There are two major challenges bloggers face, and they are; getting people to read their work and making money.

In the past few years, guest blogging came to prominence for solving the former (getting people to read your work) but the latter is still a major challenge for most bloggers.

Not anymore.

Now, you can get paid to guest blog on other websites; in this article, I reveal 10 blogs that will pay you $50 or more to submit an article to them, while still allowing you to have an author bio that links back to your website.

I also have a bonus for you at the end of this article, featuring 110 websites that will pay you to write for them, so lookout for that:

1. Tuts+ WordPress

Topic: WordPress

Amount: $60 – $500

Tuts+ WP is part of the Envato network, and they pay for guest posts from WordPress experts and enthusiasts.

Your article can be about your favorite code snippets, WordPress culture and best practices, and WordPress theme and plugin development tips, tricks and tutorials.

They pay $60 – $500 per article, and they allow you to have a bio in the sidebar of your article.

2. UX Booth

Topic: UX

Payment: $100

UX Booth is looking for articles about user-centered design and improving overall user experience.

They want articles to be around 1,200 – 1,800 words, and they pay $100 per article.

3. Treehouse Blog

Topic: Web Design/Development

Payment: $100 – $200

Treehouse is looking for articles on any web design or web development topic, and they are looking specifically for articles on CSS3, HTML5, PHP and Responsive Design among others. They also accept articles about freelancing and productivity.

They pay $100 – $200 for each article they publish.

4. The Penny Hoarder

Topic: Finance

Payment: $100 to $800

The Penny Hoarder is looking for guest posts about saving money or earning more money, and they have a preference for articles that are based on personal experience, and that include detailed numbers or strategy.

They expect articles to be around 700 to 900 words.

5. Sitepoint

Topic: Web Development

Payment: $150 – $200.

Sitepoint is looking for guest posts related to web development, specifically articles on HTML, CSS and SASS.

Sitepoint pays $150 for articles and $200 for tutorials. You’ll also have a bio below your articles.

6. Smashing Magazine

Topic: Design

Payment: $50 – $200

Perhaps the web’s #1 blog when it comes to design, coding and WordPress, Smashing Magazine is looking for articles about the topics they cover; this includes web design, mobile technology, productivity and web development, amongst others.

They pay up to $200 per article.

7. A Fine Parent

Topic: Parenting

Payment: $100

A Fine Parent is a leading parenting blog, with the belief that “great parents are made, not born”.

They are looking for guest posts that reflect this, based on your own firsthand parenting experience or that of others you can empathize with, and they pay $100 per article.

They list a category you can write about every month, and you can take advantage of this to get paid for your writing.

8. Hongkiat

Topic: Design

Payment: $50

Hongkiat is a leading web design blog, and they accept articles on a range of topics including; blogging, design, tech and freelancing.

They are looking for articles, tutorials/tips and showcases, and they prefer articles to be around 800 – 1,000 words.

They pay $50 per article.

9. eCommerce Insiders

Topic: Retail/eCommerce

Payment: $75 – $125

eCommerce Insiders are paying for guest posts about the online retail industry; your article can be focused on online retail, or it can be a commentary on industry news and trends.

Articles fall into two levels, and payment vary depending on what level; 400 – 600 words ($75 per article published) and 600+ words ($125)

10. Tuts+ Code

Topic: Web Development

Payment: $100 – $250

Also part of the Envato network, Tuts+ Code pays $100 for “quick tip” tutorials and $250 for detailed tutorials.

Your articles can be about HTML5, CSS, PHP and other web development related topics.

BONUS DOWNLOAD: 110 Websites that Pay You to Write

As a bonus for reading this article, you can get my full list of websites and blogs that will pay you for your articles and guest posts for free.

The list contains 110 total websites, and it comes in PDF format. Most of the websites pay $50 or more per article, and they are spread across 55 niches.

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Thank you for reading!

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