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10 Reasons Why Your SEO Strategy May Have Failed




When it comes to search engine optimization (SEO), there is no guarantee that your strategy will garner the results that you desire. Sometimes, one or two little mistakes in the design and implementation of your strategy can result in it completely missing the mark. If your SEO has yet to achieve the sorts of results you were hoping for, you may find that it is due to one of the 10 primary reasons that have been outlined below:

  1. SEO - Search Engine Optimization in 2013Lack of long-term perspective
    Many clients will only plan to implement an SEO strategy for around 6 months to a year. They believe that, after this time, they won’t need any optimization or that they will only need a little maintenance now and then to keep the rankings in check. What clients need to understand is that SEO is an ongoing process and that you will need to continue implementing the strategy if you want to ensure continued success.
  2. No understanding of optimization
    Most clients see SEO as being an entity that is too complex for them to gain any sort of understanding of. This means that their strategy could be completely unsuited to the type of website you are running, and you don’t even know it. Clients need to make sure that they are aware of the different SEO tactics being implemented on their website, as well as even a basic understanding of what they entail.
  3. Lack of alignment
    Unfortunately, most SEO strategies are not consistent, as well as lack participation and deep perspective. As an example, many experts will try to build random links to your website (which does eventually boost your rankings), but to build a strong link reputation that garners lifetime traffic, you need to properly align your links. This includes consistency, relevancy, diversity, progression, participation and link age.
  4. Following the leader
    This refers to SEO experts watching and following what your competitors are doing. Unfortunately, this is a direct result of clients being too preoccupied with what their competition is doing (and how they are ranking), so they become less concerned with the quality of the tactics they are implementing. This sort of trait has been compared to a dog chasing its own tail – you can never quite reach the goal.
  5. Wrong expectations
    Many SEO companies think that they can get away with making claims and guarantees about the results they can achieve. And most clients do buy into these marketing schemes. The reality of the situation, however, is that no such claims can be made about SEO and having certain expectations about the results that you will achieve will often lead to them falling short.
  6. Chasing a dream
    Unfortunately, the common belief of SEO strategies is that they will bring in all sorts of traffic to your website. Whilst it is true that you will get leads from optimization, it is important to remember that this involves a considerable amount of work and that garnering business online is not the easiest of tasks. You need to ask yourself whether your SEO team is chasing a dream or whether they have done the necessary research.
  7. The bigger the better
    Some SEO experts take on the mentality that ‘bigger is always better’ – they link build by getting your website to participate in as many online communities as possible. It is important to keep in mind, however, that it is impossible to do this for a large number of communities over an extended period of time. Work by the adage ‘quality is better than quantity’ in order to succeed.
  8. Neglecting the customer
    Most SEO strategies tend to be focused more on the search engines and less on the customer. If your customers aren’t getting any sort of value of your optimization strategy, however, you are on a road that leads to failure. Ask yourself whether your SEO strategy is creating value for your potential clients (and, therefore, conversions) or whether you are too focused on getting traffic into your website.
  9. All strategies are the same
    There is a belief that all SEO strategies are the same – what worked for one website will surely work for another. This thinking is completely false, however, as each SEO strategy must be tailored to suit the needs and requirements of each individual business. Your expert needs to understand the goals of your business and be able to translate these into an effective strategy.
  10. Wrong optimisation strategy
    Finally, there are SEO experts out there who are working with the wrong sorts of strategies for their clients, which always leads to failure. Whilst the strategy that they have crafted may be perfect for a website that sells beauty creams and other related products, it may be completely ineffective for a website that rents out safety equipment. Choose the SEO expert who has the right kind of strategy.

By going through each of the above reasons for failure and comparing them to the SEO strategies that have been implemented within your own website, you should be able to pinpoint exactly where you have gone wrong. Once you have done this, you will be able to take the necessary steps to rectify the mistakes and get your SEO strategy back on track.

This guest post was written by Anoop has been working as a freelance writer for Zeemo. The company is known to provide excellent services for web design Melbourne, web development, online marketing and SEO services in Melbourne over a decade now.

My name is Foxy, and my job is to sniff out the good guest bloggers from the ones who aren't. This post was written by a contributing author to Blogging Tips. If you would like to learn more about becoming a writer (not one-time guest blogging) for, please contact us.

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1 Freeing but Sobering New Blogger Realization



This gig takes work.

This gig takes time.

This gig takes being generous.

This gig takes mindset work.

As I promote my eBook:

10 Disastrous Mistakes Newbie Bloggers Make and How to Fix Them

I think through a common blogging error.  This error is so common that it cripples most bloggers. New bloggers especially. What is the mistake?

 New bloggers believe blogging is easy, comfortable, and requires a little work, AND you will quickly and easily make money through blogging. New bloggers expect to make money, like if they worked a job.


 Have you sobered up yet as a new blogger? I woke up big-time many years ago. I learn blogging requires study, work and not getting paid for months. Imagine that? You blog and help people everyday for months of your life and see not a penny in earnings. Most human beings panic and quit. Most struggle with this idea.  We are all conditioned to expect a pay day after work. Most of us have been employees. Work everyday for 8 hours. Get a paycheck on Thursday. Logical. It makes sense. But blogging is different. Work everyday, sometimes seven days weekly, generously. You may not see a payday for 5 months. But you proceed. This is the wake-up call. Quite sobering. Most bloggers did not visualize blogging going like this. But there is a freeing element that leads to stunning blogging success over the long haul.


 Ah yes, the freeing part. Letting go outcomes literally lifts an energetic weight from your mind. How does it feel to do something with zero expectations? Awesome! The work becomes the reward. Everything else like traffic, profits, and other forms of success feel like an extra. Or maybe like a bonus. Or like icing on the cake. Or like a cherry on top. This feels really good. Expectation can be a heavy burden. But if you blog for the fun and love of blogging, you position yourself to be stunningly successful over the long-term.

 Every seven figure earner I know worked generously for free for many months or even years of their lives before making millions of dollars through blogging. You have to. Working for free improves your skills and exposure. Skilled bloggers with massive exposure who open multiple streams of income make a lot of money. Simple process. But highly uncomfortable.

 See the journey through. Be generous. Sober up, and embrace this freeing concept of blogging. Give freely. Receive easily. Let go expectations. Make the work, the reward. Embracing this lesson as a new blogger puts you well ahead of the herd. Plus you will avoid so many struggles too. 

I had to learn this lesson the hard way over very many years. Plus I saw some success, then sprinted back to my old, struggling, failed ways of thinking based on outcomes, for years. Now I just help people generously and release expectations. Serving people feels good. I’ve sobered up enough. Now I am largely free from expectations, I just help people all day long. As my presence and skills expand, success finds me. But only because I freed myself from outcomes and focused on the process.

 Be generous. Surround yourself with pro bloggers as a newbie. Learn from these established bloggers. Follow their example. Be generous. Be genuine. Expect little or nothing. Have fun helping people and your blogging star will shine brightly. 

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What Is a Blogging Tribe?



Much talk has been bandied about blogging tribes over the years. People like myself say you need a tribe to succeed. This is true. But you may be confused. What is a blogging tribe?

 Today we will break down the definition to help you understand what goes into building a large, loyal, loving blogging tribe.

 So….. What is a blogging tribe? Basically, a blogging tribe is a group of loyal, loving readers who follow your blog posts, read your blog posts, promote your blog posts, and grow your business. Tribemates are friends and fans who read your blog and spread your word. Tribemates also hire you and buy your stuff. Simple definition, right guys?

 Tribes can be fans. Tribes can be friends. Doesn’t matter. The main point to keep in mind is that growing a tribe requires persistent, generous effort every single day on your part. Tribes do not grow organically unless you help people for free. Please impress that idea on your mind. You grow your tribe. Then as you grow your tribe, your tribe grows itself, as you tend to your tribe.

Help People for Free

 I comment genuinely on blogs to add value to posts and to make friends. Friends I find through this strategy join my tribe. I publish a genuine, generous comment on a blog. My fellow bloggers appreciate the comment and comment on my blog. Said blogger tends to share my post on social media. Sometimes, the blogger mentions me on their blog. In other cases, a blogger asked me to guest post on their blog. My tribe just grew by one member. But I also became a member of their tribe by supporting their blog.

 If you want to build a tribe, become a member of other blogger’s tribes. Promote other bloggers. Comment on other blogs. Give whatever you want. Doesn’t that formula just makes sense?

 Help people for free. Make friends. Attract your blogging tribe by embodying the concept of being generous.

Be Persistent

 Be persistent. Being generous for one day or even one week will not cut it. You need to be generous every day for months to slowly, steadily and organically grow your blogging tribe. Grow on people by being helpful. Publish valuable content to give tribemates a reason to follow you. 

Stay on Topic

Stay on topic. People love specialists. Generalists? Not so much. Every time you change topics you confuse tribe members who expect you to cover a single topic. Avoid doing this. Cover one topic every post to slowly and steadily grow your blogging tribe.

Invest in a Resource

 Buy my tribe building ebook to have a resource handy. Invest money in a system that helps you grow your traffic and profits freely thru tribe-building.  I wrote the ebook to cut through any confusion often seen on Triberr. Bloggers join and wonder how in the heck the site works? I lay out 13 practical, simple tips to follow to drive by traffic through the network and to grow your blogging tribe through Triberr.

Tribe-Building Takes Time

 Building a tribe takes time, patience, persistence and generous effort. Do not rush things. Do not force things. Allow your tribe to go organically over time.  People will follow your blog if you stay on topic, solve their problems and spend a good deal of time off site building friendships. Large, loyal, loving tribes do not grow overnight. See the journey through to build your own loyal, loving tribe and to accelerate your blogging success.

Engage Tribe Mates

Engage tribemates regularly to strengthen bonds. This was one of my mistakes during struggling years. I ignored people who loved what I did and those people disappeared. Lesson learned. Now I answer my tribemate’s questions regularly via email and social media. I thank people who buy my eBooks and courses. I also promote these rocking bloggers if they happen to be skilled bloggers, to strengthen our bond. Keep going back to where you are loved. This is the easiest way to grow loyalty, to strengthen bonds and to grow your tribe. 

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Should You Use AdSense on Your Blog?



I admit it. I have waffled on this topic a few times. Back in the day I used to call it Ad Cents. But going forward I do see benefits in adding Google AdSense as a low ticket income stream on your blog. Even for newbies. I know, I know. This seems surprising to you.

Think Abundantly

 Think abundance guys. Why not add a few cents here and there to boost your income stream? Please don’t use AdSense as your prime means of income as a new blogger or if you are struggling as a blogging veteran. Cents do not make up a full-time income, as your sole income stream. But if you create courses, coach, and add Google AdSense as an income stream for driving a few bucks each month in the beginning, you are well on your way to seeing steady profits are the channel.


 The key is to think detachment. New bloggers in many developing nations see Google AdSense as the Holy Grail of monetizing. Why? Mostly, because it seems easy to make money through a channel involving no creation or human interaction on your part. Think about it. All you do is post the ad and create content. Money should flow to you easily, right? The ultimate wake up call is experiencing one, two, or three cent AdSense months. Then you realize big earnings flow through blogs with a huge amount of targeted, hyper-focused traffic. This is why you need to detach from Google AdSense as your prime income stream. Big bucks flow through the channel after years of generous, patient, persistent effort on your part.

Take the Cents with AdSense

 As a newbie, pennies will flow through your AdSense profits for your first few months. In most cases. But take the cents because cents add up to dollars. Dollars add up to hundreds of dollars. Hundreds of dollars add up to thousands of dollars. Think like an abundant blogger. Keep adding small ticket and big ticket income streams to boost your overall blogging income.

Everything Adds Up

 I wrote a post recently discussing why wealthy bloggers take the time and effort to add affiliate links even if they earn pennies on the link. Between their ever-expanding presence and abundance mindset, the pennies add up to thousands and even tens of thousands of dollars over the long haul. Think this way with AdSense. Everything adds up. Again, just don’t make Google AdSense your prime income stream because as the pennies add up you’re better off earning more money through channels like coaching, consulting, freelancing, writing and selling eBooks or creating and publishing courses.

Remember This

Ultimately, successful blogging is creating and connecting generously. Never believe that an income stream makes money. Income streams are passive, completely subject to your command, and pretty much worthless on their own. An income stream cannot do anything, including make money. You make the money with your generous effort. Practice writing, create helpful content and build meaningful connections with top blogger generously every single day over the course of years. No matter the income streams you open, your blogging profits will increase over time if you stick to the fundamentals.


Do you need a blogging guide? Buy my eBook:

How to Retire to a Life of Island Hopping through Smart Blogging

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