I started a discussion over on Blogging From Paradise recently delving into one common, pressing issues I have with some blogging expert round ups.

Round ups *do* rock for supplying prying blogging eyes with helpful information.

But I’ve spotted a trend when reading – and participating in – a whole slew of round ups.

Most round up posts focus 100% on DOING and 0% on BEING.

Here’s the drill: you can lead a horse to water but you can’t force her to drink the water.

Most bloggers whose minds are programmed with wicked limiting beliefs regarding:

  • success
  • failure
  • worthiness
  • deserving

and 455 other low energy, confining ideas typically think these thoughts when reading expert round ups:

  • “Following these tips is a waste of time. I’m gonna fail anyway.”
  • “I tried that for a week. Didn’t work. It’s bad advice.”
  • “These blogging tips work for other niches but not for my so and so niche.”
  • “If I can just follow one of these tips for the next month, every day, maybe I can avoid the horror of losing all my money”

I have struggled horribly with my blog and I have done A-OK with my blog.

During the lean days, each of the above thoughts/feelings danced around my mind, like a little nasty songbird flitting from branch to branch, as I attempted to filter information from various expert round ups.

My mind screamed “You’re a failure!”, so I either ignored solid advice or debunked the advice or lazily gave a few of the tips a halfhearted shot before ditching the strategies.

The round ups taught me what to do. Top bloggers taught me how to do it. But since my energy sucked, telling me to “just build an email list” was like telling a mute to “just sing this song like Pavoratti.”


The Big Problem

Blogging is an energy game.

Like life.

Blogging is not a doing game.

Blogging is a being game.

Expert bloggers can tell you:

  • what to do
  • how to do it
  • why to do it

but unless you are BEING a prospering, cheerful, successful-feeling blogger you will not resonate with expert advice.

Forget about being told what to do.

Focus on BEING in the moment.

Before you read another authority blogger post, looking for what to do, change your being.

Blog your fun.

Blog your passion.

Be in the moment.

Breathe deeply.

Meditate for 5 minutes. Every day.

Patiently feel your way through the day.

Cultivate a feeling of wholeness and completeness.

Most importantly, begin to address bad feelings you have about your blog. Or blogging in general.

Face and embrace and release these energies to clear out a healthy chunk of your limiting beliefs.

When you are focused on being in the moment:

  • you’ll act from an inspired place
  • you’ll naturally do what’s most fun to you, blogging-wise
  • you may resonate strongly with certain bits of advice from expert round ups
  • your blog traffic will increase steadily
  • your blogging profits will increase steadily

Not Downing Round Ups

These collections of blogging information are tremendous resources for newbie, intermediate or veteran bloggers.

But you need the eyes to see the advice, to be open to expert opinions.

Focusing on being versus doing gives you the clarity, confidence and conviction to find blogging advice you align with so you can either release tips or accept tips that will help you and your blog.

If you want to develop a successful blogging mindset download my eBook on Amazon:

Creating the Mindset of a Successful Blogger