15 (Most Downloaded) HTML5 Frameworks of 2017

By: | Updated: April 5, 2021

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HTML5 frameworks can very easily and quickly be used to build responsive websites. These open source HTML5 frameworks have some of the best features which would include; being able to reduce the burden that would come with either repetitive codes as well as reducing your programming tasks.

A lot of HTLM5 frameworks are available which are also absolutely free. HTML5 frameworks are also very often compatible with cross browser. Free HTML5 frameworks are also very often lightweight which means that if you load them your websites’ speed will not be on the decline.

HTML5 frameworks which are free are also widely available besides being highly popular because they ensure that you do not have to go through the hassles that usually go with creating websites.

Best Open Source HTML5 frameworks 2017

>1. Twitter Bootstrap [More/Info]

Twitter Bootstrap is an HTML5 framework that comes for free and it is also very popular amongst it’s users. Bootstrap is intuitive and sleek and comes with a front end framework that is very powerful. Bootstrap also all of the essential components that are generally required in order for you to develop a responsive website such as 12-column responsive grid, the customized jQuery plugins or even bootstrap customizers.

>2. HTML5 Boiler Plate [More/Info]

With the HTML5 boiler plate you should very easily be able to build web apps and websites that are both adaptable and fast. HTML5 Boiler Plate should also help you deliver site performance that is absolutely brilliant as well as allowing you to main server configuration in an independent fashion. HTML5 Boiler Plate can even help you get started with brand new projects.

>3. HTML5 KickStart [More/Info]

HTML5 KickStart is one of those HTML5 frameworks that come with JS, CSS and HTML5 building blocks that are very lean and which will allow rapid website production to take place in a very easy and effective manner. HTML5 KickStart also has many features that will come in a small package with a grid layout that is highly responsive and which will allow touch-enabled slide shows to go on as well.

>4. Groundwork [More/Info]

Groundwork is amongst the top HTML frameworks for HTML5 developers; it is a responsive HTML5 framework and it is responsive in terms of how it will enable you to use CSS, HTML5, as well as Javascript framework. Groundwork is highly customizable and has some amazing feature such as a grid system, responsive text and has been built with an extraordinary amount of creativity and hardwork.

Groundwork also has a grid layout system that is fractious, nestable and highly configurable besides being responsive and very, very adaptive. Groundwork also works on virtually everything; be it mobile phones, tablets or notebooks and desktops or even big screens, Groundwork can work on absolutely anything, you name it.

Groundwork is also very accessible and it allows you to support all kinds of semantic element selectors as well as ARIA state/role. Groundwork also supports semantic markups alongside ARIA attribute selectors and this is all possible if you but use Sass@exten, @mixins, %placeholders and much more.

Groundwork has also been built, keeping in mind the world’s most powerful CSS pre-processor which would be Sass. Yet another advantage of Groundwork is that it allows you the opportunity to write less and keep a source code that is free of vendor prefixes; Auto-prefixer is in fact a CSS post-processor that allows you to retain a code that will work out for you in the future as well.

Groundwork is also very easy to customize and it allows you to add your own styles whilst bolting on extra functionality. Groundwork then includes responsive texts that allow one to create responsive headings, tables as well as text blocks. Groundwork also uses rapid prototyping along with wireframe with dynamic placeholder texts, fonts and images.

>5. Base [More/Info]

Like Twitter Bootstrap, we have mentioned Base in our last blogpost as a CSS framework. Base is an HTML5 framework for web developers that is free as well as being semantic and lightweight enough to power responsive websites. Base also has a powerhouse grid that is highly responsive and semantic.

Base will allow you to create both fixed grids and fluid using the creation of your own padding, offsets, gutters, columns and widths. Base is also highly light and fast and it will allow you to actually spend time writing rather than overriding.

Base will also include the styles that you would need to get started in a fast manner; and it will allow you to start compilation at 15kb. Base has also been built on a LESS CSS that is both beautiful and configurable and which spent time being engineered around variables and mixins. Base will be ready into website that you want.

>6. Montage [More/Info]

Montage is an HTML5 framework for web developers that will help build modern applications. Montage will aid in the construction of scalable as well as maintainable HTML5 applications that can easily be optimized for both the present day as well as for the future in terms of connected devices.

Montage has some truly amazing features such as reusable components as well as HTML templates, declarative data binding and much more.

>7. 52 Framework [More/Info]

52 Framework is one of those free and one of the best HTML5 frameworks of 2015; it aims to provide you with any easy way with which you can build responsive websites that will use both CSS3 and HTML5 frameworks meanwhile supporting various modern browsers. 52 Framework is packed with HTML5 video players as well as components such as rounded corners, HTML5 Canvas examples and of course HTML5 validation.

>8. Layers CSS [More/Info]

Layers CSS is one of those HTML5 frameworks for HTML5 developers that is lightweight and and which does not emphasize any designs but which allows you to handle the main structure. Layers CSS supports responsive layouts and uses fluid grids along with simple classes to deal with them.

>9. Enyo [More/Info]

Enyo JavaScript open source HTML5 framework is used by various popular apps and websites such as Bing Maps, Flickr search. Enyo is a cross platform framework which is used to develop mobile applications, PC as well as TV applications.

>10. CreateJs [More/Info]

With Create JS you can easily build an entire suite of libraries and tools which would enable rich interactive content simply by working together; CreatJS has some very intriguing features such as HTML5 audio, Object management and twining. The CreateJS suite will also consist of features or components such as EaselJS, TweenJS or SoundJS and Zoe.

>11. SproutCore [More/Info]

Sproutcore is one of those Html5 frameworks that allow HTML5 apps to be built rapidly. Sproutcore also follows the MVC architecture pattern and promises you that you will be able to create native user experiences when you use the Web.

Check out these Sproutcore Tutorials. 1) Sproutcore Guides 2) as well as building mobile applications with SproutCore.

>12. Titon Toolkit [More/Info]

Titon toolkit is a collection of very special user interface components; Toolkit has utility classes for the modern web, for mobile phones as well as in order to be responsive. Toolkit’s components represent encapsulated CSS, JavaScript as well as HTML that will allow functionality to work for very specific page elements. Furthermore, Toolkit makes use of all of the latest technology. It includes HTML5 for semantics as well as CSS3 for styles and animations, Sass for CSS per-processing alongside Gulp for package and task management and serves as a powerful new browser APIs for the JavaScript layer.

>13. Onsen UI [More/Info]

Onsen UI is an HTML5 mobile framework that is a front end development framework. Onsen also focuses on creating Cordova hybrid applications and would focus on creating a very stable and usable mobile applications. Onsen can also be used with Monaca ad and is very simple to develop. Onsen has also been developed using Topcoat and Angular JS. As Onsen has every robust architectural structure you will easily be able to take advantage of all of the powerful features that it has to offer.

>14. Molecule [More/Info]

Molecule is one HTML5 game framework that was built for enthusiast game developers who have more than five years of experience on mobile gaming and you know a lot about general game development. Molecule is also more compatible with mobile browsers which may have html 5 specification as well as the natural evolution of the hardware within mobile browsers.

Html5 mobile gaming is thus now rising as a distinct possibility; from Molecule in fact, was born the very idea of your being able to build a powerful and simple framework for html5 cross platform games in a manner that would at once be efficient and yet easy.

>15. Sculpt [More/Info]

Last but not least, we have sculpt which is an free open source HTML5 framework that would at once be mobile first, lightweight, and responsive and serve responsibly for SASS, CSS and HTML. Sculpt was designed with catering for all kinds of devices in mind along with devices that particularly had small screens whilst adding complexity to them at a much later date.

Build amazing mobile friendly responsive websites or a viral game with these above mentioned HTML5 frameworks. These HTML5 frameworks are best suited for HTML5 developers who are in the beginning of their web development journey.


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