OptinMonster is a wordpress plugin that explodes subscribers to your mailing list overnight. While that may have sounded like a sales ad copy or promotion… it’s actually the truth and the complete focus on this post.

Blogging is all about creating great content that caters to your audience while also building a long term following. However… of all the people that come to your site for the first time, 70% of them are never coming back. It’s a sad statement, but it’s the truth — and it actually has nothing to do with how good or bad your site it either, it’s simply that there is way too much content out there already.

So how can you keep your audience coming back for more? Simple, focus on your mailing list!

OptinMonster is making the process of growing mailing lists much easier and faster for blogs of all sizes. What’s even more exciting is that you will start seeing the effects of the plugin right after you install it for the first time.

In this post we are going to take a look at how seven different bloggers are using OptinMonster to grow their mailing lists and how you can do the same.

7 Examples of Top Blogs Using OptinMonster

When browsing through the list of featured blogs below, your first thought might be to copy or steal these ad copies — however, I recommend you don’t. Instead of trying to steal the ad copy, look at how each of them is targeting to their own audience differently and how you can do the same with your audience. Look at the different colors being used, headline copy and also the different incentivization methods being used to get people to join their mailing lists.

BloggingTips.com – https://bloggingtips.com

To kick things off, we can first take a look at the OptinMonster popup we have running on BloggingTips.com. In my OptinMonster review post, I wrote about how important it is to split test between different images, text and call to actions in your popup subscribe forms. I’ve seen a 100% difference in conversions by simply playing around with different headlines and images!

BloggingTips Popup

Entrepreneur on Fire – https://eofire.com

John Lee Dumas is a well known podcaster, but he also runs a blog that offers a ton of value to his audience as well. Most of his audience is entrepreneurs and podcasters who are just getting started. To incentive the signup process to his mailing list, John simply offers his “Top 12 Internet Resources” guide to anyone who signs up.

Entrepreneur on Fire Popup

John Chow – https://johnchow.com

John Chow has a great looking OptinMonster subscribe form on his site. To create this, all John needed to do was select the OptinMonster template that has them form on the bottom and the ability to add an image in the top section. Like many sites, John uses the incentiviation of giving away a free ebook or guide to incentivize his audience.

John Chow Popup

Matthew Woodward – https://matthewwoodward.co.uk

Matthew Woodward has an award winning blog that was highlight by many sites such as Affiliate Summit, ProBlogger, SearchEngineJournal and many others. One of the reasons why Matthew’s blog has done so well is because of the indepth content he creates and offers to his audience. With a well trusted brand and quality content out there, it’s a no brainer for anyone who already knows of the site to join his mailing list for his latest updates. The popup window you see below might be ugly, but it definitely grabs your attention!

Matthew Woodward Popup

Entrepreneurs-Journey.com – https://www.entrepreneurs-journey.com

Yaro Starak is a well known blogger who has helped thousands of others start blogs of their own as well. Through Yaro’s OptinMonster popup you can see he added a big red call to action on the top, while highlighting the benefits of joining his mailing list and keeping is personal by adding a picture of himself as well. This is a great way to add value and be personable in the process — something to consider for all of your personal branding experts out there.

Entrepreneurs Journey Popup

OptinMonster – https://optinmonster.com

Of course, it only makes sense for OptinMonster to be running their WordPress plugin on their site! It also makes sense that the majority of people visiting their site are interested in how to grow their audience and make more money, which is why they create a free guide that they give away to their audience when they join their mailing list. Check out the awesome and simple headline… “Yours Free!” — might be worth trying out on your site too!

OptinMonster Popup

RazorSocial – https://razorsocial.com

Ian Clearly is the social media and blogging expert behind RazorSocial. On his site he dives into the world of social media marketing tools and how to make the most out of the best tools on the market today. This is something you can clearly see through his popup call to action as well — “Sign Up and Get Effective Twitter Strategy”… another great example of a free report catered to a specific audience. If you aren’t using this method, you are missing out big time!

RazorSocial Popup

ShoutMeLoud – https://shoutmeloud.com

One of the top blogs out of India is also one of the top WordPress resource blogs in the world. From the most basic steps to setting up your own WordPress site, to mastering the art of making money online… ShoutMeLoud has it all. Join the SML mailing list and you’ll get instant access to their Free WordPress Guide and weekly blogging tips.

ShoutMeLoud Popup

Social Media Examiner – https://socialmediaexaminer.com

While most sites take a simple approach with their popup mailing list forms, Social Media Examiner takes it to a whole new level by adding seven lines of text with no images. I would think most people would close this one out, simply because nothing pops right out and grabs your interest… though it’s been running like this on their site for a while now, so it must be working!

Social Media Examiner Popup

WPBeginner – https://wpbeginner.com

WPBeginner is a WordPress resource site that was created by Syed Balkhi, who is also the co-creator of OptinMonster. Be sure to check out the site for everything there is to learn about WordPress, while also checking out his high converting “Do you want to Learn WordPress?” popup window.

WPBeginner Popup

Now it’s your turn!

Let us know what you think of these OptinMonster popup windows and which call to actions are your favorite.

If you haven’t already, you can get a copy of OptinMonster by clicking here.