It’s a new year, and 2008 is sure to be exciting for bloggers. Here are my personal predictions for blogging in 2008:

Blogging Will Go Mainstream in 2008

Even today, there are many people who don’t even know what a blog is (despite the fact they probably read blogs daily and just never knew the name of the content delivery method). In every technology, there is a breakout year in which the trend breaks into the mainstream. While most Web-savvy people know what a blog is (and probably have one or two blogs), the general public still doesn’t quite get it.

I think 2008 will be the year when blog becomes more of a household word. I am frequently asked what exactly a blog is. As we all spread the word on blogs, and blogs become more prolific, more people will get it.

Blogging will Become More Lucrative in 2008

I have been writing for the Web since the 1990s, and in the past year I have really seen the amount of money paid to online writers and bloggers jump dramatically. It might not seem like it if you’re writing $5 blog posts or your blog is bringing in just $20 a month in Adsense revenue, but the shift is just now occurring.

It used to be that very few people hired and paid bloggers. Now you can find lots of blog job posts weekly throughout the Web. As companies and agencies increasingly realize the impact of social networking, they will be investing more money in online writing. As content drives more revenue to sites, Web portals will be seeking more quality content.

In particular, I expect this to be the year of the boost in paid flogs (or blogs for corporations). That will come both in the form of paid reviews (of which I have mixed feelings) and bloggers paid to write for companies.

Bloggers as Media

For many years, it was next to impossible to get respect from public relations agencies and entities. Now, you can find press trips for journalists, the Washington Capitals hockey team gives press access to bloggers, manufacturers are providing demo units for bloggers to review, and public relations representatives are making pitches to bloggers.

Finally, people have figured out that the public listens to and trusts bloggers. In fact, there are surveys showing that journalists are increasingly using blogs. That means anyone who wants to reach media can start by getting buzz on blogs.

2008 – the Year of the Blog

This could be a true breakout year for blogs. A few years ago, some predicted blogs were a fad that would pass. Clearly, they were wrong. Blogs are here to stay for quite some time, and they are growing by astounding rates.

What do you predict in the blogosphere for 2008?