2 years ago I charged $25 for an hour of consulting. As an afterthought. Only because someone suggested I charge that rate. I felt uncomfortable charging this rate.

Today I charge $200 for an hour of consulting.

2 years ago I charged $30 for my flagship blogging course.

Today I charge $350 for my flagship blogging course.

How did I go from charging pauper pricing to pro pricing?

I did not gradually increase pricing. Far from it. I made the jump. The seeming quantum leap. I just decided that my products and services were worth more than the pittance I charged in the past, BUT, before making that decision I had to do one thing that had nothing to with with blogging.

I had to develop my money consciousness by rooting out poisonous, lying, limiting beliefs I clung to regarding money.

The Weird Thing

Creating more money through my blog required me to pull back from blogging, to find a quiet room and to find, unearth, feel and release limiting beliefs I clung to in all things money.

Weird, right?

Because you probably believe that to make money blogging you need to work your butt off. As if putting in a certain amount of work yields that sweet blogging dough.

Totally not true. Been there. Done that. Didn’t work.

But if you commit to facing, feeling and gradually releasing:

  • your fear of losing money
  • your fear of losing anything
  • your fear of spending money

you can steadily, patiently, calmly begin to back your blogging activities with an abundant, fun, prospering energy which allows more money into your existence.

Embracing these fears of loss happens best in a quiet room. Just you and a pillow. No laptop or smart phone. Nobody around to give you a pep talk. No thinking positive. No covering up the fearful energies that are really there.

Pull dollars out of your wallet. Stare at numbers on a screen corresponding to Paypal payments received and any money you have earned through your blog. How does feeling dollars or staring at your blogging earnings make you feel? Honestly?

If you are one of the 80% of bloggers who never earn more than $100 through their blogs, engaging in these practices may bring up a disgusted or terrified feeling. This is good. Even if it feels bad. Because those feelings need to go if you want to be, feel and act abundantly, to allow in more money through your blog.

The Rate Change

The only reason why I charged hundreds more dollars for my consultation fee and course price was because I faced, felt and released a large chunk of my fears related to losing money. I could see the value I brought to the table more easily when my mind was not clouded by these intense fears.

I noted an instant uptick in courses sold and my client base grew too. Even sweeter? I noted a quick spike in eBook sales, consulting fees, audio book sales and Amazon Associates payments. Because money responds to your energy more than anything else and when you clear out lower, fear-filled energies related to your feelings around money you will allow money in through all types of online and offline channels.


I filmed a video a while back in Bali that can help you make the fun, freeing and sometimes uncomfortable choices to lead you into and through your deepest money fears.

You need to know why you are doing this stuff in order to dive in to unpleasant but freeing emotions.

I know how tough it feels to dig out your money limiting beliefs but the joy and happiness you will experience by allowing in more money is well worth a few moments of discomfort.

Watch the video. Don’t mind the chickens or pigs noisily making their presence known in the background.