A scream.

An obscene gesture.

A curse. Or 2.

A few seconds later each driver flew past me like Mario Andretti, reaching the speed of sound.

I am back in the States for Christmas. Fam stuff.

I am a little unaccustomed to Northeast Road Rage but 2 recent experiences re-familiarized me with the phenomena. And offered you 1 clear, distinct blogging lesson.

The Demon Duo

Kelli and I were waiting at a light when a woman behind us leaned on the horn, gesticulated wildly and screamed at us for not making a left hand turn quickly enough.

An hour later, one guy who believed 45 MPH was not fast enough on the exit ramp of a major highway leaned on the horn and cut us off.

In each case I simply took a deep breath – I used to be like these mentally ill people – relaxed and realized that their fear and anger caused them to act in such fashion.

Until they feel their fears – without projecting the fears on other motorists, like me – these childish, dangerous, potentially deadly outbursts will plague these folks.

The Blogging Lesson

Many bloggers project the same type of anger and rage on:

  • fellow bloggers
  • spammers
  • comment drive-by types (1 line “Hey you nice post!” commentors)
  • any sentient being within earshot

God knows, the old me did.

I reserved my deepest venom for anybody who cared to listen to me. I complained to fellow complainers. I took my anger out on people. I projected my financial stresses on individuals. All because I never learned how to:

  1. face
  2. embrace
  3. release

my emotions. Especially my fear-filled emotions.

2 general emotions exist: love and fear.

If you act from love, all you do while feeling the love with be fun, enjoyable and prospering.

If you act from fear, all you do will be either angry, anxious, terror-ridden, or infected with some other fearful emotions.

The seeming savages on the road were simply afraid. Filled with fear. Fear manifest as anger, seething with rage.

By choosing not to face, embrace and release their emotions, they projected their rage on me, raised their blood pressure, hurt themselves, and created a potential life-threatening situation.

If you don’t face, embrace and release your:

  • fear of lowering/non-existent blogging profits
  • anger at lack of blog traffic
  • frustration at the scarcity of your blog comments

you too will create a potentially blog-threatening/success threatening situation. Acting from a fearful place only brings terrible results because you can’t get over something that’s still in you. Meaning, resisting your fears will move you into desperate, fear-filled actions which bring nightmarish blogging results.

Don’t take your rough feelings out on other bloggers or readers or subscribers. Don’t bury your fears. Don’t project your anger.

FEEL these energies/feelings in a quiet room.

Grab a pillow. Either cry into it, or punch it, but simply embrace all the stress, anxiety and fears or frustrations related to blogging.

You are a blogger.

Not a beast.

By feeling your fears you will blog more and more from a space of love and fun.

That loving, fun-filled energy helps you:

  • publish creative, helpful, entertaining posts
  • increase your blog traffic
  • increase your blogging profits
  • befriend blogging big dawgs
  • grow a loyal blog community
  • nab more comments

Your Turn

Are you feeling your deepest blogging fears?

How has embracing and experiencing your fears helped you as a blogger?