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Blogging the Hero’s Journey



Last week I discussed profile writing as an alternative to just printing a regular interview. This week, I want to take that a step further and discuss writing a profile as a life story. Writing a life story might seem a bit daunting, but if you have the right outline you can stay on track and create an original, interesting article. The outline we are going to use is the “Hero’s Journey” or monomyth.

The Hero’s Journey is a storytelling format originally identifed by Joseph Campbell, but one that is as old as stories themselves. Once you are familiar with the pattern, you will realize that it applies to many stories you already know, from the fictional Star Wars to the true story of Abraham Lincoln. As a blogger writing a profile, you will find that you can follow the Hero’s Journey for many of your subjects.

In a fictional Hero’s Journey, you can write and arrange your characters in whatever way best works with the pattern. As a blogger you will be writing about real individuals and so you can only outline your story in this format if you have enough information to track a Hero’s Journey at some point in your subject’s life. It will not work for every person you interview because some people just do not share the type of information you need to follow their journey. But when it does, you will end up with a solid and unique profile that hooks your readers and, if you study the process carefully, can really highlight your writing ability.

The Hero’s Journey is essentially a process of Separation, Initiation and Return. These three sequential occurences are further broken down into somewhere between 8 and 12 steps. As you can already tell, this pattern gives you a clear outline with which to work and you will know very quickly if it can be applied to your subject or not. Here is a brief overview of the eight basic steps:

Step One: The Call

The call is an invitation into the unknown. The unknown can be either physical or spiritual. Physical calls may take the hero away from family, place him* in a strange land and/or overcome a hardship or constriction. Spiritually, your subject may have felt trapped, out of place or like she just did not “fit” anymore. A call can come gradually or be sparked by some sort of crisis or sudden change.

Step Two: The Threshold

The threshold is the line between the known and unknown. This is the point at which the hero must decide whether or not to accept the call, knowing that he will not be able to turn back after making the choice.

This is also the place in the story at which helpers first appear. In fiction, helpers often bring divine gifts to aid them in the challenges to come. However less magical they may be, helpers are just as important in a “real-life” monomyth. Mentors and guides are the most important types of helpers as they usually provide knowledge or focus that the hero would not otherwise have had. In both fiction and in our own lives, helpers tend to show up when we need them. Carl Jung called this synchronicity.

Step Three: The Challenges

Whether outward (physical) or inward (spiritual, psychological), the challenges faced on the Hero’s Journey are menat to build maturity, skill and confidence. As the journey progresses, the challenges generally increase in difficulty. Temptations are some of the greatest tests on the journey, usually brought by someone attempting to pull the hero away from his path. The hero must face the temptations and deny them to continue on the journey.

In nearly all monomyths, the challenges will target the hero’s weakest points. This will enable him to improve those skills, overcome those fears or otherwise better himself in order to successfully pass the challenge. If a challenge is failed, the hero may suffer a minor setback or be forced to end the journey and return home defeated.

Step Four: The Abyss

The Abyss is the greatest challenge of the journey. It comes after the hero has had time to improve upon weaknesses, but usually requires that he give everything of which he is capable in order to succeed. It is at this stage of the journey where the hero must defeat or work past his fatal flaw or risk failing the challenge and, by extension, the journey.

Step Five: The Revelation

The revelation is a shifting of the way the hero thinks or views life. Generally sudden and/or dramatic, the revelation either takes place before or after the hero descends into the abyss.

Step Six: The Transformation

Once the Revelation has taken place and the Abyss is conquered, the hero has completed his change. Having overcome great fears and weaknesses, he is a new person and is nearly ready to complete the journey by returning home.

Step Seven: The Atonement

Before the hero can make his way back home, he must come to terms with his “new” self. The transformation has been fully completed, but it may take some reflection for the hero to fully integrate everything he has learned on the journey. The Atonement is essentially the official rebirth of the hero, bringing harmony and balance back to his life.

Step Eight: The Return

To complete the journey, the hero must come full circle. Because he has changed, he often is able to use his new knowledge or skills to better the world he left when he answered the call. Sometimes the hero returns too enlightened for his old home and either backslides, enlightens others or must again accept a call in order to find balance.

Though a novel or other work of fiction generally focuses on a single Hero’s Journey, in real life we usually go through many. These journeys can be short or long, profound or somewhat mundane. What they all have in common is that we come through them changed. In my lifetime I can think of several just off the top of my head: going to kindergarten, going to college, coming out, my mother’s battle with cancer…the list goes on and on. The point is, nearly everyone has at least one Hero’s Journey in his life. As a writer, it is your job to find it.

The monomyth format can create a unique and unexpected outline for a profile on your blog. While it is not widely used in non-fiction, it is used even less by bloggers. So next time you are interviewing someone, as him about a life-changing experience and see if he will share enough for you to map out his Hero’s Journey. Not only are they fun to write, they are also very interesting and enjoyable to read.

*I used the male pronoun because it was the first one that came to mind and constantly writing he/she or him/her can really ruin the natural flow of an article. I promise I am not sexist.

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What Do You Sell and How Do You Sell It?



One easy way to make money blogging is to get clear on calling folks to buy your stuff and hire you.

Invest in my blogging course.

Visit my blog for blogging ebooks and blogging audiobooks.

Advertise on my blog.

Paypal me.

See how easy?

I clearly call you to invest.

You invest.

Simply put, knowing what you sell and how you sell it increases your blogging profits because people respond to your energy.

Prior lines? Each feels clear and comfortable to me. I know what I offer. Of course I know how I offer it. How, meaning, how I feel offering.

Imagine feeling light, airy, calm, confident and detached as you call readers to buy or hire. Money feelings. Good.

But imagine feeling heavy, resistant, uncomfortable, awkward or embarrassed calling readers to buy or hire.

Your greatest pro blogging success occurs by shifting from heavy to light during money calls.

Or feeling light, airy, detached and clear on calls because you freely share what you sell and sell with clarity results in big blogging profits.

Audio Books

I note a spike in audio book sales and reviews. Of course I barely touched my audio books over 3 years. I generate almost completely passive income; the audio books sell themselves.

After seeing royalty payments recently I pondered the passive blogging income; I barely actively sell ‘em so the what and how seems non-existent. But detaching just lets what and how unfold gracefully and beautifully, resulting in virtually complete passive income.

This was from my trip to Bali.

Getting almost 100% clear on what and how results in ever increasing, passive profits.


Blogging is energy.

Blogging Energy

Imagine feeling clear on receiving money from someone. You just accept it.

A friend buys lunch. You cheerily accept.


Your energy dictates you clearly accept and enjoy the money or purchase.

Ditto for blogging income streams. Emit the same clear, relaxed, accepting, receiving energy. Money flows to you thru clear streams. Of course my audiobooks sell passively; I am clear on that channel.

Boosting your blogging profits requires you freely offer what you sell and sell from a clear, confident, abundant, knowing, detached energy.

Example; note how I include 1 or more calls to action for all blog posts and videos. I offer what I sell freely. My readers never need guess. Clarity. No hiding or awkwardness or discomfort. I am clear. I sell.

How do I sell? Of course, from a calm, clear, confident, knowing I am successful energy. Naturally, I sell and profit because my energy around what and how feels clear to me.

Next Level Profits

Profit like top bloggers in your niche.

Get clear on receiving money.

Visualize yourself owning ample money. Feel rich.

I enjoy counting money in mind so it feels real to me. Swiftly, I make money through iTunes, Bitcoin and Quora, as has been the case recently.

Bitcoin and Quora are neither directly related to blogging but so goes money; it cares not channels, it justs finds bloggers clear on receiving money. Plus my blogging related profits increase too.

Picturing your wealth serves you because what feels real in mind flows into your experience.

Money and worldly success find you through profitable ideas, people and circumstances.

Execute the ideas from a chill, relaxed energy. Profit.

Freely offer what you offer. Promote yourself through every blog post and video. Tell us what you sell; we want to buy it. Sell with clarity. Know success and profits are yours; promote with clarity, detachment and a knowing that you already have profits because mind owns profits.

Blogging Is Not That Hard for Mind Scientists

Every day, my email inbox delights me.

My visualization sessions yield fascinating, profitable opportunities.

Mind creates reality.

As within, so without.

Blogging is not that hard at all for bloggers who visualize success, who feel rich, who count their blogging wins and who keep things positive.

Success follows success-focused bloggers.

Profits follow rich-feeling, riches-seeing bloggers.

As within, so without.

Get clear on selling and receiving money.



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How to Be an Organized Blogger



Do you feel 100% organized?

If so you are on the ball.


But if you need direction I have tips for you.

I sit in Manila now. I write my 2nd blog post today at the airport.

Bloggers success-focused make time to blog because this crowd organizes their blog and self effectively.

How to Be an Organized Blogger

I see my success vision. Being organized is easy.

Organizing your blogging day makes blogging easy. Imagine everything lining up perfectly. Welcome to my day.

No matter what happens I proceed from calm confidence.

Sound good?

Let’s dive in.

Invest Money in Blogging Resources

Invest money in my 11 Fundamentals of Successful Blogging Audio Course.

Live your dreams by organizing yourself effectively.

My course outlines 11 steps to follow to succeed. Feel organized, orderly and clear by following each fundamental. Easy peasy.

Imagine me laying out what you need to do to succeed with your blog. Doesn’t that feel good? Don’t you feel clear, confident and organized, knowing I give you 11 steps to succeed?

Blogging resources from top pros organize your thoughts, feelings and actions. Invest in my course. Buy a blueprint. Be organized.

Visualize Your Dreams

Dream big dreams.

Visualize your dreams to be organized.

Dreaming big dreams creates order in your mind. Thoughts flow smoothly, calmly and confidently to you. Imagine how organized you’d feel as thoughts flow smoothly through your mind.

Seeing your dreams in vivid detail alerts you; you have it. Dreams preview life experience.

Knowing your dream flows to you, you blog from an organized, calm, confident, detached, knowing energy.

Add as many details to your mental picture as possible. I make my vision feel real to be organized, efficient and effective.

Blog from a Calm, Detached, Knowing Energy

Everything is energy.

Organized bloggers blog from a calm, detached, knowing energy.

I am relaxed sitting in an airport in the Philippines now. No worry, no stress, no hurry, no disorganized, jumbled thoughts.

This was from my 5 week trip to Turkey.

how to be an organized blogger

Take a deep breath. Slow down. Calm down. Success finds you as you blog from an organized, relaxed energy.

Do Only a Few Things

I blog organized because my mind races not in 100 directions with 100 things to do.

I sell my course.

I sell my eBooks.

I sell my audio books.

I write blog posts, broadcast videos and comment on blogs.


Easy peasy.

Bloggers organize their day effectively by doing only a few things.

No sense adding disorganized chaos by trying to master many disciplines. Impossible, anyway, because where your energy goes, grows. Give energy to 10 disciplines and none grow. Of course you become disorganized too, trying to wear many hats. But doing a few things only ensures you see rapid growth in those few areas.

This is why people call me the king of guest posting, the king of blog commenting and I landed a featured on John Chow Dot Com as a live video blogger to follow.

Care for Your Mind and Body

I do 90 minutes of yoga daily plus I exercise for 60 minutes daily.

Taking care of mind and body helps me be organized because feeling good leads to organization.

Highly successful bloggers take care of their mind and body to reach the top of their niche. Walk. Meditate. Do deep yin yoga.

Self care leads to self organization.

Beware Robotic Practical Tips

I am organized whether I check email once daily, once every 2 days or 30 times daily. Makes no difference. I am an energetic being of feelings, not a mindless robot.

Never organize your blogging day based on robotic, practical tips because said tips may not work for you.

Organize yourself and your blog by listening to your intuition before all else.

You may vibe with 1 or 4 of the above tips. Listen to the voice within. Take what works for you.

Get organized.

Observe Top Bloggers Closely

Top bloggers offer you clues for better organizing.

Some top pros only read 1-2 sentence emails and ignore all else. Doing so reduces all unclear noise in his inbox and keeps him organized.

I learned how to be organized by studying the most organized bloggers on earth; the big dawgs.

Learn from the best to be effective, efficient and organized.

Being an organized blogger takes practice but all practice leads toward greater success.

I never could circle the globe and succeed online if I was not organized.

Order your thoughts.

Order your feelings.

Organize your mind.

All begins from within.

Organizing begins with organized thoughts and feelings.

Feel good.

Enjoy the blogging ride.

Get organized.

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7 Ways to Promote Your Blogging Course



Have you invested in my blogging audio course?

Invest in it today.

I help you live your wildest dreams through blogging.

As I cruise 40,000 feet above the Pacific Ocean, I think of increasing blogging course sales by promoting effectively.

How you promote determines how you live.

How to Promote Your Online Course the Right Way

Since I promote my stuff effectively I enjoy life offline as I circle the globe, living in places like Thailand, Fiji, Bali and Costa Rica for months at a time.  I feel clear on the course and think abundance by promoting the course in multiple spots. Exposure and sales find the course and me, allowing me to be a full time blogger who travels the world.

Customers found my course through a few methods.

Increasing sales, course awareness, happy, successful bloggers and boosted rep all flow to successful promoters.

Plus you generate passive income. Not bad for someone who travels like I do.

Let’s dive in.

1: Embed Code

I embed code to promote my course sometimes.

Embed codes offer graphic, easy to purchase reminders because a picture and buy button speaks a powerful message.

Folks love images. We think in pictures.

This was from my 2 month trip to Oman.

how to promote your online course

Buy buttons give customers clear instructions.

Embed code promoting your course at mid point or post blog post.

Tap into this graphic, clear course promoting method.

Add embed codes to sidebars for even greater course exposure. People scan sidebars, spot your course and more eyeballs feast on your offering.

2: Email Signature Link

I link to my blogging course via email signature.

Seize this high traffic source and boost sales in the process.

Drop a tidy link below your email avatar. Drip the link with sugary benefits. Or just name the course. Either approach works.

People hop in and out of email all day. Grab maximum exposure through email signature links.

Add a tiny, eye-catching image to boost your course advertising with an attractive visual reminder.

3: Broadcast Live and Link In

I promote my blogging course via live and link.

I broadcast live on Facebook regularly. Sometimes I promote the course directly. Other times I tackle a blogging topic and link to my course.

Live video wins now and in the future. Humans glue themselves to their phones for live video.

People build deeper bonds with human, genuine bloggers who employ live video. Puts a name with a face. Or reminds readers you are more than just words on a screen.

Broadcast live frequently. Link to your blogging course frequently.

Get clear on promoting by showing up.

4: Pin on Twitter

Use the Pin feature to Pin your course in the highest profile spot in your Twitter stream.

Increase sales by promoting courses in front of prying Twitter eyes.

I see sweet engagement via Likes and Retweets using this approach.

Easy as pie.

Add an image for a promotional boost.

Toss in tags to target customers and increase course sales.

Use as many characters as possible. Set up the tweet with a strong benefit. Increase course exposure.

5: Promote Via Warrior Forum Sig File

I link to my course via Warrior Sig File.

AKA; tag line or bio line.

Easy way to increase sales. Of course Warrior drives heavy, targeted traffic for generous bloggers like myself.

Help people freely on forums to get more eyeballs on your sig file.

6: Post Inspirational Updates to Facebook Groups

I share inspirational tidbits to Facebook Groups with my course link and travel photos.

Facebookers love these punchy, powerful updates. Plus I grab more blogging course exposure.

Share uplifting content. Be positive. Inspire people.

Link to your blogging course.

Promote only in Groups aligned with your niche. Make every video and course link count.

7: Flesh Out 1 Section Via Blog Post or Guest Post

I broke down each of the 11 fundamentals of successful blogging via individual guest post on Blogging Tips.

Writing posts designed to flesh out course mods is a simple way to promote the blogging course.

Folks enjoy your breakdown, need to learn more and click the course link.

Mindset Stuff

Sell more courses by focusing on successful sales.

Visualize yourself selling courses and receiving money to sell courses and receive money.

Allow the image to feel real in mind. Tap into your emotions. Paint a mental picture rich with details.

As within, so without.

Course sales flow to bloggers who think, feel and act wealthy.

Profit through the above promotional channels.

See riches in mind to make money blogging through your course.

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