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10 Tools To Make Your Blogging Life Easier and Fast



Blogging Tools

Blogging Tools

Yes, half of the year has been passed, and it’s on its full pace with all updated Google algorithms and tightened belts to take off with fresh twists and turns in the blogging space.

If you are a blogger and still you are away from the blogging tools, then you are making a blunder. As a pro blogger, you must feed your passion by publishing quality blogs frequently.

And it’s necessary that you update your blog to retain the traffic every time. If you still are wandering about the exact road map, then here’s some assistance to help you out about the exact path that will give you a list of some of the tools that will make your blogging life easier.

#1. Google Docs


Google Doc is one of the popular apps, which is quite common. But from the context of blogging, it plays the role of the main tool that makes your blogging experience really awesome.

The first and foremost benefit of Google Doc is that it’s extremely user-friendly and also a productive blogging tool. It has a tremendous array of formatting options that will make your writing convenient. Another add-on of Google Doc is its capability to be on the cloud as you can retrieve your document anytime even if your hard disc crashes.

However, the most significant benefit of Google Doc is its capacity to get shared among multiple users at the same time. Here, another set of people can edit and add comments in real time. Even the chat feature adds zest to its functionalities.

#2. Evernote


Evernote is a notebook app. If you are a veteran blogger, it’s apparent that you think 24×7 and come up with new writing ideas and the fact is that the human mind keeps on forgetting things.

So, Evernote is something that can take your notes in real time on your mobile and help you to jot down the notes later to be compiled for the finished blog.

Simply making notes is not the only function; it can add notes, photographs and scan documents. Moreover, you may come across things that may add glitters to your write-ups like a scenic beauty can add to the passion of a traveler’s blogging.

Simply, you can take a click anytime and add the same to your notes, which can later be compiled and published with the blog post.

#3. Canva

Screen Shot 2016-01-04 at 8.08.21 PM

Today, with the ever-changing human temperament it’s surveyed that people are flattered more by interactive content than any big block of write-up.

Graphic content can magnetize visitors faster and retain them for longer. Many companies still do not focus much on visual content and sink in the industry. Canva is one of the handiest tools available in the industry that will help you create your own blog graphics.

It is a mine for millions of graphic layout, images, and illustrations that you may set for your own blog. As per the 2016 SEO trends released recently, graphic content will play the key role in engaging traffic and Google will also recognize it as a prime ranking tool.

#4. SEOPressor


SEOPressor integrated light SEO app will help you to take the right decision in terms of choosing and stuffing keywords in your blog.

This blog will help you in making sure that your content is properly optimized. It will also put a check whenever your keyword stuffing exceeds a limit and prevents you from ranking penalties. Most of the newbies live with a notion that extensive keyword stuffing will boost the ranking.

But the matter of fact is that Google has updated its algorithms years back and now there is no chance of getting it fooled with over-stuffing of keywords. Today, Google understands well that over-using of keywords is the modus operandi to cheat the search engine.

Now, Google has set stringent guidelines that work only to penalize such attempts.

#5. Grammarly


As a writer, it’s your sole responsibility to do justice to your writing and ensure that the blog you post is error free. It’s your duty to be doubly sure while publishing, so check it thrice and run the content through a spell check.

Most of Word Pressor versions are not attached to any grammar check add-on; so, it’s advisable to use Grammarly and take your quality to the next level. It will ensure that your post is error free and master piece in terms of grammar.

It also prevents plagiarism and saves your blog from getting hurt on any of these grounds.

#6. Headline Analyzer


Headlines are the most compelling elements of a blog, and it is something, which really attracts a blogger. A poor headline is something from which we cannot expect more clicks; even the content is of high quality as it’s the heading that is the face of your blog.

You just need to type the thought headline on the tool and hit on analyze button. It will grade your headline by breaking it in terms of readability, grammar and shows the percentage of uncommon words, used words and powerful words that constitute a headline.

#7. Hemingway


It’s another lightweight proof-reading tool, which improves the quality of your write-up. For example, Hemmingway will point out and highlight the sentences, which are complex and very long.

It also helps to construct the content with better and simple vocabulary and extracts the portions written in passive voice. In case you are a beginner the tool, it will behave like a life saver and eventually, with the frequent guidance you can save time and also grab expertise in writing.

#8. Flickr


The idea behind Flickr is that at least one image is mandatory for the content with the intent to get it published. It gives your page a better look and appeal. As it divides the page into slots, visitors will feel that they are not simply staring at a wall of characters.

The image should speak about the entire content. Visitors should get the actual intent of the post by the image only. The image tells the entire story about the blog post. So, it plays a very crucial role in the world of blogging.

Generally, non-copyrighted images may suffer obligation; later so Flickr came up with a wide range of photo galleries, which are completely on public domain and this means that you can completely use them for your blog.

#9. Trello


Maintaining the quality of content consistently is not easy. Trello is a fantastic tool, which is an editorial calendar, which helps you to save and organize your self-written content in visual format that too in a very light user interface.

Basically, it maintains the entire work flow starting from visualization and research to compiling and publishing.

Today, it has become one of the most favored tools in the blogging world and is utilized by pro bloggers for scheduling and publishing.

Just imagine how easy it would be if your control remains completely on the tip of a slide. It’s not just a tool, but a revolution in the market of blogging.

#10. Blog Title Generator by SEOpresser


It’s one of the amazing tools used by modern age blogger. It can help you to device fresh ideas about posts and content. In case you are confused about what to write, it will help you as a guide to carve new ideas about several topics relevant to your blogs. You need to simply type a keyword relevant to your blog or business.

The tools will also ask you to explain a bit about the keyword in terms of brand, event, generic term and more. These are the provisions, which help the system to generate good and engaging title related to the keyword. According to your input, the tool will generate numerous topics as options, which can be one of the potential titles that can take your blog reputation to new heights.

Last But Not the Least!

In the tough league of blogging where masters from Google are making more stringent rules and deeper algorithms, as a blogger, it’s your duty to do your level best in terms of quality and quantity.

But in order to achieve it, you have to pour down more and more efforts in terms of time. To mitigate the bandwidth, these 10 tools will save your time and give you better blogging results in a short span of time compliant to the current Goggle algorithms.

If you are a veteran blogger than definitely, these tools will make your life easier because with the inception of internet every corner of the globe is now flooded with bloggers. So, the industry is also facing rich competition.

Therefore, if as a blogger you want to survive and make good money these tools will act as lethal weapons to tackle your rivals professionally.

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Kulwant Nagi is a blogger from India who blogs at On his blog he shares tips on how to make a blog which can generate income. He teaches blogging, SEO, and affiliate marketing at his blog.

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Pro Blogging Tips: Write for a Successful Audience



I Googled “pro blogging tips” and noticed my post on page 1:

Pro Blogging Advice: Filter Opportunities Skillfully

OK; I just spent the past 5 hours relaxing in bed. We experienced a severe thunderstorm that knocked the power out.

Rather than write like mad during my time offline I took it easy. Chilling out accelerates my success because I emit a calm, cool, confident vibe. People seek calm, cool confidence. I sell more blogging courses. Readers flock to my blog. Google has been good to me too. All because I blog from a relaxed, detached, prosperity conscious vibe, enjoying my world travels. I had more fun watching frogs hop around the backyard versus slaving over the laptop during the outage; blogging is an energy game. Vibe high and succeed in vibing with a successful, prospering audience.

I am a pro blogger because I filter opportunities with a fine toothed comb and because my writing vibes with professional, top, big dawg bloggers.

My message vibes with pros because I focus on success and speak their language.

Pro Blogging Tips

You know by now; where your attention and energy goes, grows. Focus on success. Success expands. Successful people seek you out. Successes follow you. Successful bloggers:

  • buy your stuff
  • promote you
  • endorse you
  • spread your word
  • inspire you to live your dreams

I attracted successful bloggers because I keep things positive. Treating my readers in an empowered light helps me sprint higher in blogging circles.

Do the same. Speak success. Blog success. Keep things positive by teaching your readers how to succeed. Inspire. Uplift. Influence from a positive energy. Succeed.

Visualize a Successful Reader

Who do you want your message to vibe with?

Upwardly mobile, successful, driven folks, of course. Driven folks begin blogging as success seekers. Success seekers always have money to:

  • invest in your course
  • invest in your eBook
  • invest in your coaching
  • invest in anything you offer

Boost your blogging income by visualizing a successful reader following your blog. You want to vibe with this crowd. No tire kickers allowed because you have no interest in connecting with folks quick to make excuses and slow to spend money.

Here I am during my 3 month trip to New Zealand.

Take your time building a clear mental image of your perfect reader. See profits not pain points. Focus on someone free to invest money in their dreams. Build a success seeking following hungry to live their dreams through your blog and premium courses.

Observe Pros in Action

Top pros who reach the peak of their niche usually focus on a successful readership to grow their profits and to live their dreams.

Do the same.

Carefully watch pro bloggers who empower and inspire their readers. Notice closely how the most prospering pros keep things positive.

Teach people to succeed. Never teach people to avoid failure; where your energy goes, grows. Avoiding failure vibes with a fear-filled, failure-ridden crowd. Teaching readers to succeed vibes with an abundant, success-seeking or already successful blogging crowd.

Well known bloggers have purchased virtually everything I offer from my premium stable of products and services. I vibe with top pros because I patiently built a vision of top pros following my blog diligently.

As within, so without.

Tips for Writing for a Successful Audience

Keep a few things in mind:

  • visualize wealth moving in to your experience to vibe with successful readers
  • build a mental image of your prospering, well-heeled readership
  • paint a picture of your perfect, prospering reader with details like age, occupation and varied interests
  • only give your attention and energy to the top bloggers in your niche and to readers who go gaga over what you do

Vibe with a wealthy readership by seeing your wealthy readership in great detail.

Check out the otherworldly views from my trip to Turkey.

pro blogging tips

Clearly see these folks and how they live their lives.

Think of it this way: if I intend to write for a multi-millionaire readership, would I lead off posts asking my readers if they were sick of being broke? Of course a multi-millionaire is the farthest thing from broke; a millionaire many times over loves my lead in to this blog post because:

  • I showed off my success by sharing my Google skills; prospering folks love to know they can learn from a blogger
  • I showed off my movie-worthy dream life here in Thailand; more than one millionaire blogger envies me and my globe trotting lifestyle, me being as free as a bird

Each tactic serves as millionaire bait. Successful people wish to learn blogging from successful bloggers who live their dreams.

Where Your Energy Goes Grows

Take that statement to heart; where your energy goes grows.

Give your energy to successful readers. Watch your success expand.

I enjoy following this simple, easy tip to blog inside out successfully.

Keep this concept in mind as you visualize your ideal reader and craft posts resonate with this rocking individual.

If you give your energy to pain points and struggle and underdogs, each grows in your experience. You become the pained, struggling underdog who blogs and attracts pained, struggling underdogs.

If you give your energy to success and dreams and fun and prosperity, each grows in your experience. You become a successful, prospering, fun-loving blogger who lives your dreams and attracts prospering, successful readers.

Everything is 100% on you and where you shift your focus.

The crickets are chirping in this sleepy Thailand village.

The day winds down as the night takes over.

How would it feel to be here with me right now?

Paint that mental image. Step into this life, in your mind’s eye.

Position yourself to vibe with a prospering, successful reader through your blog posts.

Accelerate your blogging success.

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Blogging for Money: How to Increase Your Profits



Gordon Gekko embodied blogging for money. He said what is worth doing is worth doing for money.

I agree with that idea. Not with his insider trading.

Old GG clues you in to how to boost blogging profits.

If you blog you should make money blogging because you live a worldly life.

I see monks on alms every morning here in Northern Thailand. Monks do not need money. Buddhists give to the cloth, supplying monks with food and goods. A dazzling looking wat, or temple, sits 1 minute from the house. I hear gongs each evening at 6 PM, bringing the monks to some ritual. You should hear it too; quite serene and commanding, at the same time. I love living in foreign lands.

Blogging for Money

If you live like a monk you can shun money because you shun material things and a life of leisure. If you choose a worldly life just get comfortable receiving money through your blog. Or receiving more money through your blog.

Money helped me travel to New Zealand, where I snapped this dazzling photo.

blogging for money

Money is a car, a home, my plane tickets to Thailand, food, movie tickets, all that good stuff.

Blogging for money simply helps you live your dreams through blogging.

Whether you made millions online or are in a different tax bracket the same tips apply to making money with your blog.

See yourself as being successful. Money flows from within. I see this more daily. I feel good about my prospering. Money flows to me. My outside world reflects my focus on success. Feel successful. See your blogging wins. Observe your blogging wins, success and profits expand beautifully.

1: Focus on Money Flowing to You Easily

Million dollar bloggers and billion dollar entrepreneurs believe clearly that money flows to them easily. I concur.

Money is an inner game. Money begins in mind. As Bob Proctor says; money is in consciousness.

Warren Buffet has been one of the richest people on earth for decades. He said he never doubted he’d be really rich. His belief became so.

See money flowing to you easily. Visualize it. I do this multiple times daily. I affirm freely. I feel money flowing to me easily and see money around me, appearing out of the ethers.

Money flows to me easily these days. Plus money making ideas flow to me easily. I execute the ideas. The results rock.

My blog post ranks on Page 1 Position 3 for “advanced blogging tips” super quickly. I just published the post a few days ago.

Click here to read the post:

Advanced Blogging Tips

Plus I noticed how I nailed down 5 positions on page 2 of Google for “pro blogging tips” the other day.


I affirmed my wealth, felt more and more money flowing to me easily and saw more money flowing to me easily.

Do this is you are a 6 figure earner looking for greater profits. Money is an inner belief.

2: Learn How to Make Money Blogging From Top Pros

Top pros teach you how to become successful, full time bloggers.

Top pros teach successful, full time bloggers how to make more and more money.

Study wealth acquisition from wealthy people who live their dreams. Acquire wealth. Simple and quite easy way to prosper freely.

This tip is how most bloggers gain wealth quickly. They focus on advice offered by prospering bloggers and follow it from an abundant, dream-focused, success conscious vibe.

Read pro blogs. Invest money in pro courses. Hire pros to coach you. Profit.

I learned from top pro Alonzo Pichardo to create content and let it do what it does. Have posture. Know you succeed, now. Know your content will carry far and wide.

I shared this success conscious view with my readers via this video, which Alonzo promoted to his Facebook Page:

Pros remind you success and prospering is your birthright. Top pros offer proven practical tips for prospering but share the most important mindset tips to align you with blogging profits. Listen to them.

3: Count Money Wins

Count every single money win you recall from the past few years. Making $1 is a money win. Making $1,000,000.00 is a money win. Money loves you. Money loves being recognized. Recognize money. See your wealth acquired.

Sit down right now. Count your clients, course sales, affiliate sales and eBook sales. Be thorough. Money loves if you love noting money you made.  Where your attention and energy goes, grows.

Give your attention to money you manifested to make more money through your blog. Make more money.

4: Create on Topic and Inspire

Create on topic content to inspire your readers.

Stick to your niche. Be known in specific blogging circles.

Inspire readers to live their dreams through your:

  • blog posts
  • live broadcasts
  • podcasts

always infusing your positive, can do, success conscious energy into your posts.

Me by a massive yacht during my trip to Qatar. Pretty sweet boat.

I love adding my tropics selfies to every blog post. I make sure my readers soak up my life here in this sleepy, tropical village in Northern Thailand, pausing for a few minutes during videos between advice offered. Top bloggers love my delivery because many still seek the key to freedom; I help boost their profits and free them from a successful but confining lifestyle.

I also inspire top bloggers who live their dreams vicariously through me; maybe a few even decide to up and travel as well.

As these big dawg blogging pros promote me I boost my blogging profits.

Success Is Yours by Default

You are born into success.

Success is yours by default.

Seize your heritage.

Profit through your blog.

Develop your money mindset. Your energy and focus dictate your blogging income more than anything else. Successful bloggers speak their success into existence by visualizing their good and calmly, confidently seeing their success come into form. New mind, new blog. New mind, greater blogging profits.

Go within to see a new world. Go within to change the without.

All of your blogging success is an inside game. Since you succeed by default you simply go within, see your dream life unfolding before your eyes, in your imagination, and you know it will be so.


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Pro Blogging Advice: How to Filter Opportunities



pro blogging advice

I ensure that freedom is A1 in my life. Take this pro blogging advice to the bank. Literally.

Freedom helps you make more money, help more folks and feel good as your success expands. Freedom means making freeing choices all day long.

Freedom means filtering blogging opportunities according to:

  • giving energy only to opportunities promoting your freedom, success and dreams
  • giving no energy to all other opportunities flowing your way through email or Messenger or wherever

I spent a few minutes this morning making the bedroom in Thailand nice and cool. Freedom. Considering outside temps are toasty I figured having a cooler work space feels better, more freeing and helps me work from a chill – literally – relaxed, prospering energy. I had the time to do that because I only pick a select few opportunities flowing to me daily.

Pro Blogging Advice

Imagine Gordon Gekko’s line; I see 100 opportunities daily and choose 1.

I see quite a few and choose only successful opportunities that work for me and the other party.

Here I am during one of my Thailand trips.

This is how to filter opportunities to accelerate your blogging success. Give all of your attention and energy to:

  • success
  • opportunities vibing with your dreams
  • love
  • fun
  • harmony
  • peace

as you filter through:

  • pitches
  • asks
  • co-creating opportunities
  • interview requests

and you will become more successful while enjoying the ride and having tons of time offline to do what you love doing offline. Or to engineer your room in Thailand to make it cooler.

Pro bloggers save themselves hours daily and accelerate their success by only giving their energy to success and freedom expanding opportunities.

Every filter is a personal, intimate choice. If something feels fun to you, assess how you see the opportunity expanding your growth. Does it feel like it’s a way to expand your success and dreams? Seize the opportunity from a detached, chill, energy. You’ll see more success.

If the opportunity feels like it cannot expand your success then give it zero energy. Save yourself time, energy and the heavy, burdened feeling weighing down most bloggers who give more than a bit of their attention and energy to anything other than their success and dreams.

How to Filter Opportunities

Let’s say you just opened Messenger or your email inbox.

Scan the title of the first email. Within 1-2 seconds you instantly know if the opportunity moves you toward greater success and happiness and freedom. Respond with 1-2 lines if this is the case. Give no energy to any other opportunity.

If the Message or email feels like fear, give it no energy after 1-2 seconds of scanning. If it lacks clarity, give it a few seconds of scanning. If you vibe with the core message, respond. If not, release.

I tend to give most of my inbox no energy and a few opportunities minimal energy to save literally weeks of email time over years. You instantly know what to respond to and what to let go after a few seconds of scanning. We all do.

A Few Pointers

Keep these ideas in mind:

  • only pursue opportunities with positive, success-focused bloggers
  • only pursue opportunities that feel fun and freeing and success promoting
  • partner only with heart-centered bloggers
  • give your attention and energy to success-seeking newbies who literally put their money where their mouth is
  • think through how much time and energy interviews require before agreeing to do interviews with any blogger

For me, for an hour long interview, Tim Ferriss or Joe Rogan will do. Leveraging.

If not, that hour is best spent at the movies or going out to eat here in Thailand or writing an SEO-optimized post. Rest and relaxation and offline play is the foundation of all my pro blogging success. Getting a life makes you a successful blogger; you vibe abundantly by having a well-rounded, peaceful, abundant, interesting, fascinating, multi dimensional life, as all genuinely successful bloggers have.

I do not gobble up any opportunity. I clearly see if the opportunity aligns me with greater success and more successful folks because where your energy goes, grows.

This is a chief reason why I have circled the globe and lived a movie worthy life for 8 years. I give my attention and energy to success so success expands.

Success Seeking New Bloggers

Have blogging posture.

Sprint up the energetic ladder and see greater success by going to the top of your niche, networking solely with top bloggers in your niche.

Network with bloggers like Jeff Goins. Learn from him. Make an impression. Promote him. Move into higher blogging circles. Learning from the best and following their advice is a way to cut your learning curve by years.

It makes perfect sense to:

  • surround yourself only with highly successful folks
  • learn from only highly successful folks
  • align with only highly successful folks

If you seek health you seek out a highly skilled, successful doctor.

If you seek blogging health and success you seek out only highly skilled, successful bloggers.

Networking only with successful bloggers puts you on their radar, inspires you to practice writing, influences you to create and connect and you will see how your opportunity filter mirrors a pro’s filter; you learn from the best so do as the best do.

Only make room for blogging success.

Pursue success-expanding opportunities.

Network with successful bloggers.

Filter out all else.

Where your energy goes, grows.

Blogging Course

Mindset is everything in blogging. Buy my course to get the right blogging mindset.

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