If you look at the link building task commonly used in search engine optimization, you cannot call it as a simple nut to crack. So there is no fun attached to link building exercise. As far as the year 2014 is concerned, if you are able to do it in a right way, it is bound to give results. So, calling it as an obsolete thing in this newly added year of 2014 is futile. Hence people who claim that link building is dead thing simply tend to live with a wishful thinking or want to escape from this practice of getting better search engine rankings. The fear though seems to be obvious especially after the advent of Penguin update when Google went heavily on people who didn’t follow the rules properly. So the mantra is to try out the right strategy first and then only you can expect the results in 2014. Let’s check how in this year you can leverage from the idea of link building.

SEO in 2014

Focus on External Link Building Strategies

After the advent of Penguin update, most of the SEO experts were seen saying to leave link building activities. But the fact is if you take a quick reality check a majority of towering people into this domain have vouched for the link building strategy calling it as an important element to see their visibility over the search results. One of the best ways to come out in flying colors in your link building efforts is to focus on external link building strategies especially on the acquisition of the editorially given links. These are the links, which require human intrusion and sanction.

Relevance is the Key

Another worthy point to note for doing the link building activities the right way is to build the links, which are relevant. This has to be kept over the pages wherein the readers can have a genuine interest in your site. This has become more important element of link building especially after the advent of the latest update from Google commonly known as Hummingbird. Earlier, even by using generic kind of keywords, people can reach out to your site; however, post Hummingbird the scenario is all together different. This new Google algorithm understands the difference between people search for specific car and their accessories, now that makes a big difference in it.

Quality Trumps the Quantity

Knowing the disparity in between the link building and link scheming concepts in the year of 2014 is really important. After the certain updates from Google, the scenario of link building has completely changed. Earlier even the spam link building and trying out link schemes scoring the first rank used to work, which is not the case today. Now, you can clearly see the quality trumping over the quantity factor. A small amount of links from highly reputed or authoritative sites will certainly going to have a good impact rather than having hundreds of links from the blogs of simple guest posts.

Final Word

You will not find any simple short cut to link building. The idea is hard and very much time consuming. In the year 2014, it’s high time to invest the money and time to carry out the things right so that you can now stop getting scared by the Google reaper.