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Using WordPress To Create Mini Sites




WordPress is not only a great blogging platform, it’s also a very flexible content management system and can be used to build just about any type of content driven website. One type of website which I love using WordPress for is the Mini Site. Granted, there are much lighter CMS scripts available which would do the job just as well however I always use WordPress as it’s quick and easy to install, it’s free, it is SEO friendly and there are thousands of plugins available which can enhance your site. More importantly, WordPress has thousands of themes available, most of which are free to download.

What is a mini site?

A mini site is basically a small website with about 5-20 original pages of content (sometimes more). Basically what you do is buy a domain name, throw up a quick design and write about at least 5 pages of original content about a subject. The main types of mini sites are

  • Information Mini Sites – A site which covers a specific topic and provides valuable information to the visitor. The webmaster can place adsense, amazon and other targeted affiliate links on the site in the hope that a certain % will click on them.
  • Product Mini Sites – A site which reviews and talks about one specific product. These type of sites are usually developed to target a specific affiliate program item. For example, in order to generate sales to an anti wrinkle site you would could build a 10 page mini site which discusses the causes of aging.
  • Tools & Helpful Mini Sites – Sites like Hot Scripts have thousands of free scripts available for download and you can build a mini site around a useful tool. For example, you could download a weight conversion script and build a mini site which lets visitors use this tool. Advertisements can be placed around the tool.

You can promote mini sites using adwords or some other ppc service however you should still get a little traffic through the domain name and the keywords on the site itself.

Although you may go back occasionally and update a mini site, the great thing about them is that once you have built them, you won’t have to spend much time on them again. You spend a few hours building the site and writing the content, you place a link to the site on some other sites you own to get it some traffic and you aim to make a little cash through it.

Individually mini sites don’t make much money but collectively they can be nice little earners. Let’s say you spend all day building a mini site and writing the content for it (say 7-8 hours), if that site can make even $0.50 a day that means the mini site makes you over $180 every year. The only costs are your hosting and the yearly $10 renewal of your domain name so it should be very easy to turn a profit even if you don’t reach your $15 a month target.

I’m a big fan of mini sites because you don’t need much time to maintain them ie. you don’t have to respond to emails every day and you don’t have to update them on a regular basis either, after building them you really don’t have to look at the site again if you don’t want to. This frees up your time to do other things (ie. including building more mini sites).

Of course, you should go back every now and then and check stats and perhaps add a page or tweak the site a little, particularly if the site is making you good money (note : mini sites are also a great way to test the water of a niche you’re not familar with).

Using WordPress to create Mini Sites

By now I’m sure many of you are interested in creating a mini site to see if you can make a little extra money. Here’s my 10 point quick quide to creating a mini site with WordPress.

Enjoy 🙂

  1. Decide on the subject – The first thing you need to do is decide what the mini site is about. If you are trying to make money from a certain affiliate product then clearly the site has to focus on that product for affiliate advertisements to convert well. If you’re struggling for ideas I recommend choosing a subject which either :
    • You are knowledgable about
    • Has a high PPC price on related keywords
    • There is a lot of information freely available on the web which you can put into your own words and make it original.
  2. Register a domain name – Register a suitable domain name. A domain name which has the subject name in it is great but related keywords are fine too. One hyphen is ok but I wouldn’t personally recommend any domain name with over 2. Info or com are my favourite domain extensions for mini sites but org, net, biz and country specific domains are fine too.
    It’s important to have a hosting account which lets you host unlimited domains. I’ll assume you do so go ahead and create a new account for the domain name you just registered.
  3. Upload WordPressDownload WordPress, upload it to your new site and install.
  4. Find a suitable theme – Find a good WordPress design. I prefer simple minimalist designs for mini sites as you don’t need many of the extra features which many complicated designs have however it really is up to you. There are hundreds of great WordPress galleries on the web where you can search for templates but I believe the official theme directory is still the best place to start your search.
  5. Set correct PermaLink structure – Go to the permalinks page in the settings area of your WordPress admin panel. First make sure your htaccess file is editable so that you can update it from the WP panel. Then choose ‘Custom Structure’ and set your permalink to /%postname%/. This is more SEO friendly that the default ‘’ and it does not mention the date either. This permalink structure will generate a URL similar to ‘’.
  6. Remove Comments, Trackbacks & the date – Some may disagree with me on this but I think it’s important to remove comments and trackpacks from a mini site. Comments & Trackbacks requires moderation and moderation requires time, time is something you don’t want to waste on a mini site after you have designed it. If you left comments on and switched moderation off then you will likely get a lot of spam. Save yourself a lot of time and energy and switch comments and trackbacks off. It might be worth removing the comment area and trackback coding from your template as well (depending on how good the template is).
    Likewise, I think you should remove the date from your post area. Do you really want to highlight the fact the site hasn’t been updated in 6 months!
  7. Add Content – Most people agree a minimum of at least 5 good pages is needed for a mini site but I think you’re better having at least 10. Write an introduction article about the subject/product and then go into more depth in the other articles. Most SEO experts agree that you should keep the content on the page to underneath 1000 words so spread your content across your pages accordingly. I don’t recommend copying content from anywhere else, the key is to be original. If you are using some sites for reference then you should put the facts into your own words and feel free to link to the original source if necessary.
  8. Create a front page – I recommend using a dedicated front page for your mini site instead of just listing blog posts in chronological order. Place an image on the home page too. If you’re mini site doesn’t have many pages then you should link to them all on the home page. If not, link to the most important articles and link to the rest from a sub page or even a sidebar.
  9. Add affiliate advertisments – Adsense is one of the most used ad networks used on mini sites but you will make much more money if you advertise a related product or company on the site. Don’t just plaster ads everywhere, be smart about it. Write a review about a company you are recommending and deep link affiliate links into your content. If it’s done right many visitors will not even realise that you created the site specifically to promote a company.
  10. Get Incoming links – For this guide I will assume that you don’t have much money to spend on advertising so it’s important to get some incoming links (which helps with SEO too). Exchange links with related sites to get some traffic to your mini site. You should either create a links page or add a blogroll/partners section to your sidebar and place the links there. If you have other mini sites you should also place a link to your new site on them too (and vice versa).
    You can also submit articles to blogs and article directories too. For information mini sites I prefer to keep that content on my own site rather than submit it elsewhere but this technique works well with product mini sites as the return is usually higher through targeted affiliate ads.

I could have added a few more steps but that’s pretty much it. Once you have developed a few you’ll get an idea of what works and what doesn’t. Although I do think you shouldn’t spend too much time on mini sites after you have developed them, you shouldn’t walk away from a good thing either. As I said earlier, mini sites are a great way to test the water so if a site is getting good traffic and making you money you might want to develop it a bit more and add more content and promote it more.


Mini Sites are a quick and easy way to boost your portfolio. They can bring in a little extra cash every month if they are developed right and you can promote and link to your other websites on them too.

As a blogger the biggest problem I have with developing mini sites is time. I’ve got several mini sites ideas which I hope to develop in the next few months however in the last week I’ve just not had the time to start them because of the time I spend on blogging and maintaining my other sites. Perhaps I should set aside one day a week to develop them, what do you think?

I do currently have a few mini sites and some of them are making over $50 a month. In the coming weeks I’ll maybe show you one of them to help illustrate how they work but if I’m completely honest, I’m a bit concerned that some visitors will not look at these sites as inspiration but will instead simply copy them , something which happens a lot unfortunately and a reason why many affiliate bloggers are very vague when explaining affiliate techniques (ie. most don’t show their sites which make money because they will get copied – monkey see, monkey do!!).

If you have any questions, as always, fire when ready 🙂


Kevin Muldoon is a professional blogger with a love of travel. He writes regularly about topics such as WordPress, Blogging, Productivity and Social Media on his personal blog and provides support to bloggers at Rise Forums. He can also be found on Twitter @KevinMuldoon and .

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The Only Surefire Way to Protect Your WordPress Sites in 2019




If you’ve been reading this blog, chances are you’re taking your blog and business seriously, right?

If so, why don’t you insure your blog and back up it?

You have insurance on your home, your pets, why not your blog?

Imagine you are locked out of your WordPress site, or your site crashes, leaving you with nothing.  

All of your work down the drain.

A site could go down in a million different ways, including bad plugins, server crashes, malware, user errors, buggy updates and tons of other things. Most of these scenarios are beyond your control, but all would be detrimental to your site.

Your site could easily go down next.

Get this, on average, 30,000 websites are hacked every day.

You might think, “I’m just a startup, I’m just a independent business, why would a cyber criminal target me?”

Hackers don’t target anyone. They have automatic scanning tools that search the internet for any vulnerable websites to attack and claim as their own using a malicious code. Once they have your site, they lock you out and you are left with nothing.

Your site, your hard work and your money – all down the drain. Cyber criminals have everything that you have created, and worse, all of your personal and financial information would be attached to a website that you can no longer access. If you don’t protect your website, your helping cyber criminals take down small business owners.

Can you afford to risking losing your website and your income without warning? If you WordPress site got hacked, corrupted or erased, you would lose everything. This includes content, comments, images, data, plugins, database and TIME.

How will you support yourself as you as you rebuild everything from scratch?

So how do you fully protect your blog?

Why let a glitch take your entire website away from you?

You protect all of your other valuable belongings, so take the same precautionary steps with your blog. Spend a few minutes backing up your WordPress site before you have to completely rebuild it. You owe it to yourself to back-up the site that you have worked long and hard to create.

So how do you protect yourself?

Well, there are two ways.

First, buy ‘preventive’ plugins and softwares that attempt to thwart the attacks which is important, but still not a full-proof system.

Why? Because if your site does go down… that it.

Game over.

That’s why as a serious blogger you MUST make sure that if your site goes down you have a solid backup plan to restore it.

So as an avid blogger, that’s where I knew their was a big problem to solve and created Wp Twin.

I’m proud to say WP Twin is the only time tested software you need to instantly back-up your entire WordPress, no matter how big helping over 2 million users.

It’s so easy to backup your site there’s no excuse.

Just follow these simple steps:

  1. Upload the clone script to your WordPress.

  1. Navigate to the clone page and click a button to clone to fully clone your site.

  1. Download the clone file to your computer or device. (Note: you can also delete the clone file from your database to save space and for security reasons)

  1. Upload the clone script & file to your new site, navigate to the redeploy page and click a button… that’s it! Now you’ve successfully cloned your entire site and moved it to a new domain.

If anything happens, don’t rebuild your site from scratch. Have unharmed a twin just waiting to be deployed and pick right up where you left off as if nothing even happened.

Plus, you can benefit from site cloning multiple ways.

WP Twin is also a beneficial  marketing tool, too.

Instead of hours or weeks of manual labor creating websites for clients, instantly clone any website you want in seconds to rank for different long-tail keywords. Clone any site! If you need to create sales letters, OTO pages, or want to sell websites to offline businesses, save time and money by cloning with a click.

As a blogger, time is important and I know I don’t have hours to waste setting up a site from scratch.

And best of all this is NOT plugin that could crash when you need it most.

You don’t drive your car and just hope nothing happens to it. You protect yourself and your belongings with insurance and you should do the same for your WordPress site. Instead of hoping nothing happens to your site, now there’s no excuse not to secure it.


This resource guide was written by Ben Murray, who is the cofounder of WpTwin, the top, time tested WordPress backup, clone, and restore solution helping a customers a record 2 million times. While this software is normally a high-ticket price, because Ben’s a fan of this blog’s readers so you can get a special no-monthly fee discount and ‘Agency Rights’ to unlimited clones today. 

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6 Reasons Why WordPress is a Great CMS for Your Brand



Talking about the versatility of the web stage, the examination guarantees that consistently, the quantity of WordPress clients develops by multi year-on-year. One of the significant purposes of this amazing number is the open source form that has permitted web engineers to send WordPress rapidly. Its free-form empowers web experts to quicken time-to-go on the web. What’s more, WordPress facilitating as an administration has likewise earned trust due to a few factors, for example, strong move down security, the speed of administration, technical support and so on. In an offer to pick the best WordPress hosting, it winds up basic to lay spotlight on what has settled on WordPress a favoured decision for utilization among web experts. This article will lay accentuation on those seven factors that will disclose to you why.

Improved client administration

WordPress is produced on a stage that utilizations modern programming dialects, for example, PHP, SQL and JavaScript. However, keeping in mind the end goal to utilize WordPress, it isn’t vital that you know every one of these dialects. This is on the grounds that you can physically introduce WordPress from to profit a WordPress site for yourself. When you get a WordPress site for yourself, you don’t have to stress over programming and security refreshes since they are programmed. As for client abilities, WordPress enables in excess of one client to deal with the CMS. Along these lines, on the off chance that you need to deal with altering or distributing duties to a colleague, this should be possible effectively. Besides, since WordPress is an easy to understand interface, the time taken to adjust to the CMS is likewise less. Every one of these variables are in charge of making WordPress easy to utilize.

Incredible for SEO

WordPress has empowered its clients with the favourable position to climb in Google’s SERP ( web index comes about page). As a stage, WordPress has enabled clients to deal with essential components, for example, HTML markup, Permalinks, Headings and Title labels, Optimized pictures and substance curation. As for HTML markup, WordPress makes straightforward pages in HTML which can be deciphered via web search tools. To the extent permalinks are concerned, WordPress has been produced with a characteristic capacity to peruse posts and pages containing watchwords for web crawlers to lift them up. This enables clients to control the substance inside the connection. Title labels and headings enable Google to extract the data on the page though, with pictures, WordPress enables you to streamline the same further with ALT labels and additionally portrayals.

Simple to utilize CMS

In an offer to make content distributing substantially less demanding, WordPress has enabled clients with stunning capacities. As a stage, it isn’t just straightforward as far as usefulness yet additionally has a plenty of choices to upgrade content curation. Allow us to clarify how. Right off the bat, it has given clients a one next to the other visual-to-content dashboard with a specific end goal to flip between composed forms. When clients are finished written work content, they can tap on the review catch to get a look at the same. Also, the substance composed gets auto-spared in the CMS. In this way, in the event that there is a power disappointment, the client can continue composing content from the last spared case. Further, as you make and create more substance, WordPress encourages you to streamline and upgrade the nature of the substance. This can enable you to make a superior work process for the substance of your site. Besides with modules like Editflow, you can likewise scale and improve your substance generation.

Adaptability and smoothness of plan

At whatever point you are utilizing a dashboard, your slightest desire is that its plan ought to be sufficiently straightforward to enable you to explore with no issues. Nonetheless, WordPress has surpassed those desires. In the event that you purchase a premium or even a free record, the dashboard’s plan components are predictable and don’t switch layers or hues like most CMSes do. Regardless of whether you include advanced additional items or reconciliations. Talking about reconciliations, WordPress enables you to embed client advantageous modules like WooCommerce to enable you to adapt. Likewise, let us not overlook the parallax plan that makes route less complex through the CMS and the simplified component which facilitates document and substance transfers on the CMS. The greater part of this is conceivable in light of the fact that WordPress’ plan is simple and adaptable. Presently, to the extent overseeing documents is concerned, WordPress as a CMS does not require an FTP not does it require HTML supervisor to alter, erase transfer, download any records or recordings through the site.

Impressive security bolster

What could be superior to anything a powerful security bolster that sweeps malware and naturally refreshes the framework often? WordPress has a solid tech group that works towards making the stage a projected goal. Since they comprehend the significance of a safe stage, they have facilitated the procedure of reconciliation computerized security endorsements like SSL. Alongside security refreshes, WordPress advises its clients of programming refreshes which has the most recent form of insurance abilities. In addition, the joining of Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) assault mitigator SiteLock and reinforcement apparatus CodeGuard has made the stage secure than any time in recent memory. In this way, in the event that you ever consider purchasing the best WordPress facilitating, inquire as to whether he enables you to incorporate SiteLock and additionally CodeGuard to anchor your WordPress site in the most ideal way that is available.

Inventive incorporations

WordPress has investigated every possibility opposite its highlights. In any case, they didn’t stop with highlights. WordPress broadened this use through additional items and reconciliations also. One of the key mixes that has surprised the web network are microinteractions. Microinteractions are minute intelligent components that are utilized to improve WordPress sites in totality. This component, predominantly utilized as an instrument to draw in clients has ended up being a differentiator for some WordPress site proprietors. Likewise, VR (Virtual Reality) based topics have additionally been coordinated much of the time, on account of WordPress’ developing innovation.


WordPress’ decent variety and adaptability makes it a favoured CMS for web experts world over. With an ever-increasing number of individuals joining the WordPress people group, we anticipate that the number will ascend to 40% of clients worldwide in the following couple of years. Extraordinary compared to other best WordPress hosting suppliers that have helped clients move to WordPress around the globe are ResellerClub. Their WordPress facilitating plans are justified regardless of a take and meet worldwide models as far as administration.

Along these lines, here is trusting that WordPress advances further as it has been developing and keeps on astounding its clients and improve things less complex and.

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10 Best Alternative Energy Templates to Build Your Eco-Friendly Website



Are you an alternative energy company striving to minimize the ecological footprint of humans? Tap into the online client pool with a top-notch eco-friendly website. In this post, you’ll find 10 best alternative energy website templates that help you build a conversion-rich web presence.

Why are these alternative energy templates the best ones?

  • First of all, they make it to the top thanks to unparalleled builder-enhanced customization ease.
  • Secondly, these alternative energy templates help you foster an eco-friendly website with rich UI that incorporates social integration, newsletter subscription, Google Map, Contacts page and form, etc.
  • Moreover, in this top list, you’ll also find free alternative energy templates that let you build your site not spending a penny on a ready-made design. Fortunately, the designs of free alternative energy templates are as well-though and thoroughly coded as the premium ones. So, you’re welcome to enjoy building your eco-friendly website with one of them!

First things first, it’s time to review the nominees of our top list. Getting to know the best alternative energy templates, pay attention to the links that come below the screenshots. These links help you uncover the greatness of these alternative energy templates to the fullest!

Solarento: Lighting Website Template for Solar Light Company

Details | Demo

Solarento is a responsive lighting website template that serves as a trouble-free solution for building a solar light company website. First of all, you can customize this theme within MotoCMS builder. This requires no programming knowledge or coding skills. Secondly, the theme is enhanced with creative icons, pricing tables, 4-column footer and Parallax.

EngGroup: Website Template for Environment-friendly Energy Company

Details | Demo

If you want to create a powerful energy company website, use EngGroup theme that has all the much-needed pages and UI elements that fit your niche. The theme turns your website into an impressive catalog of accomplished and upcoming projects. Moreover, it incorporates mentioning all the means and ways of getting in touch with you. Last but not least, EngGroup theme is fully visually customizable and incorporates the imagery as a bonus!

GreenTech: Sustainable Energy Company Website Design

Details | Demo

Green Tech is a template of absolute quality. With the help of it, you can launch an eco-friendly energy company site in 3 days. With Moto CMS template, you can create your converting website with no web coding knowledge. Moreover, with the visual editor, you see every change implemented instantly, which save lots of customization hours. Needles to say, GrennTech theme delivers you a rich collection of UI widgets. On top of this, you get a chance to turn your site into an e-store within minutes.

Axtivax: Solar Energy Website Template

Details | Demo

Have you been looking for a premium design for your alternative power website? With Activax, creating such a website is amazingly easy thanks to the drag-n-drop site creator. The Activax template incorporates all you need to advertise your solar power business and score well on search engine result pages. Moreover, thanks to the free 14-days trial, you’ve got a chance to try the product before you buy it. So, you’ll be sure you enjoy your experience with MototCMS before you spend a penny.

GreenLine: Solar Energy Website Theme for Green Companies

Details | Demo

GreenLine is a clean and minimalist solar energy business website. This template will be an ultimate match for any green energy businesses. The template is fully customizable within Visual Composer. You just have to choose the needed blocks and drag-n-drop them to your pages. What’s more, this theme brings you Parallax effect, ready-made newsletter subscription functionality and attractive social media widgets. The latter help you gain cult following in social networks, introducing new audiences to your accounts in social media.

Apollo: Solar Power Website Design for Alt Energy Companies

Details | Demo

This fully-fledged theme for green energy sites features premium design, underpinned by the customization magic of MotoCMS builder. With it, you can add content and blocks, resize the UI elements and trim options in visual mode. Being fast and reliable, this template knows no loading delays and no new visitor drops. Thanks to audio, video, embed and iframe widgets, you can add the content of literally any kind to your site within a couple of minutes.

Organixine: Green Biofuel and Eco Industries Website Template

Details | Demo

Organixine theme has an accomplished design of shades of lush green and content-first minimal blocks. First of all, the template has an uncompromising responsiveness, fitting any screen size and form factor. The template also delivers you the breathing, immersive Parallax. This effect increases user engagement and forms positive browsing experience. Moreover, Organixine brings you more than 10 ready-made pages for every need of your future site.

EcoLife: PV System Website Design for Green Energy Website

Details | Demo

EcoLife is a PV system site theme with captivating design and full responsiveness. With it, your site will have a solid look on all modern devices. Moreover, with it, you get a pre-loaded website creator. Visual Builder offers you code-free site building with intuitive drag-n-drop. What’s more, this template boasts of an admin panel full of options, each of which is accompanied by an explanatory tool. So, it’s impossible to get lost building your website with EcoLife.

SolarNRG: Website Template for Solar Panel Producers

Details | Demo

SolarNRG is a simple and attractive theme with visual builder and comprehensive set up. With it, it takes just a couple of hours to launch your professional website. With SolarNRG, you’ll be able to manage your website right in the web browser without any coding or site creation expertise. Moreover, thanks to the responsive grid system, the theme fits all imaginable screen resolution and Retina screens.

EMpower: Solar Website Design for Alternative Energy Services

Details | Demo

If you want to build a sound alternative energy niche web presence, give a try to this responsive, business-minded solar energy website design. Firstly, Empower theme comes with a fast and hassle-free installation. Secondly, visual builder and site admin panel can be accessed right in any browser from any of your devices. Moreover, Empower theme brings you a thick package of front-end widgets and highly customizable interface elements.

Now, you’re familiar with the most outstanding eco-friendly themes of the summer 2018. You can try creating your website with any of them for a 2-week period absolutely free. Then, if you like the experience and make a purchase, your site customization progress will be saved. So, you can simply carry on and go life with your new web presence!

If we haven’t answered some of your questions, feel free to voice them in the Comments section below. Stay tuned for more!

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