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We keep it real; no fluff, no inflated promises and certainly no hype. Just down home tips for becoming successful with your online business.

Building a successful online venture helps you live your dreams.

My wife and I just arrived to a 2 week house sit in Manhattan. We are caring for 2 cats in a multi-million dollar apartment on the posh Upper East Side. See the featured image for our stunning views from way above the city.

Not a bad gig.

Plus I’ll be attending Affiliate Summit East in NYC too.

I can only drop everything and do luxury house sits and pop over to the city for a live event because I run my own online business full time.

Hands down, these 10 tips helped me live my dreams and will do the same for you.

Let’s review a few of these tips today.

1: Follow a Heart-Centered Mentor

Pick at least 1 online business mentor.

Follow their advice.

Ensure the pro is heart-centered, offering generous advice focused on the process of building a successful online business.

Avoid hucksters who promise you the moon but deliver nothing as far as teaching you how to succeed online.

2: Invest Money in Your Education for a Bigger Return

If you want to become a successful blogger you’d be smart to buy my eBook here.

Investing money in an eBook now gives you the foundation for making more money in the future.

Pros invest money toward their online business education to avoid mistakes cheap entrepreneurs make regularly.

3: Invest Money in Your Domain, Hosting and Theme

Invest money in your domain and hosting. Own your blog. Own your online real estate.

Buy a premium theme. Stand out from folks in your niche.

Convey a professional brand and business image. Accelerate your success.

4: Create Helpful Content

Create helpful:

  • blog posts
  • videos
  • podcasts

to better serve your customers. Free content draws in business. Generous entrepreneurs grow business steadily by dropping content seeds all over their online business niche.

5: Build Genuine Connections

Befriend entrepreneurs in your niche.

Follow these tips:

  • comment genuinely on their blog
  • promote them on social media
  • promote them on your blog

Helping folks forms friendships. Friends promote you, endorse you, hire you and buy your stuff, growing your online business.

6: Pick a Business You Enjoy Working

Follow your passion. Work your fun.

If you enjoy working, the work is the reward. You avoid getting addicted to traffic and profit outcomes, keeping you energized, patient and persistent. Perfect trio for long term business success.

7: Tie Your Pass to a Problem

I love traveling and blogging. Passions of mine.

A few years ago I noted a problem; most travel bloggers went part time, needing to travel home to boost savings because they weren’t making money through blogging.

Blogging From Paradise was born.

I linked my passion to a pressing problem to form the foundation for a successful online business.

8: Treat Blogging Like a Business

I end all blog posts with a call to action; buy my eBook.

Subject to change of course but you get it; treat your blog like a business, not some hobby, to grow a successful entrepreneurial venture.

Add income streams to your blog. Monetize your passions. Let readers know; you’re an entrepreneur who happens to blog.

9: Address Money Blocks

Like most human beings you cling to some – or many – limiting beliefs related to money which are not true.

Face, embrace and release these limiting beliefs.

Get clear and comfortable with spending and receiving money to boost online business profits.

10: Let Go Outgrown Income Streams

Sometimes you need to move on and release income streams to make room for prospering streams.

Let go old, worn out streams you shoulda released weeks or months ago. You know which ones to release.

Allow in new, exciting, prospering income streams to bolster your online business.

11: Do Not Give Up

Guys, this journey gets bumpy sometimes.

Do not give up.

Keep at it.

The tide always turns, eventually.

Wrapping it Up

Follow these tips.

Build a thriving online business.