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How To Create Super Engaging Blog Content




Content is still the king of a blog and it will always be.

Having a blog with great readership gives better results than a blog with huge traffic yet no engagement. If you’ve noticed blogs like BasicBlogTips, AdrienneSmith etc., each of the blog posts gets hundreds of comments and the discussion keeps going. It is because, they engage with the readers.

Even Google loves blogs with good readership and engagement. We all know, after all, it is content that makes up a blog.

We’ve been reading the same write-epic-content articles since ages.

When I was a newbie, just like most of the others, I Googled several times with different keywords to find some ways to create some extraordinary content, so as to get readership, engage, rank well and everything. Fortunately, I found dozens of articles and ironically, none of them worked with my blog. I experimented with my blog and then, I got some results. My latest blog, which is just a baby, is getting around 20 and more comments, which is not bad at all. Moreover, ignoring the traffic stats for a second, my bounce rate is very low- which indicates that READERS ARE ACTUALLY READING my blog.

An average person who lands on your blog while searching for something, just wants an answer to his query. Most of such people do not entirely read the article. They just scan it. It has sometimes become hard to keep them reading the series of your blog posts.

It is actually not so difficult to engage with readers when you write so. But how?

Use Catchy Headlines

Write Super Epic ContentLike discussed earlier, when a reader lands on your blog while searching for something…wait! Why should someone land on your blog?

There are two obvious reasons for a person to visit your blog through search engines. Out of the top ten results, why did he/she chose your blog?

  1. You are either familiar/famous
  2. Your post title dragged the person

The first point completely depends on the hard work you do and the strategies you follow. Well, let me complete this too. Start guest blogging, build a loyal audience, be active on social media, interact with readers and promote yourself. These points will obviously create a brand for your blog.

Now, let’s get back to the point. When you have a killer title, the subconscious takes over the conscious part. Because, you don’t actually know what’s inside the post and still, you are likely to read it.

Always write the MOST attractive headline to grab readers. If you notice the term MOST; I want you to use the superlative degrees in your post titles so as to grab readers’ attention. Here’s an example.

  1. 10 Good Ways To Promote Your Blog
  2. 10 Better Ways To Promote Your Blog
  3. 10 Best Ways To Promote Your Blog

Among the three, which one tells you that it has the BEST content. And, no one would ever like to read something which is useful, everyone wants the MOST useful, EASIEST, SIMPLEST; in short, the BEST content.

I’ve recently written an article for ProbloggingSuccess. I’m sure, you’ll change the way you write titles.

How To Write Killer Headlines

Have A Writing Style

Why do you think Seth Godin has such a massive following?

Of course, his writing has the richest value. Also, he has his own unique style of writing, which no one else has.

In his recent interview published on Copyblogger, read his response.

I seldom read his blog and if I were asked to list out three blogs that I regularly follow- he stands top!

So, the ultimate point is- have a write style of your own. Let others inspire you, never let them influence.

Write like you talk! The users will so get connected with your content. Eh, connection! This reminds me of Ravinder Singh, a famous Indian author. If you have never believed in the fact that a piece of writing can make someone cry, I highly recommend reading his books.

Use Short Paragraphs

Refer above paragraphs.

It is because, human brains have a tendency of stepping back on seeing something which takes time or which looks tough.

And, longer paragraph always fall in this category. They might not actually fear. But, they’ll definitely (mostly) skip reading it.

Use short paragraphs and no matter how long your post is. You still have shorter paragraphs and so does the reader keeps reading your content.

Add Humor

Content that Makes People LaughWho doesn’t like to laugh? Kristina Stewart, this one is not for you.

A human brain always looks for refreshment and laughter is one of the best, you could do. When you add a little humor to your blog posts, you may soon go viral too.

Please keep in mind that forced-humor is always different from the humor. Yeah! I know, Hollywood movies have taught this as well.

Start With A Bang

People who STILL read newspapers know the structure of an article. The important thing is all covered in the very first paragraphs and then, they continue with the details.

But, it is not the same in case of writing for the web. We should first create an impression and carry on the recency effect till the end and, put the stuff in the end (I hope, you understand what STUFF means).

The format, while writing for print and the web are completely different.

Key Points

It is already proved that having something catchy at the beginning, makes the audience read the entire post.

Either put up some relevant quote or an interesting statistical date to grab the audience attention. Asking question also isn’t a bad idea, is it?

Use Images

Even while putting images in a blog post, have a style. Some people never add stock images, while some others like me do.

Some bloggers always like to use textual graphics and some others go with vectors. And, TheBadBlogger? You know what he puts.

Read my interview with him either on or (Yes, it is on both the blogs).

But, why should you use images in your blog posts?

Because, sometimes, you may not have words to exhibit data and most of the times, graphics always speak better than words. Infographics can be the best ever example.

Moreover, when you have a page full of content without any headings, images or highlights, I’m gonna mistake it for a thesis paper and so do the readers. We are not here to write reports, we have blogs, write posts and, it needs a format.

When you have a relevant image in your blog post, it attracts more readers.

Even on social media, the great impressions and clicks go to those posts, which have a featured image.

Use Subheadings

As I said earlier, people just look for answers. So, when you use subheadings in your blog posts, it will make it easier for them, to understand and for you, to increase readership.

Make sure, you are not completely giving out the whole contextual message in the subheading. Give them a clue and leave.

They’ll definitely read the entire thing.

Ask Questions

What’s your take?

What do you think is the most important thing to create engaging content?

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My name is Foxy, and my job is to sniff out the good guest bloggers from the ones who aren't. This post was written by a contributing author to Blogging Tips. If you would like to learn more about becoming a writer (not one-time guest blogging) for, please contact us.

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How to Build Brand Authenticity Using Customer Generated Content




Creating quality content is the best thing someone can ever do for their company. When done right, it generates a lot of traffic towards the website thus giving a high likelihood of converting the followers into leads. Unfortunately, quality content is expensive and can use up a lot of money, time, and very exhaustive.

Fortunately for us, there is another way to get quality content without having to go through all this hustle. When you make use of this strategy, it will turn out to be more powerful and accurate than other cumbersome methods. This solution is known as User Generated Content (UGC) since it is one of the simplest way to get results without getting tired.

What is the significance of UGC?

The moment you make use of content generated by customers, you automatically create trust with other customers. This is because more than 80% of consumers find content generated by their fellow customers to be convincing and true than what the brands can write about themselves. The assumption is that no one will ever write negatives about themselves unless third parties take over.

UGC is the most authentic type of content as 98% of it is true since customers have no interests in the customers creating profits. If something is bad, they will write it as it is. The reverse is also true. It is therefore recommendable to spend more time curating on the content written by consumers rather than the company itself. You can also use a tool like to better create content for your audience and to also rank higher in Google for multiple keywords and search phrases.

The other advantage of UGC is the ability to track all the conversations and mentions. This mostly helps by finding out what the customers think about your services and products. In case of any problem, you can address the same issue. You are allowed to comment on the same wall towards their plights.

The other advantage is to help a company in saving time meant to write content. This time can be allocated to other issues that help in accumulating profits for the business.

Ways to Build an Effective UCG Marketing Strategy


1 – Choose your platform wisely


You do not just create a CGC in any area. The first thing is to ensure that you have a good number of active followers in online platforms. In addition to this, remember that each platform works differently; Facebook users are known for sharing content whereas Instagram is more of visuals. When you ask people for content, remember to be specific with what you want since a lot of us are ready to talk about anything we wish.


2 – Collect independent customer reviews


Customers’ reviews are very vital to any business as they act as personal recommendations to other people who are yet to try your brand. In fact, a lot of people prefer to read a number of reviews before making a conclusion on whether to buy or not. If someone comes across two or more negative comments, a good number will pull away from your page. Remember that savvy customers will always spot fake reviews hence the more reason to stick to authentic customers. The only way to win their hearts is by offering what you promised in the first place.


3 – Offer rewards


There is nothing as encouraging as being rewarded for doing something. Offering rewards attracts a lot of people towards your page as everyone is eager to get something. Don’t try too hard by getting expensive gifts. You can promise that a winner will have their tweets retweeted or you feature their article or business on your page. Not only will they feel happy that they are part of your success but will also attract new users to subscribe.

Neil Patel is often preaching about the process of offering rewards and getting users to submit an email address on your site — which you can then follow up with afterwards. You can read more on Neil and his most recent resources here.


4 – Support a charity event


You need to remind your customers that your brand is not after making profits but rather in helping the community in different events such as acts of charity. Let people know that you have a greater vision for them too.

Online platforms can either break or boost your business. This is because a lot of people have turned to recommendation on social media by strangers or friends. If you want better reviews, ensure that your products are quality and services are up to standard.

User Generation Content is the Way to Go!

With more than a billion active websites and blogs on the internet today, content overload is happening daily. The same is true for brands and bloggers that are struggling to create original content on their own.

The better option is to build a platform or content creation and marketing plan that relies on content being created from other users. After all, how much content has Facebook or Instagram ever made… and look at how huge and massive their brands are!

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Be Careful Who You Ask for Blogging Advice



I retired to a life of travel through blogging.

Do you want to travel the world through blogging?

Invest in my blogging eBook.

My eBook lays out simple, step by step tips to follow for you to travel the world through blogging.

I know how to do it. I teach you how to do it. Easy. Simple. Smart, too; you ask a blogger who lives their dreams for blogging advice on how to live your dreams.

Imagine if you asked people from a blogging tips themed Facebook Group about how to travel the world through blogging? Who are these people? Do these bloggers know specifically how to retire to a life of travel through blogging? Have these bloggers written eBooks and created courses on the topic? Have they lived their dreams?

What ensures said bloggers offer good advice?

Do many of these bloggers offer terrible advice?

Are many of these bloggers experienced, skilled, knowledgeable bloggers, being tops in their niche, like me?

Most bloggers mean well. Some bloggers offer solid advice.

But many bloggers offer terrible advice to struggling new bloggers who follow terrible advice and all of them struggle horribly, following bad advice from bloggers who only know how to fail, versus knowing how to succeed.

Be careful who you trust.

How to Get the Best Blogging Advice on Earth

Follow the top blogging tips bloggers.

Invest money in their courses.

Hire them to coach you.

The best blogging advice on earth flows through premium blogging products and services created by the top bloggers on earth.

100% of the time, following this advice leads to success. Fool proof way to get only good advice because pros teach folks how to be pros.

The only reason why you’d get bad blogging advice is if you follow anybody other than the top blogging tips bloggers on earth.

Beware Free Advice Because it is Often Cheap

Free advice sites like Quora and Facebook Groups require no vetting.

Any blogger can offer terrible advice.

This was from my trip to Fiji.

Beware trusting advice from these spots; well-meaning bloggers often guarantee your struggles by offering failing, inexperienced, terrible advice.

Vet Bloggers Who Offer Advice

Gaurav Kumar offered excellent advice via a comment responding to my live Facebook Broadcast.

If you wanted to vet his advice, checking his Facebook profile and clicking on his eAskme blog link immediately proves he is a top blogger who offers sensational advice for succeeding.

Following blogs, investing in eBooks and hiring bloggers by scanning their blogs is the easiest way to:

  • vet advice
  • trust advice
  • get awesome advice
  • accelerate your blogging success

Research bloggers who offer advice on free forums. Some genuinely offer success-promoting advice through their blogs. Trust said bloggers.

If you click through to see no blog, or a blog hosted on a free platform, or thin, weak content, beware these red flags.

Follow advice only from top bloggers who put their advice in action and succeed from an abundant, generous, calm, confident vibe.

Go to the Top

Follow only the top blogging tips bloggers on earth to get the best blogging tips and to accelerate your blogging success.

Matthew Loomis at Build Your Own Blog offers success-promoting advice. Follow him. Hire him. Succeed.

Why spend hours asking for advice from folks who may or may not have any idea what they are talking about?

Go to the top.

Google popular search terms, vet guest posters on Blogging Tips, follow the best, get the best advice on earth, use the advice, succeed.

Blogging gets easier and easier when you only follow the top bloggers on earth and invest in their premium offerings because getting the best advice from the best bloggers positions you to be the best.

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What Does Your Blog Need?



I wrote an eBook explaining what your blog needs:

6 Things Your Blog Needs Today

Success finds bloggers who cover all bases.

If you need nothing and feel your blog needs nothing, you succeed and live your wildest dreams.

Successful bloggers know adding the right elements to blogs and beginning blogs the right way accelerates your success. Plus it feels good to begin blogging intelligently.

What does your blog need?

1: Domain and Hosting

Invest in a domain and hosting.

Accelerate your blogging success.

Domain names make you stand out.

Observe how Pat Flynn invested in Smart Passive Income.

Of course you know immediately; the blogger covers smart passive income. Passive income seekers know the resource because Pat bought a domain name.

He also invested in hosting to ensure he owned his blog.

Take this step to control:

  • branding
  • income potential
  • blog voice

Own your site. You need to own your blog to be in control of your blogging campaign.

2: Premium Theme

Invest money in a premium theme.

Stand out from the crowd.

Circulating money on a premium, eye-catching, clear theme emits a professional, impressive, powerful message.

This was from one of my many trips to Thailand.

Readers see you are a serious, successful or success-seeking, blogger. Of course you gain trust and grow your readership quickly by investing money in a premium theme.

Why do you need a premium theme? Would you trust a blogger who uses a cheap-looking, heavy, non-professional theme? If someone cannot afford to invest $60 in a premium theme you better not trust their advice, their insight and their sharing. Why? Serious, skilled bloggers never allow $60 to dictate their life’s direction and failing, struggling, unskilled bloggers make the foolish decision to not chase their dreams over $60.

3: Content

Content drives blogs.

Your blog needs content to:

  • prove you know your stuff
  • spread your presence online
  • inspire readers to follow you
  • inspire readers to trust you

Visit Blogging From Paradise.

Look around for a few minutes. Read 3 of my recent posts. Do you see why content drives the blogging engine?

Imagine if you saw only 1 blog post. Every blogger begins somewhere but publishing helpful content from a generous, success-focused energy distances you from most bloggers in your niche.

Imagine seeing 1 to 5 blog posts on a blog. Good introduction no doubt.

Imagine seeing 50 to 100 blog posts on a blog. Massive impact.

Focus less on post numbers and more on being generous with time and talents. Content just shows off what you know.

As folks see you know your stuff thru your volume of helpful posts you begin to:

  • increase traffic
  • boost your blogging profits
  • expand your presence
  • increase brand awareness
  • help more folks
  • make a big impact in your niche

Content makes everything grow.

Publish content on the regular to become a successful blogger.

Focus on Your Dreams

Concentrate on your dreams from a relaxed, chill energy.

You need dreams to feel the calm, detached confidence of bloggers who invest in:

See your blogging wins now. You succeed now. Own it.

Feel good about your blogging career. You are rocking it out.

Succeed, being the blogger who covers all blogging needs.

Bonus Need

Invest in a blogging course.

Your blog – and you – need a blogging blueprint to follow in order to succeed from a calm, confident, orderly, relaxed energy.

Blog like a success.

Learn from the best to become a successful blogger.

Courses just give you a structure for learning in the proper format.

Imagine sitting down in a classroom to learn disciplines from a professor.

You do the same thing through a blogging course.

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