingly difficult obstacle.

On the flip side of things, you cannot cower to obstacles. Most bloggers struggle to do anything of note because they surrender to their fears and trust their limiting beliefs versus diving into these mental blocks and feeling through these energies.

Be bold.

Be confident.

Get clear.

Slow your down thinking by meditating daily.

Learn how to patiently, slowly and calmly dissolve blogging obstacles to build a rocking blog.

Your Turn

How do you handle blogging obstacles?