I clung to a poisonous limiting belief. For years. A crippling limiting belief.

I recall seeing a collection of high profile bloggers succeeding during my lean years. Big time successful. But I was a bit hamstrung by a really venomous limiting belief when I observed these hyper successful bloggers.

I focused heavily on the idea that these pros were lucky. Luck created their success. Maybe some smart work. Creating. Networking. Some desire to succeed. Following pro advice.

But my ultimate feeling, my predominant energy, was that these folks became successes largely because they were lucky. As if some weird cosmic accident created random, lucky breaks.

I recall folks I grew up with seeing successful entrepreneurs as being lucky, or, as having “gotten lucky” with some fortunate break that accelerated their blogging success.

This of course is pure bunk.

Pure BS.

Luck does not exist. Smart, persistent, inspired work exists.

But I had to let go this idea of luck playing any role in a blogger’s success to accelerate my own blogging growth like a weed in the jungle.

I had to let go the Luck Energy Anchor, the lie that held me back, to really take off.


I recall the sage advice offered in Star Wars.

“In my experience, there is no such thing as luck.”

No such thing at all.

But I had to face, embrace and feel this statement as being true so I could grow my own blog.

Random chance did not determine my blogging success. No cosmic chance. Just smart, effective, inspired work. Just practicing my writing. Honing my skills. Writing and self-publishing eBooks. Creating courses. All that good stuff.

My willingness to practice, to work, to have fun, to dive into my fears, to enjoy the ride, to create and to connect all helped me to succeed. But I only embraced this truth when I released the idea that some weird concept known as luck could either torpedo my business-building actions or could right a sinking blogging ship.


Strangely enough, a belief in luck is just a fear, cloaked. Meaning you feel luck determines you blogging success or failure because you fear venturing into some deep blogging fear that will free you. So you cling to luck, avoid your fears and struggle.

Watch me explain this concept of diving into fears from gorgeous Bali.

Your Homework

I vividly recall seeing a relative observing a successful entrepreneur and saying:

“They got lucky, and their business took off.”

The business taking off was completely dependent on luck, or a mistake, or accident, or circumstance of good fortune, in their eyes. I used to agree with this idea. Now I know better.

Your blogging homework is to dissociate yourself from any idea that luck even exists, or that success flows to you blogging-wise or life-wise through some cosmic game of chance. Hogwash. Lies. BS.

Address all areas of your blog and online business where you wrongly felt that luck played a part either in your growth or failure. Be careful about failure. Many fear-based bloggers genuinely believe a silly concept called “unluckiness” played a part in their lack of work, their unwillingness to practice a skill, or their attachment to some online real estate that they did not own, but rented or squatted upon.

You know the drill; the unlucky search engine or social network change destroyed your blog. When the truth of the matter is that luck had nothing to do with the situation. You just should have spent more time and energy creating content on your self-hosted WordPress blog and guest posting and blog commenting on other self-hosted WordPress blogs, all owned real estate that is largely immune from social or search changes, if you build your email list and a loyal following.

Your Turn

How are you addressing this idea? Do you believe in luck? Or do you believe luck influenced your blogging career? How can you better let go the idea to focus on creating and connecting?

Why did you believe in luck in the first place? How did you release the idea of getting lucky and succeeding?