Google Chrome has an awesome collection of applications. In this post, I will give you 10 productivity tools to help in blogging.

This app is exactly what it promises. If you are a non-frequent blogger with occasional frenzy to write something, you can use this app. You don’t need to get a domain, design a blog and customize it. All you need to do is write you post, make it pretty and publish it. It automatically adds social share icons so you can share it anytime with anyone.

If you have multiple blogs with varied content needs and hiring a team of bloggers, you can manage everything with Google Drive. Download and install Drive on you PC and install this extension. Drag, drop, edit and share documents easily.

  • Google Calendar

Again, if you need a ready reckoner to schedule posts, coordinate hangouts, share events or set simple reminders, use Google Calendar. The Calendar tool works seamlessly and would help you to organize blogging tasks easily.

Google Chrome tools

Dropbox is another resource tool like Google Drive. Dropbox is very useful when it comes to storing huge files and databases. You can share files and folders easily and get intimations when any changes are made within the shared documents.

If you want to collect readers’ feedback or run a survey, use this free tool. All you need to do is create the form and embed it on page/s.

  • Read Later Fast

We bloggers are suckers for information and sometimes very poor in multitasking. You can use this app to store selected webpages and read them later, in either online or offline mode. I found it very useful for articles which are very in-depth and requires a lot of time to read.

This is a HTML5 based programming tool which helps you to draw awesome charts and diagrams. If you are into online networking like presentations, graphics and seminars, this app is very useful. You don’t have to struggle to create flowcharts anymore.

This is the one and only Photoshop alternative I recommend to anyone. It will help bloggers to create blog logos easily and any kind of images, which one is usually confused to draw with Photoshop.

You may have already used Evernote but I want you to try Writer app too. It is another distraction free blogging tool. Apart from the ‘green’ font colour, I would give the app a A+ status. You can write, save and download it as PDF, anytime.

Again, if you collaborate with multiple bloggers, have a team or provide blogging services, this will be an excellent app to use. The best thing is you can add unlimited number of collaborators.

What’s your pick? Have you tried any of these before?