My niece is almost 2 years old.

She is a cutey.

She likes to dance around after watching TV. Talks quite a bit too. She has grown so much over the past 6 months.

If I handed my niece the keys to a Ferrari she would stare at the shiny keys. She’d likely know the keys meant driving, or opening doors. Smart little whip.

But she could not walk up to a Ferrari, open the door, and make the engine sing to the tune of 155 MPH, or whatever the speed limiter is for the specific car.

Traffic Driving Tip

If I advised a blogger terrified to do much of anything online to guest post, or comment genuinely, to drive blog traffic, said blogger would stare at the strategy as my niece would stare at Ferrari keys. Energetically, it’d be impossible to use this advice.

1 traffic driving tip seems to have nothing and everything to do with blogging.

Raise your energy, drive your blog traffic.

Raising your energy/vibe seems to have nothing to do with blogging. In a world of practical tips, tricks and techniques, you need to do certain stuff to increase blog traffic. Or so you are told.

Totally untrue guys.

If blogging and traffic driving were as simple as doing certain things, wouldn’t most bloggers get 100,000 visits daily? Many bloggers do certain things regularly. But struggle terribly.

Raising your energy has everything to do with driving blog traffic because how you vibe dictates:

  • the ideas you attract
  • the actions you take
  • your blogging success

Let’s revisit my niece analogy.

Little Kid Analogy

A little kid – or 2 year old – is not prepared to use the keys to a Ferrari to make the engine sing. The little one has no idea how to use the keys, to start up a car, and to drive the thing. Physically impossible, pretty much.

Most bloggers have no idea how to use the proven, practical tips for driving blog traffic, like guest posting and effective blog commenting, because they vibe so low, being predominantly mired in fear, that they are blind to good, traffic-driving, advice. Even if they embraced the good advice and began guest posting, these folks are so mired in fear that they’d give up on the strategy when they feared the technique wasn’t yielding good results, over weeks or months.

Have you ever wondered why so few bloggers follow good advice? They are not an energetic match to good advice, because happy top bloggers offer advice from love and fun, and struggling bloggers filter advice through a prism of fear and scarcity.

The Solution

Raise your vibe from fear and scarcity to love and fun, and you will:

  • tune into and accept proven traffic building advice
  • act on good advice, moving into inspired action
  • be patient and detached, having fun with the process
  • boost your blog traffic over the long haul

If I advise you to guest post but you are terrified to guest post – mind dominate by fear because you vibe so low – you will reject the idea immediately, move on, and continue to struggle with your blog.

If you buy my eBook – based on raising your vibe – and if you follow these 5 techniques persistently, and raise your vibe, you will experience a new, more loving, fun, enjoyable world.

Expect to:

  • find excellent blogging advice at the perfect time
  • move into fun, freeing and sometimes uncomfortable blogging actions
  • increase your traffic steadily

Raising your vibe leads to:

  • happiness, love and fun flooding your being
  • inspired ideas
  • inspired actions
  • detachment
  • appreciation
  • worldly success aka successful blogging results
  • those moments when everything clicks
  • Eureka moments

Doesn’t it sound like raising your vibe is worth it?

A few ideas for raising your vibe:

  • meditate
  • do yoga
  • exercise
  • help people without looking for anything in return
  • render generous service
  • do freeing but uncomfortable things
  • surround yourself with heart centered entrepreneurs

Trust me folks; learning how to use the keys to the Ferrari is a more fun, freeing ride, that yields greater success, when you follow tips to raise your vibe.

Sure beats sitting on the sidelines mired in fear.