A few minutes ago I commented on a travel blog.

After publishing the comment and reading the post I removed said blog from my Feedly reader. Because I spent a good 5 minutes waiting, then writing, then writing, then writing, then writing, then waiting, waiting….and waiting some more before I could finish writing the comment and publishing the comment.

This was no monk-like delayed gratification going on here. I am mindful. But not that mindful.


The problem was the bevvy of 3rd party ad networks with dynamic advertising which caused a site delay every time a new ad popped up. This is annoying to:

  • readers
  • commentors
  • any sentient being

because the split second you establish a reading or writing flow, the page pauses, then freezes, and you are forced to wait for a second or 2 – or longer – for the page to flow smoothly once the dynamic ad has rendered.

Even worse? If you spend even 5 minutes on the blog you need to put up with the site freeze/delay every minute or less, which is terrible.

As you may imagine this silly advertising tactic absolutely skyrockets your bounce rate which damages your blog’s rank and kills the overall user experience for your readers. On a deeper level you turn off confident, posturing bloggers with lightning quick, clean, clear, simple blogs who want to comment on your blog and befriend you.

Never mind the fact that the dynamic ads distract readers from your helpful content and bigger ticket products and services.

The Solution

Scrap the dynamic ads that jack up your travel blog bounce rate sky high, damage your blog’s loading speed and annoy readers.

Replace with higher paying, more useful products and services like:

  • freelance writing
  • blog consulting
  • various consulting services
  • creating and selling online courses
  • writing and self-publishing eBooks on Amazon
  • self-publishing audio books on iTunes
  • affiliate marketing

Ads yield minimal revenue in most cases and even the higher paying ads still pale in comparison to the $100 to $200 or more per hour you can charge as a blog consultant.

Why Travel Bloggers in Particular?

For some weird reason, travel bloggers seem obsessed with both sponsored posts and advertising revenue as 2 prime channels through which they earn income. Not a good look. Because until you generate a sick flow of targeted, high volume traffic the penny to dollar payouts per reader click yield a pittance of an online salary.

I created Blogging From Paradise after meeting a travel blogger in Kathmandu, Nepal. She rode the sponsored post and advertising revenue gravy train enjoyed by travel bloggers over 5 years ago. One day her client base died. Dried up. So did her income.

She was relegated to traveling on the super cheap and had to do challenging work exchanges just to keep the dream alive because she had no real products or services to offer, to generate a full time income.

I hatched my blog to help struggling travel bloggers initially and now, all struggling bloggers intent on building a full time, pro blogging career for themselves.

Your Turn

Are you using 3rd party dynamic ads on your blog that slow down page rendering and diminish user experience? How can you better serve your readers, earn more money and create a seamless experience for your community? What can you do to improve the load time of your blog? Have you found a way to improve user experience despite using dynamic advertisements on your blog? Please share below.