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Gettin’ Back in the Game: Bringin’ Your Blog Back to Life after Goin’ MIA




Maybe you’re gettin’ ready to take a little vaca somewhere. Maybe you’re swamped tryin’ to get that next great entrepreneurial venture off the ground. Maybe you’re just sick of posting on your blog day in and day out and wanna take a break.

After spending just over half a year creatin’ one of the most explosive blogs ever, takin’ profits from $254.72 in June ‘07, my first month at it, to just over five figures in December ‘07, I decided to take a break. Why? First, I’d made enough money between a hot job in Corporate America and rockin’ my site to be able to. Second, I wanted to redesign my site to visually reflect the same high quality as the content of my posts. Finally, and more than anything else, after workin’ with my nose to the grindstone for the past couple years, I just wanted to travel for a couple months, enjoy life, get drunk off margaritas on Mexican beaches and Guinness in Irish pubs, and not give a sh…. Sorry, not WORRY about posting on and managing my site every day.

Now, I could’ve made my way to the internet for an hour or so each and every day while away to post an article. Maybe I could’ve had guest writers post articles while I was away to keep content in front of my readers. Or before headin’ out, I could’ve spent hours and hours… hell, DAYS, frontloadin’ my blog with articles to post each day I’d be gone. But plain and simple, I didn’t wanna worry about any of that. I just wanted to get away, have fun, kick it on my own for a while with no worries.

Now that I’m back in the game and ready to rock it even harder than before, I’m dealin’ with a problem similar to what I faced in the beginning – gettin’ the buzz out to my readers that I’m back and better than ever. And at the request of Kevin here at, that’s what brings me here today. To answer the question: How do you bring your blog back to life after goin’ MIA for a while?

While I could go on for hours about search engine optimization, ad swapping, affiliate marketing, link building, and other passive internet marketing tools, what I wanna focus on today, because it’s far too often ignored, is the active side of rebuilding, or just building for that matter, your reader base.

As I’ve discussed in another post on my site, the bloggers who’ll end up on top of the heap at the end of the day, who’ll continue to make ridiculous cash even after the hype of how much they’re makin’ has died down, are the bloggers who have personality to back up their content. Every blogger has access to the exact same content, but very few bloggers out there really have any personality. I’m convinced that this is what’s led to my unbelievable success: Not only do I provide top-level, useful content, but I have a personality to match, creating a blog that readers can’t stop comin’ back to after they get that first taste. This has to be your starting point. If you can’t keep your readers comin’ back, what’s the point in wasting your time drivin’ traffic to your site anyway?!

So you’ve got that rockin’ site now, but how do you get the readers there, to take that first bite? The key is puttin’ yourself out there, lettin’ readers see your content, your personality, YOU! Think about it. As a reader, are you more likely to check out a blog because you saw a 125 x 125 ad or link for it on the side of some website, or because you saw an article written by the blogger on a fave site of yours that grabbed your attention and made you say, “Hey, I wanna read some more from this guy!” Not only will this get more readers to your site, but it will get word of your site spread much faster, since readers are more likely to talk about some hot post they just read than about some hot ad they just saw. And there’s your answer, friends.

The three most effective ways that I’ve found to actively put yourself out there and really build your traffic quickly are through forum posting, guest posting, and what I like to call feature swapping:

(1) Forum Posting can be as simple as joining a forum and each day posting the same article that you just posted on your site, though it is much more effective to actively participate in discussions on the forum to both interact with and build your reputation among other users. You want to look for forums with (a) a large number of members, (b) very lively discussion, and (c) a member base that matches your target audience. One of the best forums I’ve ever come across, which matches all three of these criteria better than any other I’ve seen, is No matter the forum, get out there and meet your readers!

(2) Guest Posting is writing an article for someone else’s blog. There are plenty of bloggers out there happy to take the day off, kick their feet up (or go to their day jobs), and let you do their dirty work. As a result, your goal is to find the bloggers with (a) the highest traffic and (b) a reader base that matches your target audience. Start with a list of the bloggers that best match these criteria and start contactin’ ‘em. And don’t be shy. The worst thing they can do is not respond or say, “No.”

(3) Feature Swapping is an agreement between two bloggers to each write an article featuring and reviewing the other’s blog. This may be difficult because (a) it requires more time and effort from the other blogger than, say, guest posting and (b) few bloggers are willing to agree to feature swap with a new blogger or even another seasoned blogger but with considerably fewer readers. Still, this is great for bloggers in similar situations, to work together to grow their reader bases and blogs. On top of that, you might be surprised to find out that some of us big dogs are still open to the idea. For example, in order for me to get my name back out there, to let my readers know that I’m back and kickin’ it on my new site, I offer free product placements to any bloggers who feature my site in their blogs. You just have to take that first step and shout at us. Like with any negotiation, you’ll never get what you don’t ask for.

One of the most important things to take from this article is that to bring your blog back to life after goin’ MIA for a while, just like with any other entrepreneurial venture, you must be active, creative, and really put yourself out there. Are you gonna sit back and let the world pass you by, or you gonna take the bull by the horns and get those readers to your blog?! Rock it, baby! – JP


My name is Foxy, and my job is to sniff out the good guest bloggers from the ones who aren't. This post was written by a contributing author to Blogging Tips. If you would like to learn more about becoming a writer (not one-time guest blogging) for, please contact us.

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4 Passive Blog Promotion Methods Nobody Thinks of



Most bloggers brainstorm ways to promote blog posts after publishing blog posts.

This is active blog promotion.

Nobody thinks of passive blog promotion methods.

Doing a smash up job before promoting posts actively leads to passive promotion.


If you get clear and create a smart post, organic promotion takes off.

Before I even touch a social sharing button on Blogging From Paradise, any one of my blog posts get 5, 10 or 20 retweets organically, based on the blog post quality and nothing else.

Do a good job pre-promotion to reap the benefits of passive, organic blog promotion.

Plus you need to leverage to become a highly successful, professional blogger who enjoys an offline life, too.

1: Cover Only One Blog Topic

Covering only one blog topic makes you an expert.

People promote experts freely.

Readers join big dawg blogger lists and follow big dawg blogger feeds. Said readers freely promote top bloggers based on their expert status alone.

Being an expert requires you to blog on one topic. Build your authority in one niche. Be a known commodity. Enjoy organic, passive promotion through your expert status.

2: Write Inspired Blog Posts

People freely promote inspired blog posts.

My blog posts tend to get shared freely and easily because I uplift, inspire and influence my readers to succeed via all posts.

Creating something inspired, energizing and valuable every time you publish a post.

Allow the post to gain passive, organic promotional momentum.

Many of my posts generate organic promotion through:

  • other blog features and mentions
  • other blogger’s promoting said posts to their email lists
  • other blogger’s social media streams

Take your time.

Write and publish something memorable every time out.

Boost passive promotion momentum.

3: Make it Easy to Share Blog Posts

Make it easy to share blog posts.

Increase passive promotion.

This was from my trip to Turkey.

Observe my social share buttons. Readers finish reading and easily hit a retweet or Facebook Share button.

Post social share buttons in easy to see, easy to access spots. Make sure buttons feature themselves equally prominent on mobile devices.

Make it easy to share blog posts quickly to boost organic promotion.

4: Invest in a Clean Theme

Clean, clear, professional-looking blog themes encourage easier passive, organic blog post promotion because no distractions pull readers from promoting posts on such themes.

Observe my theme. Do you feel confused after reading a blog post? On laptop, Chromebook or mobile, my theme appears clear, clean, sleek and professional.

Clean themes focus readers on reading content, sharing content and buying premium offerings.

Invest money in a clear, professional-looking theme.

See increased blogging success along with increased passive blog post promotion.

Think Like a Success

Abe Lincoln said if he had 6 hours to cut down a tree he would spend 4 hours sharpening the axe.

Your blog post is like the axe. Spending more time and energy writing and publishing a fabulous post increases organic, passive promotion quickly. Toss in increased business profits to see why it pays to do an excellent job sticking to your niche, writing a valuable posts, making social share buttons easy to find and investing money in a clean theme.

The more you follow these 4 tips, the more your blog post promotes itself.

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How Long Should a Weekly Blog Post Be?



All blog posts should span a length sufficient enough to fulfill the title promise.

Give no thought to publishing frequency as you ponder blog post length.


If you publish the weekly post with the fear-energy of “This better be long enough or it will not be valuable because I am not publishing again until next week”, the fear-energy manifests as a crappy, bloated, heavy post.

Most bloggers write posts from an energy of fear, scarcity and lack. Many bloggers believe they are not good enough.

Said negative energies goad bloggers to:

  • write bloated posts
  • write boring posts
  • write posts with filler

because these bloggers believe blog post quality quality depends on a specific word count more than anything else.

Not true.

Blog post value depends on:

  • fulfilling the title promise
  • covering the title promise in clear, thorough, concise fashion
  • adding enough knowledge to answer the core post question and nothing more

Never ponder blog post frequency before picking a blog post word length.


Thinking frequency creates scarcity-based, “not enough”, mental cross currents that add a poverty conscious, lack conscious, scarcity energy to your writing.

Guaranteed; if you feel like your post length will not be enough because you post weekly, you try too hard to overcome the “not enough” energy and make the post way too long, filling it with wordy sentences, bloated paragraphs and an overall boring experience.

The Ultimate Blogging Curse

Have you ever written a dazzling, 2000 word, in-depth, clear, crisp, concise post, and nobody shows up to read it?

You cling to the ultimate blogging curse; your predominant fear energy of “not good enough or not long enough” overrides your writing brilliance.

You cannot outsmart your predominant energy. If you fear, fear mirrors back to you through your blogging results.

This is from my 2 month trip to Oman.

Imagine publishing one brilliant, genius, clear, concise blog post weekly. If you fear 800 words is not enough, the fear mirrors back to you as no readers, no profits, and blogging failure.

Visualize yourself publishing one 800 word post weekly from a whole, complete, calm, confident, happy energy. 800 words is enough to you. 800 words inspires your readers, you believe, in your mind.

The 800 word, weekly post generates a ton of traffic based on your:

  • clarity
  • confidence
  • belief system
  • detachment

First, strengthen your mental muscle. Be positive. Visualize your blogging success. Count blogging wins.

Proceed to write a weekly blog post from this success conscious, positive vibe, to find your ideal word count.

One General Ground Rule

Most bloggers and readers accept 600 words as the minimum count for a blog post.

Break the minimum rule if your intuition tells you to break it. But if not, start at 600 words as the ideal benchmark and go from there.

The Best Advice

Choose a blog post title inspiring your readers to succeed.

Create an outline.

Think 600 words minimum, but, just write.

Just write.

Allow words to flow.

Give no thought to blog post frequency as you write; projecting into the future takes you out of the moment, out of your flow, and you leave your power behind.

Focus your attention and energy on having fun helping your readers succeed. Allow the words to flow.

I never read a success-promoting post that felt good to read and said to myself, “But I wished the post were 2,000 words long because now I have to wait for next week to read another post.”

We live in abundance.

If someone wants more content that someone can:

Success is your birthright.

You were born rich.

Feel whole and complete if you publish a 600 word post weekly.

Feel whole and complete if you publish a 2000 word post weekly.

Feeling whole and complete attracts to you readers who enjoy your 600, 1000, and 2000 word posts.

The only thing that matters is writing clear, concise, crisp posts that deliver on the title promise, from a calm, confident, abundant, detached, success-conscious energy.

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1 Surprising Aspect of Successful Blogging that Woke Me Up



You guys know by now; I am all about blogging mindset tips.

One such tip woke me up.

I saw the outright surprising influence following said tip had on:

Years ago I struggled to see blogging success. Today I succeed with greater and greater ease.

I know you succeed now. But if you desire increasing success, take this successful blogging tip to heart.

This next level tip makes you experience dizzying blogging success.

Give No Attention and Energy to Negativity and Give 100% Attention and Energy to Positive Ideas, People and Interactions

During a morning walk with my wife today, I noted how some folks email me asking how I am enjoying traveling the world. Traveling is in my blood. Traveling is my soul speaking out loud. I let people know how I deeply enjoy my travels. Anybody with eyes for seeing knows this, and never asks the question. This would be like asking Picasso if he enjoyed painting.

I tend to get a really odd response – that is not so odd really – from a handful of folks; said people respond with an emotional reaction, describing how they dislike travel and how they love their hometown. Who cares? Why would you email someone to tell them how much you love your way of life and how much you dislike another person’s life?

This is a negative, lower energy reaction suggesting an unclear person who wants to live your life but fears making bold moves to live it. Either way, I completely ignore the lower energies and lower energy interactions and voila! I became more and more successful with greater ease. Why? Where your attention and energy goes, grows.

Some people tell me to stop thanking them individually. I ignore their negativity, because if you cannot express gratitude or make a connection based on someone thanking you, you vibe lower on the energetic scale.

I never give attention and energy to someone who is trashing other bloggers because this is a negative weakness manifest, and I don’t do negativity, or weakness.

Friends Change and Some Friendships Evolve into Different Relationships

I deeply love my friends but as I get clearer and see greater success, I give zero attention and energy to negativity from any one of my friends. Success consciousness thing.


I also released many former friends who I vibed with when I was failing, and more negative, and who I no longer vibed with when I became more positive and successful. Friends change. Some friends visit for a while and you need release them.

Other friends remain friends but your bond changes and evolves into something different. Friends attempting to pull me into negative bashing or judging or trashing quickly see I give no energy to such negativity anymore. Sure we are still friends, but the bond evolves from a different dynamic now.

Why Ignoring Negative Situations Makes You Successful

Where your attention and energy goes, grows.

Give your attention only to positive people, positive interactions and success, and your positive ideas, positive friend network and success expands. Easy peasy.

Energetic momentum builds. Move higher in blogging circles. Paying customers arrive. Paying clients pop up in your experience.

Your blanket, conscious choice to give your attention and energy only to positive people, situations and circumstances accelerated your success.

The key is to completely commit to never giving your attention and energy to negative interactions.

The unclear, admiring people who asked you already if you love travel, only to react with the idea that they love their life, or the thanking rejectors, or bashers, never get one split second of your energy, going forward.

Prosper by giving your energy only to positive vibes.

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