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It’s a bad time to buy a blog but it’s a great time to sell!




Buying, selling and flipping websites has become incredibly popular over the last few years. I first starting trading websites around 2002 but it’s much more common now than it was then.

The Sitepoint Marketplace and the Digital Point Site Room are the two places I check most regularly though there are dozens of other great web development related forums with trading areas but those are the ones I usually check first before the likes of DnForum and NamePros.

Over the years I’ve noticed that success breeds imitation. Template affiliate stores were all the rage at one point and then Amazon Web Services sites, followed by turnkey websites, arcades and build a niche stores (to name but a few). Discussion forums have also been popular since I can remember as well. If you get in at the right time with a ‘hot type’ of website then you can make a lot of money. For example, I still make over $1,000 a year from template referrals and I haven’t owned a template related website for over 5 years.

Without doubt, Blogs have been the flavour of the month for quite some time now (should it be called flavour of the year?) and I have paid close attention to the marketplaces. However, I’ve yet to see a blog which was worth buying. Don’t get me wrong, there have been some great blogs for sale but they have all, in my opinion, been greatly overpriced. This is great news for bloggers who are selling their blogs though it’s not so great for potential buyers.

On the whole there are more poor blogs for sale than good. I’ve seen scraper blogs for sale, blogs which have been online a few weeks, blogs which are populated with free articles which are duplicated around the web and blogs which have terrible designs and more advertisements that content. I don’t want to discuss these types of blogs which are being sold though so for the rest of this post please assume that I’m referring to blogs which have original content and a good design 🙂

Why are blogs overpriced?

First of all let me say, that I’m not against blogs being sold for high prices. As a blogger I think it’s great news as it means the blogs I own are worth a good amount of money though as a buyer I feel that it’s impossible to find a well priced blog, let alone a bargain.

When you are buying a blog there are a lot of factors you must consider but the main questions you need to answer are :

  • How much traffic does the blog have? (it’s worth considering PageRank too if you plan on selling text links)
  • Where does the traffic come from ie. does the traffic come organically from search engines or is the blogger spending a lot of time actively promoting the blog via social media?
  • How many subscribers does the blog have?
  • How much time will it take you to run the blog on a daily/weekly basis?
  • How much is the blog making per month?
  • Do you think you could increase the monthly revenue?
  • Does the blog design need improved and if so, how much would this cost?
  • Reputation/Goodwill – How much of the blogs success is down to the main blogger?
  • Would you have to spend additional money on promotion, paying writers or prize money to maintain the blogs growth?
  • How long before you recoup the blog purchase price?

I’m sure some of you may be thinking to yourself ‘That’s a lot of questions to ask for every blog you see for sale’ but it doesn’t take long to address them. Once you start looking at websites for sale you can quickly answer most just by looking at the site and the rest of the questions are just plain common sense.

So why aren’t many blogs meeting this criteria? Well, for me the main reason is that they are selling for too high a price. I can’t blame the bloggers for listing the blogs at a higher price because at the moment the marketplace is suggesting that they will get it however I certainly won’t be bidding as they represent a poor investment. Most of these blogs are being sold on the potential the blog has. Commonly the seller says something like ‘The blog is making $50 a month just now but with a little time it could make $500 a month very easily’. A sales pitch which strangely does seem to work!

Of course, value has to be placed on potential however every blog has potential and the time you spend on this new blog could be time spent developing a brand new blog yourself. I’m aware that starting a new blog is difficult and I also know that there are people who have little time but a lot of money so they are happy to pay over the odds for the blog but personally, I’m looking for something which will give me a good return for my investment.

Right time to sell?

We’ve established that finding a good blog at a bargain price is very difficult these days but on a happier note, this means it’s a great time to sell. I’m not suggesting you all run out and sell your main blog but it could be worth your while developing a 2nd or 3rd blog for 3-6 months with the sole purpose of selling it on (if you have the time).

The blogging and web development niche has been particularly popular however all types of blogs are being traded. There have been quite a few blogs in the blogging niche which have sold for over $5,000 and only had between 200 and 500 subscribers. It’s possible to get a blog to that level within 3 months so in that respect, it’s a great bit of business for the seller.

If you already have a successful blog then you are in an even better position as you can push traffic from your existing blog and if you are well known within the niche, you should be able to develop the blog even quicker. However, I do think that this can harm your reputation and it’s one of the reasons why I haven’t started a 2nd blog with the intention of selling it. If your readers follow you to the new blog and then you sell up they might be annoyed (particularly if you do it frequently). Then again, some readers are maybe not as fickle as I am! 🙂 Seriously, I think that if you develop a reputation for starting blogs and selling them it will make it harder to get future blog projects that you are serious about off the ground.

This can all be avoided by using a pseudonym. If you start a 2nd blog and distant it from yourself then you can build, promote and sell blogs and it won’t hurt your main blog/website. This is the way I think I’d do it. For example, if I had to start a blog about domain names and my sole intention was to sell it 6 months later I’d perhaps talk about it on my personal blog however I wouldn’t promote it here.

If you would like to make some extra money by selling a blog then I recommend keeping tabs on the trading areas of webmaster forums where the blogs are being bought and sold. Pay attention to what type of blogs are selling well and look at the reasons why they are selling well ie. are they well designed, are they making a lot of money, how many subscribers do they have etc. A classic case of Monkey See Monkey Do!

Will the Blog Phenonemom fade away?

It’s very difficult to predict what will popular in 6 months or in a years time. There is a chance that blogs are just a fad that webmasters are going through and perhaps we will see less blogs traded in the next year.

My gut feeling is that we may see a small decline in the prices that blogs are selling for but I do think that blogs will continue to sell well in webmaster circles for the next few years. At the end of the day, if you have a website, any website, and it has traffic and a little income, someone out there will be interested in buying it. But whether blogs continue to sell at the prices they have been selling at is anyones guess.


In the current market, it is definately a better time for bloggers to sell rather than buy. Good deals are few and far between and in most cases it would be better to start a blog from scratch and simply promote it using the money you had set aside to purchase a blog.

It is a great time for bloggers to sell though. Blogs with just a few hundred subscribers are selling for thousands of dollars and the market doesn’t seem to be saturated as yet.

If this is all new to you, drop by the Sitepoint Marketplace or the Digital Point Site Room over the next few weeks and see what’s being sold. It won’t take long til you are familar with the types of blogs which are selling well.

As always, I’d love to hear what readers think about all of this so please leave a comment if you have time 🙂



Kevin Muldoon is a professional blogger with a love of travel. He writes regularly about topics such as WordPress, Blogging, Productivity and Social Media on his personal blog and provides support to bloggers at Rise Forums. He can also be found on Twitter @KevinMuldoon and .

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7 Skills to Develop and Generate More Income as Bloggers




Making money is one of the main reasons many bloggers blog but the sad reality is that many of these hard working bloggers end up being so broke whereas there is much money to be made online.

I have been blogging for over 6 years and the biggest reason I see many bloggers failing is the fact that they have just no skills. It’s not enough to create a beautiful blog and host it on a powerful server. There is more to that.

In today’s blogging industry, things have become more tightened. You need to really stand out to make a difference in the market. Almost everyone is doing the same thing to make money and if you have to be tagged with success, you must go extra miles.

We’ve read a lot about Affiliate Marketing, Direct and contextual advertising, Sponsored posts, etc. Some don’t believe these methods still work because they’ve tried out to their bones with no results.  Here are a few tips to help you do something extra and earn an income.

7 Skills to develop and make money as bloggers

1 –  Develop your writing skills

This is obvious!

If you are a blogger who doesn’t work on your writing skills, you should expect nothing in the present market.

Initially, we succeeded writing articles of 300 to 500 words. Today the whole game has changed. We now talk about going in-depth. Ranking in those early days with your short article in Google was a day’s job. In today’s content world, you’d be lucky to be indexed with shallow content.

Think about keyword stuffing. That worked powerfully well in the past. And it was easy to sprinkle your keywords around and rank well. Today it’s a different language. If you don’t understand and speak semantic web, you’ll be completely relegated.

You need to constantly develop your writing skills to go near success in today’s Internet business. If you are found to be a good writer, it would be easy to quickly pick writing jobs and be paid a good income.

Recommended: 8 skills to develop to be a good writer

2 – WordPress Development skills

WordPress is the most used Content Management System today. It powers over 30% of the websites on the Internet. This says a lot if your thinking cap is on.

Though WordPress development requires some extra amount of work, it’s worth investing in it. There are many areas in the WP development business you can develop your skills in and stand out in the job market:

  • WordPress theme development
  • WordPress plugin development
  • WordPress Security
  • WordPress learning courses
  • WordPress Hosting
  • WordPress Installation and Setup
  • Etc

This skill actually generate extra income for me. Having deeply developed the my WordPress knowledge, I offer the service to my readers and get paid per site installed and setup.

3 – SEO skills

There is a huge demand for SEO experts today for SEO jobs beginning from creating SEO friendly content to link building, Auditing and ranking for simple and complex keywords.

Many SEO professionals I have worked with are bloggers. If you give yourself a bit of time and take the challenge, you’ll soon be offering SEO services and getting paid for.

4 – Graphics design

It does not require any serious thinking and meditation to understand that the virtual world is largely graphics. From content marketing to social media marketing, it’s hugely graphics.

The demand for logos, Facebook cover images, Twitter, Pinterest Pins, eCovers, eBoxes, Infographics, etc is on the rise. There is a massive market for these design elements, making it easy for any blogger to make extra money by developing these design skills.

5 – Blogging Coach

You may be an expert blogger. But coaching others into success is a skill that has to be developed. The good news is that there is high demand for blogging coaches today.

People think about starting their own blogs but the fear of the unknown keeps them procrastinating. What they need is the services of a coach to guide their steps and help them avoid making silly and costly mistakes. If you’ve been blogging for a couple of years, this is something you could jump in so easily.

6 – Social media marketing Coach

I used to be one of those who think social media marketing is easy. Posting on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram is easy right?

I hear you!

But listen you need to go deep and you’ll find out that special skills are needed to succeed in this industry. Fortunately, there are professional training materials and the market for the skills is on an increasing demand. If you invest in this area, you will soon be picking extra jobs and making extra money.

7 – Translation jobs

I know of many bloggers who speak and understand one other business language. That’s a huge money making opportunity.

If your main language is English and you can read and understand French or another International language, the translation job is knocking at your door.

It only takes you to develop those skills and start translating for income. Add this to your money making channels and watch as more income locates your wallet.

iFreelance - Showcase your work and generate leads.

Where to find demand and market these skills

The first place to start marketing your extra skills in your blog. Your readers are in need of your services. Tell them about it and serve them better.

Another place to market your skills as a blogger is job boards. There are many of these job boards out there, some developed uniquely for bloggers like you.

The most common job board is Problogger where you have hundreds of blogging jobs posted per month. Additionally, you may want to visit efaah job board for bloggers and freelancers. Don’t forget BloggingPro, one of the places to sell your skills.

Wrapping up

So I have just given you some basic ideas to add another money making method to your arsenal as a blogger. You just need to overcome the fear and pick a method that’s closer to what you know best.

Invest in it and develop the skills. You may just be very knowledgeable in some of these points. What you needed was just this little push. Go ahead and implement it.

Good luck

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Making Money

Monetize Your Traffic as a CBD Affiliate and Make Big Money in 2019



The demand for CBD products is witnessing a boom. There’s never been a better time than now to cash in on this trend. CBD-infused products have now entered multiple markets in the United States and outside. The compound is directly derived from hemp or marijuana and applied in almost everything – from skin cream to ice cream. CBD has emerged as an effective treatment for a wide range of conditions, from anxiety disorder to cancer. The best part about CBD is that it’s legally approved for sale in most parts of the world. Whether you’re a newbie or a professional blogger, you can make big money promoting and selling CBD online.

CBD products are all over the media, and early adopters have already made lots of money as CBD affiliates.

Now, it’s your turn!

But how exactly can you monetize the CBD market trend? Well, there are some simple steps that you should follow to achieve success. If you are already aware of the affiliate marketing best practices, consider half the battle won. For example, Online RX Masters is just one of the many names in the pharmacy space that has put in the time and effort to grow out their collection of CBD products, and also launch an affiliate program of their own as well.

Below, we’ll walk you through the basics of how you can become a CBD affiliate and monetize your blog traffic, making big profits as a result.

Create a Health/Fitness Blog

If you don’t have a health-related blog running already, you can launch one within an hour or less. Pick a unique domain name and host and set up your health blog. Select a theme which is a good match for health niche. Use some plugins as per your specific need and you’re all set. The next step is to publish compelling niche-focused content on your blog to attract quality traffic.

There are both free and paid techniques that you can use to build traffic for your blog. Paid advertising campaigns are a surefire way to establish and popularize your blog over a short period of time.

Thanks to the internet, there’s plenty of advice (available for free) to help your blog get off the ground. Additionally, you can also connect with professional bloggers for some expert help along the way. If you’re focused and blog with passion, you’ll not only make things easy for yourself but have fun as well.

Broaden Your Knowledge about the CBD Industry

Cannabidiol (CBD) is a natural compound, which is derived from the cannabis plants. The legalization of medical marijuana and hemp have given rise to new markets for CBD products. In 2017, the global market for CBD products was worth $20 billion. The growth in the CBD market alone has been projected to reach $22 billion by 2025. Key factors that have contributed to this tremendous growth is the ever-growing demand for CBD products on a global level.

CBD oil products are quite popular with American consumers. Globally, these products have considerable market share in places like North America, South America, Europe, Asia Pacific and ROW.

CBD has been researched for multiple uses. People take CBD to cure illnesses like anxiety, dystonia, seizures, Parkinson’s disease, multiple sclerosis and schizophrenia among others. Smokers also use CBD to quit their habit of smoking. CBD has been identified to possess antipsychotic effects. Our brain has a chemical which when broken down impacts mental functioning. CBD acts to prevent the breakdown of this chemical in the brain and thus decrease psychotic effects. CBD has also been proven to be effective in reducing pain. CBD products are available in a various forms – oils, pills, capsules, gummies, vape pens etc.

CBD products have also made way into the beverage market. CBD-infused drinks are gaining popularity worldwide. They are being used to reduce anxiety and aid sleep. CBD beverages are available in different forms like tea, coffee, energy drinks etc. There are CBD-infused alcoholic drinks as well. Hemp-CBD product manufacturers have every reason to believe that this latest trend will further create new market segments. The CBD-infused beverages market is expected to witness a substantial leap from just $12 million in 2018 to over $200 million in 2019.

CBD products have also penetrated markets like pet care, cooking, topical and natural products. The wide health benefits of CBD products are proof that trends like these will continue to grow in future.

Become a CBD Affiliate

Now that your blog is up and alive, it’s time to find an affiliate network which is transparent and offers high payouts. Since there are so many affiliate platforms out there, it can prove to be a bit overwhelming for you to decide which one to join to earn big profits as a blogger. Here, you need to take a step back and think. You can’t join just any affiliate network. Instead, you should sign up for an affiliate network which has a niche focus, i.e. sells only healthcare products.

Online RXMasters is a reputed affiliate platform; it offers one of the top CBD affiliate programs that you can join.

Visit their CBD affiliate program page and collect all the details that you may need to make a well-informed decision. The affiliate platform will walk you through all the basics of how to make money as a CBD affiliate. They have a vast library of marketing collateral that you can choose from and place on your own blog for promoting a wide range of CBD products – from tincture and cream to capsules. After you have added the link to one of the localized websites Online RXMasters provides with, you can sit back and watch your profits go up. While working with their platform, you’ll have all the support you may need to succeed as a CBD affiliate. Plus, you’ll have easy access to the campaign analytics at all times.

Could You Wait?

If you have decided to become a CBD affiliate and make money promoting a wide range of CBD products, Online RXMasters has the perfect affiliate program for you. Check out their official website right away and sign up for their CBD affiliate program and start making big money in 2019 and beyond.

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Making Money

5 Reasons Why Kajabi is the Best Resource for Creating Online Courses



Have you ever wanted to start an online business of your own, but didn’t know where to start? If so, you aren’t alone.

With so many websites, influencers and brands on the internet today, how are you supposed to come up with something new, and a business plan that will actually work?

The truth is, you don’t need to!

Starting a website or blog on the internet is easy. The same is true of starting an online business. Gone are the days of needing to hire a programmer or designer, and learning how to code.

Now it’s all about providing a service or need, and knowing how to market it. And one of the best ways to approach this business model, is by creating and selling online courses or membership sites. Once you have something in value of place, all you need to do is focus on the marketing, and keep getting better at it over time.

Today, there are better ways to make sure that your online courses are being seen by the right audiences, and that you receive the maximum amount of people signing up and taking advantage of the course. The good news is, you won’t need to hire a professional programmer or design team to have it accomplished – nor will you need to become a programmer or designer yourself.

Through the use of a simple self-service, all-in-one platform like Kajabi, now anyone can get started with their own online business or lead generation funnels to grow what they already have in place.

We’ll walk you through the top five reasons why Kajabi is the best resource for creating and marketing your online courses.

#1 – Kajabi is Super Easy to Use

In your current platform, you might find that you have to utilize several different products to produce a site that has all the features you want – video hosting, discussion boards, a simple content management system, flexible design, webinars, landing pages, blog posts, segmented email marketing sequences, subscription and one-off payments. 

Kajabi, on the other hand, has all these features available to users, all in one platform. No need to seek out a different tool to get your email marketing or video hosting where it needs to be – Kajabi has everything you need, and it all works seamlessly together. No need for trial-and-error integration tinkering.

The video hosting is one of the best features for those creating and uploading online courses. Fast, speedy play times and easy encoding and delivery of your videos makes an easy user experience – for both you, and your customers.

And, it doesn’t matter how your videos are uploaded, because you have several different options to choose from. You can drag and drop the files from your computer onto the site, provide a URL to wherever your content is hosted, or simply select your videos from where they’re hosted online, like Google Drive or Dropbox. That makes it easy for you to upload and publish your online courses once they’re available, however you need to.

#2 – Improve Engagement with Discussion Boards and Comments

If you have online courses, you definitely want to be sure that your participants have a way to comment and ask questions throughout the course. Kajabi offers discussion board capability for your users to actively engage in your content while they’re participating in a course. While they’re in the system taking the course, they can chat with other participants and the moderators about the course, or pose any questions they have about the content.

If they receive a reply to one of their comments in the discussion, they’ll receive an email notification so they can continue to stay up to date on what’s going on in the discussion board.

This is also a great way to make sure your customers stay engaged and don’t forget about your site and the course after it’s over. Email triggers are a great way to make sure your consumers keep you at the top of mind when they’re considering their next move for online courses.

#3 – Drip Content to Members Over Time

One of the most effective ways to get and keep customers coming back to your online courses and taking more is by making sure that they have access to the latest content you’re producing. And, even more importantly – that they get notified once the content is available.

You can send out notifications to your most relevant contacts so that they know when there’s something new for them to check out on your site. This helps with retaining old customers, as they’ll always know when to come back to the site to view and engage in the fresh content you’ve served up for them.

Take a look at the screenshot below to see how easy this is to set up and manage within the Kajabi members area.

Plus, you can send out these notifications on a schedule based on when they bought a product from you, which helps with preventing overwhelming amounts of email marketing campaigns they receive, and cuts down on the unnecessary notifications you might otherwise be sending them. This way, they receive a personal experience that’s tailored to them.

#4 – Gain Access to Secure Consumer Information and Reports

With other platforms, it can be difficult and messy to manage your consumer lists and the data you’ve gathered from each of them. With Kajabi, you can easily upload new consumer data (and we’re talking as easy as copy and paste), and manage welcome emails for each of your new customers.

Through their comprehensive systems, you can segment your users based on behaviors, view information on how they’re interacting with your products, and tag your users for marketing campaigns targeted to their specific behaviors.

One of the most valuable parts of the Kajabi system is the way that you can track user behavior and view trends to see what’s working on your site and what’s not, based on user engagement. The data you collect can be extremely valuable to your business, and it’s one of the most priceless parts of joining Kajabi.

#5 – Improve Your Marketing with Assessments and Webinars

If your online courses require users to take assessments or upload homework at the completion of the course, Kajabi offers the capability to host those quizzes and the ability to upload documents into your management system.

This can prove invaluable as you build up your online courses and attract more customers, and find yourself needing an easy way to not only collect assessments and documents, but also tag your users based on their responses to individual questions on the assessments.

You can also use the Kajabi system to run live or pre-recorded webinars within the platform itself. You don’t even have to do the hard work – you can simply schedule a webinar to run every day, every hour or at any interval you want, and the webinar will play on a rolling schedule that you choose.

This automation feature makes it easy to focus on other things while you’re garnering views and customers.

The Best Time to Grow Your Business is Now

All too often, we will read articles or even see stories in the news about multi-million-dollar business ideas. Most of these stories are just dumb luck, or focusing on one success story standing out from many failures.

The great thing about starting a lead generation or sales-based business on the internet, is that it’s a proven formula and one that’s easier that find success with than you might think.

Kajabi is a platform that makes the process of going live with an online business, a sales funnel, and using webinars easy. Focus on the core of your business, and discover how to use their solution to grow your brand to that next level.

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