Stumble Upon is a nice tool to increase the traffic volume on your website although it may give you increased bounce rates.
However, there is some value with the stumble upon traffic, it is a different and outstanding community of people out there who are very particular about the content. If you take care of the content and set a trap (may be the wrong word) the traffic will pour down.

Here are a few pointers on the good practices of gaining stumble upon traffic.

  1. Create unique content on your website
    SU users love unique content. They’d compete to thumbs up first something that’s never seen or read. So if you manage to create unique content, half job done.
  2. Do not beg people to stumble, point them to interesting articles
    SU users don’t like begging. They are a group of folks who just love to surf the internet and bookmark things for sharing. Never ever ask anyone to stumble your article. Instead, you may want to point them to good articles.
  3. Thumbs up other peoples articles
    Always make a point that you stumble others articles and let them know that you have. At another point, they’d most likely reciprocate it to you.
  4. Write a numbered list resource
    Numbered lists are hot favorites of social bookmarking sites, and SU is no different. Make one on your niche, make it look attractive for the first time visitors, make it lite and hilarious. The SU guys will like tit.
  5. Tag your stumbles correctly
    Don’t ever add the wrong tags on SU. It would land another friend of yours in the wrong category while stumbling and that’s not a good thing. They can even stamp you as spammer if you excessively do it.
  6. Use the “send to” option
    See that teeny weeny option on the toolbar? use it to send “shouts” to friends and if you make it look natural as possible, it is a great and effective tool.
  7. Do not bug people
    Do not ever annoy or bug people. Let them come to you, stop pushing your content to them.
  8. Be what you want others to be
    First think in other persons shoes. Behave to them like how you want them to behave to you. Simple logic.
  9. Don’t stumble anything that takes more than 1 minute to read
    SU users are quick readers they don’t want to spend time on anything. Probably a few seconds if the page is damn interesting, that’s it. So keep it short and sweet.
  10. Pics are a favorite among stumblers
    Pictures, all types of them. Funny, Photoshopped, Scenery, Photographies etc are hot favourites on SU. (Food for thought)