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Confusing Words and Homonyms: Part 2 “D, E, F, and G”




Homonyms can be confusing for everyone, but when you write your blog you need to be extra careful which words you choose.

This installment of common errors will go over more mix ups. If you missed the previous post which had homonyms and mix ups from the letters “A, B, and C” you can find it here: Part 1.

Dam: a barrier for liquid. “The dam will break after the next storm.”
Damn: a swear word. “Damn you Kyle.”

Dammed: blocked from flowing. “We dammed up the pipe.”
Damned: doomed. “Humanity is not damned.”

Days: period of time. “There are 30 days in April.”
Daze: to stun or overwhelm. “She was in a daze after she heard the news.”

Dear: affectionate term. “Dear, can you get the soap?”
Deer: an animal. “Bambi is a deer.”

Desert: a desolate area or to abandon. “The desert is hot.” or “We have to desert the empty water bottles.”
Dessert: sugary treat. “I want ice cream for dessert.”

Dew: condensation in the morning. “There is a lot of dew on the tree.”
Do: to take action. “When are you going to do what you said you were going to?”
Due: owed by a certain date. “The project is due on February 17th.”

Die: to cease to live or singular of dice. “I am going to die of boredom.” or “I can only find one die in the box.”
Dye: to stain or color. “We will dye your hair blue.”

Discussed: talked over. “We discussed the problem and it is fixed now.”
Disgust: repulsion. “He disgusts me.”

Dual: two-fold. “Our plan has a dual concentration.”
Duel: fight. “I challenge you to a duel!”

E.G.: for example. “The price of everything has gone up, e.g., gas, cigarettes, and even food.”
I.E.: in other words. “We have the same face, i.e. we are twins.”

Elicit: to draw out or extract. “I will elicit an answer from the criminal.”
Illicit: illegal. “His illicit acts landed him in jail.”

Elusive: difficult to describe. “The point of psychophysics is elusive to me.”
Illusive: plausible or possible. “She has an illusive dream of becoming a fighter pilot.”

Emigrate: to exit one country to live in another. “We will emigrate from Mexico to California.”
Immigrate: to enter a new country to live. “She will immigrate to the United States.”

Facts: data. “Put the facts in alphabetical order.”
Fax: technology that sends images by phone. “Don’t forget to fax that to the main office.”

Fair: an exhibition. “I want to see pigs at the fair.”
Fare: payment for travel. “The fare to cross the street is twelve pennies.”

Fairy: imaginary being with magical powers. “A blue fairy landed on my thumb.”
Ferry: a boat. “Let’s take the ferry across the river.”

Farther: physical distance only. “We have to walk farther than that to get there.”
Further: physical distance, moreover, in addition. “We will talk further about this later.”

Feat: an extraordinary accomplishment. “Climbing the mountain was a great feat.”
Feet: twelve inches or appendages at the end of legs. “A yard stick is three feet.” or “Your feet smell.”

Find: to discover. “I can find anything even at night.”
Fined: penalized. “I was fined 100 dollars.”

Fir: type of tree. “Look at the leaves on that Fir tree.”
Fur: coat of an animal. “I pet the dogs fur.”

Flair: style. “She has a lot of flair.”
Flare: to erupt. “His psoriasis will flare up again.”

Flea: an insect. “Our cat only has one flea, but that’s still too many.”
Flee: to run away. “We must flee in terror.”

Flew: past tense of fly. “The bird flew past the window.”
Flu: a virus. “Stay away from him, he has the flu.”
Flue: part of a chimney. “Open the flue so that the air can help the fire.”

Flour: grain. “Don’t put too much flour in the cake mix.”
Flower: bloom of a plant. “Will you pick me a flower?”

For: a preposition. “I will get it for you.”
Fore: ahead. “Don’t forget to yell ‘fore’ when you hit the ball.”
Four: the number after three. “I have four apples.”

Forth: forward. “We will go forth and explore new places.”
Fourth: the number after third. “He received fourth place.”

Foul: offensive. “Don’t use foul language around me.”
Fowl: birds. “Make sure you pluck the fowl before you bring it in.”

Gone: used with has or have. “I have gone to the Alps before.”
Went: past tense of go. “She went to the store.”

Grate: crossed bars or a cover. “Don’t walk over the grate barefoot.”
Great: wonderful. “You are a great friend of mine.”

Groan: mournful sound of pain. “Her groan filled the funeral parlor.”
Grown: increased in size. “He’s grown about five inches.”

Guessed: offered an opinion. “She guessed that he was just being a jerk to look cool.”
Guest: company. “Our guest tonight is Shirley Temple.”

Hopefully these explanations have helped you with your blog and any errors you previously made. The next installment of homonyms and confusing words, which will cover “H, I, K, and L”, will be posted within the next few weeks.


My name is Foxy, and my job is to sniff out the good guest bloggers from the ones who aren't. This post was written by a contributing author to Blogging Tips. If you would like to learn more about becoming a writer (not one-time guest blogging) for, please contact us.

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Are You Chasing the Flavor of the Month?



My first fundamental of successful blogging focuses you on being present.

All of our power resides in the moment.

None of our power resides in the future or past because neither exists.

Time is illusion.

Only Now is real.

Look at that brilliant featured image. I snapped it from the front porch during our trip to Fiji. Sweet things happen when you are in the moment, focusing all power on the present.

This marks my 796th blog post on Blogging Tips. I feel grateful to Zac for the opportunity to serve you. Plus I feel grateful for all success that flowed to me through these guest posts.

How in the heck did I write and publish nearly 800 guest posts on one blog?

I am in the moment, mostly. I am present. Plus I never, never, ever chase the flavor of the month.

Bruce Lee and Blogging

Alonzo Pichardo and I often chatted about being patient, persistent and present during the Online Success Chats Podcast.

Being patient, persistent and present helps you tap into immense powers, including the power of being creative *and* prolific. See my 800 blog posts on Blogging Tips as evidence of such power. Toss in my 2,008 articles (between posts and pages) on Blogging From Paradise and you understand: focusing on one core task, or core purpose, in the present, leads to amazing things.

Bruce Lee spoke of fearing not the man who practiced 10,000 kicks once, but he did fear the man who practiced one kick 10,000 times. He embodied this mindset in his genius, Renaissance Man type ways.

Lee’s wisdom and physical prowess are both timeless because he understood and lived this great truth: do 1 thing so frequently, with a focused energy, being in the moment, that you do it incredibly well. He understood the truth of how I live my life: where your attention and energy goes, grows.

The Flavor of the Month

Most bloggers struggle because they practice 10,000 kicks once, chasing hot niches, running after trends, and choosing to blog today, and podcast tomorrow, because everybody runs a podcast these days. Wait a second; live video reigns supreme? Time to become a live video expert. Meanwhile, as you jump from niche to niche, and from blogging to podcasting to live videos, I just wrote and published 800 posts on Blogging Tips alone. Plus I wrote and published 1,000 more guest posts on other blogs.

While most bloggers chase hot trends, profitable niches and the latest game changing opportunity, guys like Alonzo and I thrive by doing one thing alone so we do it incredibly well.

Success is yours, but success is not an overnight or week-long endeavor.

Stop chasing hot niches. Visualize your dreams in detail. Focus on your blogging wins. Invest in coaching and courses from top bloggers. Surround yourself with positive vibes and positive people.

Write, publish and connect with top bloggers by helping top bloggers.

Success Finds Specialists

I took a nap this afternoon. A calm, peaceful breeze kisses my face right now as I write and enjoy the day.

Imagine if you could work from home every day? Visualize that fun and freedom.

Sweet, right?

Specialists are the only folks who work from home full time. People who do 1 thing persistently, practicing this skill, so they become super skilled in a single, specialized niche.

I gave all of my professional energy to being a blogger for the past 10 years. I became really skilled at blogging because I never chased the flavor of the month.

Avoid program hopping, niche hopping and all forms of flavor-chasing.

Do one thing. Do it well.


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What Is the Incredibly Easiest Way to Drive Blog Traffic?



Drive traffic to other blogs.

Give what you want.

Help people get what they want and people help you get what you want.

I have found this to be the easiest way to drive traffic to my blog because friends I made through cross-promotion promote me around the clock, 24-7, 365. Easy peasy.

I checked my Twitter a few moments ago. During the past 3 hours I noticed 11 mentions, engagements and retweets collectively. 3 hours, 11 engagements, more blog traffic.

I drive a heavy amount of traffic to my blog by driving a heavy amount of traffic to fellow bloggers who drive a heavy amount of traffic to Blogging From Paradise every day, all day long.

The more you give, the more you get.

The hardest way to drive blog traffic is to try to do it solo. Imagine publishing one post and hitting social share buttons. Even if I do a fine job writing the post, gaining traction solo is tough because successful bloggers know: 1000 is better than 1. 1000 blogging buddies promoting you 24-7, 365 beats you promoting yourself or you trying to write and publish 5 to 10 or more posts daily.

I used to publish 60 posts daily between 2 blogs. Short videos and short posts created the bulk of the content. I had a difficult time succeeding because you can only do so much solo. I published 60 posts in a cyber cave. Nobody listened to me because I did not listen to anybody. But making friends by driving traffic to other blogs made blogging easier and easier for me.

My blogging buddies – who appreciate me promoting them – freely:

  • link to me on their blogs
  • retweet my posts
  • share my posts on Facebook
  • share my posts on LinkedIn
  • send my blog posts to their email list

That my friends is a lot of traffic flowing to my blog easily, freely and exponentially.

Every time a blogging buddy promotes you to their tribe you gain exposure to one more large, targeted audience. Imagine when you gain exposure in front of 10, 50, 100 and 1,000 or more audiences daily? This is serious traffic! Plus it is easy traffic because your prime duties of reading posts and tapping social share buttons, or, linking to fellow bloggers on your blog, are quite easy.

How to Drive Traffic to other Blogs

I spent a fair chunk of today driving traffic to other blogs.

I promoted some of my blog posts linking to my blogging buddies. I also retweeted and Facebook shared posts from other bloggers.

Each share lays the foundation for new blogging friendships and fortifies old blogging friendships. Every time I promote Donna Merrill or Alonzo Pichardo, we bond more deeply. Easy way to keep friendships strong and to grow your blog traffic exponentially.

You Will Run out of Time Solo But You Never Run out of Friends

Eventually, I ran out of time each day trying to do it all by myself. No human is super human. No human can be in a billion places at once, by their own steam.

But you never run out of friends if you are generous. During a reasonable lifetime, no blogger will befriend all 7 billion humans. You will however keep meeting friends every day if you drive traffic to other blogs every day.

As more folks befriend you, more folks promote you. What an easy way to increase traffic to your blog. Your ever expanding friend network does much of the legwork for you and also drives traffic to your blog:

  • when you sleep
  • when you travel
  • when you spend time offline with family and friends

Sounds sweet, right?

Give freely.

Drive traffic to your blog easily.

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What Are 2 Powerful Qualities of Top Bloggers?



John Chow and Bigfoot.

No correlation exists save this post. Although John is super tall. I met him in person during Affiliate Summit East.

Both JC and Bigfoot taught me 2 incredibly powerful qualities of top bloggers.

John taught me how to think abundantly.

Bigfoot taught me to be open-minded and to think for myself.

Think Abundantly

A while back I recall reading a post on John’s blog.

He explained how being an Amazon Associate creates a steady passive income stream.

For an example, he showed how linking to a product your audience finds useful – in the proper context – leads to blogging profits. At the time, I admired his strategy but could not get why you’d link to an affiliate product for a measly $2 commission. But of course, John thinks like, feels like and is a multi millionaire so he thinks of acquiring increasing wealth versus thinking of how little he makes on certain commissions.

$2 adds to the John Chow millions. Plus, even if JC began blogging yesterday, at zero, he thought like a millionaire well before becoming a millionaire, so he would have made his first $2 on his way to millions.

These days, I think, feel and act abundantly. I celebrate every penny I make online because where your attention and energy goes, grows. Top bloggers think abundantly. If you think, feel and act abundantly, at year’s end, the $2 commission per sale yields $500,to $1000, to $5000 per a single income stream because the more you celebrate money and feel rich, the more money you make.

Top bloggers think: money. Open 5, 10, 15 or more income streams. Seize every opportunity to prosper. $2, there, and 100 sales later, you made $200. Top bloggers think abundance – versus lack – and make money.

Be Open Minded and Think for Yourself

As you know, I love studying the creature Bigfoot.

Most humans are closed-minded and follow the herd, being lazy thinkers, and simply agreed with the herd; naturally, these folks believe Bigfoot is a myth.

A handful of YouTube videos of Bigfoot scientifically breakdown:

  • the size of these creatures: 7-10 foot tall, up to 5 feet wide, and 500-900 pounds
  • the physiology of these creatures; compliant gate, 90% knee flexion, absence of neck, hulking trap muscles, heavy brow ridge
  • the sounds these creatures make; clearly not within our current animal kingdom

If you are open-minded and think for yourself, you clearly see a huge, primate-type creature with some human-like qualities appears in these videos. Truth reveals itself to clear, deeper thinks.

But if you are closed-minded and agree with the herd, you become blind to the truth and see a guy in a suit, or hoax, in these handful of legit Sasquatch videos.

Like the small group of humans who know Sasquatch exist, top bloggers are both open-minded and do their own thinking. Successful bloggers open up to new strategies and new income streams. Plus these top folks never agree with the herd just because most people think a certain way; these pros think critically, for themselves.

I think incredibly deeply about blogging, and mindset, and see parallels no blogger on earth sees, save me. Why? I am open-minded and do my own thinking, for myself, never being swayed by the general public and its poisonous, limiting skepticism.

You almost have to be insane *not* to believe in Bigfoot after scientific video breakdowns and tens of thousands of credible eye-witnesses prove these encounters are with large primates, not humans in suits. Even a 300 pound, pro bodybuilder would look like a 5 year old trying to fit in his dad’s suit if he tried to wear a suit with dimensions for a 9 foot tall, 800 pound being.

In the same breath, you really need to be out there, if you are so closed-minded and agreeing with the poor masses, that you are blind to the truth of abundance around you, as a blogger.

Think abundance.

Open your mind.

Think for yourself.


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