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Actionable Steps on How to Blog Regularly and Keep Your Blog from Stagnating



blog regularly - find when you're most productive

We all know the importance of keeping blogs updated but the question is can we stick to it?

Blogging consistently can be an uphill battle for many people. There are so many excuses for not being able to blog regularly. Business owners easily put blogging aside because they have more important stuff to do. Freelance writers who write for several clients can’t find the time to write on their own blogs.

blog regularly - find when you're most productiveThe result can be frustrating. Your blog suffers and you’ll lose a lot of opportunities for creating more income.

So how do you make the habit stick?

I’ve read an article from Mike Sobol of Search Enging People and it featured 10 ways on how you can be consistent in blogging. He’s presented really simple and actionable steps that I’m sure will help you become more disciplined and consistent.

Here are some tips that have helped me blog regularly:

Find the most productive time for you

There’s a certain time of the day when you’re highly productive. Find it. You’ll get things done a lot faster if you know which time you’re more productive.

I write better in the early hours of the day. I discovered that words flow easily and I can digest info a lot better. This could be probably because no one’s up and everything’s quiet but I used to write better between 6 p.m.and 12 midnight and that’s a time when everyone’s at home so I’m guessing that it’s not just because I have the house to myself.

These times change. You could be more productive at 5 a.m. today and then at 2 p.m. a couple of weeks from now so be prepared to adjust.

Shut everyone out

Being around so many people can suck at times. You sure can’t write continuously when someone’s constantly bugging you so be brave enough to tell people you live with to leave you alone even for just a few hours.

When I was starting out, I was living with a lot of people and my work area was either the living room or the dining table. And it’s really hard to focus on writing when you’re constantly asked to do something or they call your attention for something you really don’t have anything to do with.

It breaks concentration and makes you just want to strangle someone.

What I did was to go out and work at coffee shops or the gym. Even though these are public places, people usually don’t bother you so it helped me get more stuff done.

Talk to your housemates. Tell them that as much as you enjoy their company, you need to work and that means leaving you undisturbed for at least 4 hours. Do it politely and explain your work flow. Most people would understand.

Set a specific amount of time for writing and take frequent breaks

Once you’re settled in, take a timer and set it to ring after 30, 40, or 50 minutes depending on how much work you need to do. Write continuously and don’t stop until the timer goes off. That means no Facebook, phone calls, text messages, or emails.

Imprison yourself for that time frame and you’ll be surprised at how quickly tasks can be done.

Taking frequent breaks is also advisable because it keeps your mind refreshed. If you work continuously for long hours, you’ll get exhausted easily and won’t get many tasks done.

This is a lot like the Pomodoro technique, which has worked really well for a lot of people.

Always be on the lookout for ideas

One reason for failing to blog regularly is the lack of something to blog about. Make sure that you already have a blog topic before you open your computer. You’ll waste a lot of time if you don’t.

That means always be ready to capture ideas. Look for inspiration everywhere and be sure to…

Always have your iPhone or a pen and notebook

I’ve written before that blog ideas can hit you unexpectedly so you must be ready to take note. That’s why you should always have a pen and paper or your iPhone. The notepad feature can be useful when jotting down ideas for titles, link sources, and even titles. You can also download apps like Evernote.

Make an editorial calendar.

It helps to plan your posts early. That way, you don’t have to continually rack your brains for possible topics. Use Google calendar or simply create an Excel sheet.

It’d be better if you can have at least a month’s worth of possible articles. Having an editorial calendar is also good in case you decide to outsource your posts.

Download distraction-free apps for writing

Even though you’ve promised yourself to not check Facebook or send a tweet while working, the temptation to do an Alt-Tab and open a new browser can be very hard to resist.

Download distraction-free apps like Omm Writer or Write Monkey. I’ve tried Write Monkey and it’s really cool. Your laptop monitor will rid all distractions and all you’ll see is a black background and the words you type.

Take baby steps

If you’re just starting out, don’t overwhelm yourself with huge goals or expectations. Take things slowly. Take baby steps. Don’t rush because you’re only going to encounter more problems.

If you think you’ll find it difficult to blog regularly, then start small. Aim for 1 post a week then work from there. Remember that slow and steady wins the race.

If all else fails, just go back to what matters to you the most: your love for writing. Stop thinking about failing to meet your client’s needs for a while and focus on why you’re blogging. That should help motivate you to stick to blogging regularly.


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Irwin creates awesome content for various businesses online. He blogs about writing and other stuff, like Survivor. He also contributes for a lifestyle magazine. Follow him on Twitter and Google+.

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How to View the Relationship Between Your Blog and Social Media



Alonzo Pichardo says it best.

“Buy your own domain and hosting and make that your own main hub. Social media is a branch of the marketing tree. That’s all.”

He shared my video on Instagram. Video registered 3,926 views. Here it is:

Buy Your Domain and Hosting

I filmed the video because I spent 20 minutes clicking profile links of folks who Liked my updates. I found a few self-hosted WordPress blogs, read and commented on these blogs. Relationships established. But most Instagram users:

  • had no blog to speak of
  • linked to YouTube
  • linked to Facebook

For the heck of it, I spent a good 3 minutes looking for one user’s blog. I found an obituary (he was young and alive but shared a common name) and a collection of spammy “look up his information sites.” He claimed to be a blogger via his Instagram bio but he is no more a blogger than I am a werewolf.

Think about Alonzo’s advice; the blog is your main hub, or root, or base of your tree, and social media acts like branches. Offshoots, nothing more.

Big Mistake

Instagram owns Instagram. Instagram:

  • can kick that kid off of Instagram for 1 of a billion reasons, in a heartbeat
  • WILL change their algorithm, soon enough, forcing the kid to change his strategy, uprooting his online world
  • forces the kid to make his brand, Instagram’s brand

Not investing is a domain and hosting is about the biggest mistake you can make online because not owning your site hands your power, your decision making, your branding potential and your monetizing potential to someone else.

Social media is a branch. Spend most of your time daily working on your blog and networking with other bloggers who own their self-hosted, WordPress blogs. Unless they change their values or quit blogging, this is the most sound, intelligent approach to blogging.

Use social media for a little bit daily to:

  • tag bloggers you mention on your blog
  • help bloggers in groups related to your niche
  • share your blog posts
  • share other blogger’s blog posts

You are a blogger. Not an Instagrammer. You are a blogger. Not a Facebook-er. Spend most of your day on blogs. Not social media.

Marios Tofarides runs an authority blog on eBooks. Not in a billion years could he make his social media profiles look anything like his branded, self-hosted blog. Paula at Contented Traveler runs a first class travel blog. She could never re-create her blog’s branding, style and voice on social media. Sarah Arrow built a well known brand and thriving business by making her blog stand out, through creating, through connecting and through smart blog branding. Impossible to do this, through social media alone.

Pay Up to Play Up

I can mention your blog on Blogging From Paradise, a DA 47 blog read by many influencers.

I can mention your blog on Blogging Tips, a DA 48 blog read by many blogging influencers.

But I never link to free platform blogs because no influencer or experienced reader trusts information on free platforms. If you cannot invest $3 a month, you carry too much of a fear-lack-poverty conscious energy, that seasoned readers and top bloggers know to avoid.

I never link to a social media profile because….social media is not a blog!

Pay up to play up.

Invest in a domain and hosting. Move up in blogging circles. See social media as branches, using Facebook, Twitter and Instagram as secondary or even tertiary means for helping people. Spend most of your time on your self-hosted, WordPress blog and networking on other self-hosted, WordPress blogs.


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1 Failure Conscious Tendency That Makes Blogging Tougher



Some bloggers cannot accept a good thing when they get it.

I have linked to tens of thousands of bloggers over my decade online. I love my friends. I take care of my friends.

99.999999% of bloggers are beyond grateful to get a backlink from an established, pro blogger like myself for many reasons:

  • Blogging From Paradise has a DA of 47; that’s some backlink juice!
  • Blogging Tips has an even higher DA; 48 I believe, meaning more backlink juice
  • you bond more deeply with me, and forming a deeper friendship allows me to open doors for you, via guest posts, more backlink mentions, interviews, prospering partnerships
  • greater blog traffic through exposure
  • greater blog profits through exposure
  • greater brand awareness through exposure, and also, your blog and brand aligns with Virgin, Forbes and Fox News, sites I have appeared on, creating greater trust

I could go on for 45 minutes. The list of benefits are endless. There are absolutely no downsides to being mentioned by me, on my blog or via guest post. Yet, some folks, because of their own fears, cannot accept these gifts freely and gratefully. Hey guys; I luv ya’s. This is not a rant, but a lesson in seeing good (versus fear/downside), expressing genuine gratitude and learning how to move up in blogging circles, by being fully grateful to receive the above gifts and by purging any fears or lack of gratitude you feel, when a world renowned blogger links to you.

Virtually all bloggers are grateful for receiving the above list of benefits. Donna Merrill is a blogging high roller and she responds to virtually all my tags and mentions. I would never expect her to do so because we are great friends, and she is so busy, but that is heart-filled blogging.

But a few bloggers clinging to deep fears have responded to my generous backlinks a few different ways:

  • some fear the linking structure is not neat and orderly
  • some fear they are not getting enough link juice via Google, and ask me to log into search console and make changes or whatever
  • some fear they are not getting enough links to a specific site or permalink, and ask me to edit the post, to change the link

All above motivators are fear, and fear is not real, so if you honor these fears and react-respond in the above fashion, you judge things or make a request from an illusory, untrue, false, totally not real energy of loss, lack, limitation.

That fear has 100% to do with you, and nothing to do with me. I will keep being generous with my blogging buddies, but I seek out loving buddies, not those weighed down a bit too heavy by fear, so fear-bloggers gotta go, along with their links, going forward.  Nothing personal, as I love and respect these folks. Just an energy thing.

We See the World as We See Ourselves

You see the world, you see other bloggers and you see their linking strategies as you see yourself.

If someone fears they won’t get enough traffic or clicks or Google juice through my linking strategy, that has nothing to do with the guy featured on billionaires’s blogs, and living his dream, circling the globe. That has to do 100% with you, your fear of loss, your fear of not enough, your trust issues, and other deep, fear based energies, begging to be unearthed and felt.

I am the mirror. You are the source. You are cause, and effect.

Picture break! Me during my trip to Fiji with my friend Olivia.

My dear friend Alonzo Pichardo sent me a Message months ago. He was deeply grateful I had linked to him 50 plus times on Blogging Tips alone. He is grateful! Does it surprise you that the guy runs a highly prospering business and leads a huge, loyal following?

David Boozer routinely sends me Messages sharing how grateful he is for my eBooks, courses, content and mentions, writing from the heart. More gratitude! Does it surprise you that one of his YouTube channels has registered millions of plays, alone?

Alonzo and David do not ask me to change links or put stuff into Google console or to change my linking style; they know a gift when they see it.

Vishwajeet Kumar feels incredibly grateful for each backlink I give to his helpful blogging resource, and expresses his gratitude on social media.

This is how you move higher in blogging circles, to see more success, versus moving lower, through fear-based lack of gratitude, and, losing link mentions.

Guys; see the blessing in a coveted backlink. Be grateful. See the good. Move up in the blog-0-sphere. Experience increased blogging success.

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Connect to Get Connected



Do you want to know how I became a connected travel blogger?

I patiently read posts from a brilliant group run by Mapping Megan, published genuine comments and promoted my fellow bloggers.

That is it. I put in serious work. I also published helpful content on my blog, too.

Bloggers mistakenly believe in “getting connected”. Like being connected is a passive act, that just happens. By luck, or by lame pitches.

Do you want to get connected enough where you get featured on world famous blogs? Invest in my Teachable course. I teach you how to do it without pitching anybody.

I created the course after bloggers emailed me asking if I can feature them on Forbes, or asking how much it costs to get a link on Forbes. All these bloggers made the critical error of believing asking someone for a favor or feature – quite a passive, lazy, mindless act – is how you “get connected.” If this were true, 30,000,000 bloggers would be featured on Forbes, Forbes’ reputation sinks into the sewer and nobody would want to get featured on Forbes anymore.

Do you see how foolish and silly strategies like asking people to get featured on world famous blogs waste your time? Like me asking the NY Knicks for a try out, after I only had skills good enough to be a junior college basketball player. Foolish.

Passive Versus Active

Getting connected is passive. Not gonna work.

You EARN connections by connecting yourself to human beings, and you connect yourself by featuring skilled bloggers on your blog, by mentioning them and sharing their content on social media and by expecting nothing in return. I mention Paula Pins the Planet because she’s a first class travel blogger. I connect myself to her. Friendship forms. I connect myself to Rhonda Albom by linking to her on my blog and by tweeting her posts. As more and more friendships form, blossom and grow, my friends:

  • promote me
  • endorse me
  • help me
  • inspire me
  • buy my eBooks
  • hire me

People then say, “Hey, Ryan is a connected blogger! He knows everybody.” Fools believe me being connected just….happened. Passively. Lost folks believe I am lucky to be connected. The blogging brain dead believe I began blogging from a connected, influential space, when I knew more cats than bloggers 10 years ago, a lost blogging soul who did not know what a blog, was.

I spent 10 years of my life connecting myself to bloggers by promoting them without asking for anything in return. I help skilled bloggers because skilled bloggers provide you with helpful resources. Naturally, this level of generosity and calm, cool detachment helped me pop up on the radar screen of high profile brands. Kinda happens, when an army of influential blogging buddies endorses you, promotes you and vouches for you.

Connecting yourself to successful bloggers requires:

  • generosity
  • detachment
  • patience
  • persistence
  • authenticity

You pay a specific tuition for being connected; helping influencers without giving thought to your own needs. Then, over months, then years, you become incredibly connected, powerful and influential, based on your generosity and willingness to shine the spotlight on other bloggers, like Moss Clement.  Peep his generosity.  This is how to get connected. Be a tireless supporter of other bloggers, like how David Boozer and Alonzo Pichardo do it. These guys are generous! David promoted me more than I promoted me. That’s saying something. Then, Alonzo and a bunch of folks found me through David, and these blogging pros generously promoted me. I keep promoting them too, returning the generosity these folks have shown me.

Do you want to know my secret for being hyper connected?

Take care of your friends!

Think little of your own needs. Friends will help take care of you.

Connect yourself to people. Promote them. Expect nothing. Be super connected.

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