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6 Incredibly Simple Ways to Quickly Build A Massive Email List



tips to grow email list

Did you know that every $1 spent on email can give you an ROI of $40?


Email has an ROI much more higher than any other promotional channel including banner ads or SEO.

But still people are not giving 100% focus on building and growing their email lists. If you are just starting out and looking for proven ways to build a massive list from scratch, this post is for you.

Let’s talk about few incredible strategies most bloggers and businesses use to quickly build money making email lists.

#1. Use list goal

I’m a big fan of Bryan Harris (founder of Videofruit). He created a smart chrome extension called (free btw!) List Goal.

It’s basically an email list coach that keeps you focused to build and grow a big email list. It helps you grow your email list by doing three things:

  1. Keeping you focused on growing your list
  2. Real-time email statistics dashboard
  3. Giving you personal coaching with exact strategies to grow your list


Here’s how it works.

  • Pick a personal list goal (based on your current list size)
  • You see your email list progress daily, every time you open a new tab on chrome
  • You’ll also get regular tips on how to boost your email list

All in all, list goal is a great FREE tool for quickly growing your list.

#2. Smart guest blogging

Did you know that Gregory Ciotti generated 36,733 email subscribers for Help Scout through guest blogging?

Guest posting is not dead. If done right, it’s the #1 way to build and grow your audience from scratch. Even the million dollar online businesses like Groove, Buffer have used guest posting to generate their customers.

So if you are looking for a PROVEN way to build a massive email list, write guest posts. Not just any guest posts but “smart guest posts”. Here are few powerful tips for smart guest blogging.

  • Before writing guest posts, build a list of 20 to 30 blogs in your industry. Find out how many social media followers each blog has (along with their email subscriber count). As a rule of thumb, try to write guest posts for those blogs with at least 10,000 subscribers or social media fans.
  • Use tools like Quora or Buzzsumo to come up with topic ideas for your guest posts. Also check out your targeted blog’s popular content section to know what attracts their blog’s audience.
  • Start writing. Before you pitch other bloggers with your guest post ideas, write first. Make sure to spend quality time in researching and crafting your guest posts.
  • Mention your eBooks or blog’s content within your guest posts and persuade people to click on your website’s links smartly. That’s how you can capture more emails from guest posts.

#3. Turn your homepage into a landing page

One of the simplest ways to quickly turn more blog visitors into email subscribers is to tweak your blog’s home page. Use it as an email list capturing machine.

On my newly launched blog Conversion Yoda, I’m using only a simple landing page to capture as many emails as possible. My only goal is to build a massive email list from that blog. So I used nothing but a landing page by offering an incentive along with a strong call to action.

The result? I’ve collected hundreds of emails just within a few weeks. That’s the beauty of using landing pages, they really convert well as they provide less distraction to your visitors.

Here are tips you can use to create high converting landing pages to grow your email list.

  • Turn your homepage into a landing page. Give away something for free to collect emails (it can be anything from an eBook to video to email course).
  • Use social proof. Get testimonials about your blog, products or content.
  • If your landing pages are not converting well (less than 10%), try a different incentive to collect emails. Perform A/B testing to know the high converting landing page among two different pages.
  • Use compelling headlines on your landing pages. Provide benefits. Use bullet points and keep your copy short.

#4. Use content upgrades

Even if you are talking about pets, you still can find ways to provide convert your website visitors into email subscribers by providing content upgrades.

Content upgrades are simply “bonus extensions” for your content. If you are writing a blog post around SEO, a cheat sheet, an eBook or a video related to that topic can become your content upgrade.

You just need to use it to grab email address of people who are interested in your topics.

Here’s how a content upgrade generally looks like.


Here are few effective ideas that you can use for creating content upgrades to skyrocket your email list growth.

  • Offer your existing blog posts as PDF reports or eBooks. Ask people for their email to grab them.
  • Turn your content into videos or podcasts and offer them as content upgrades to get more emails.
  • If you write long form of content, provide cheat sheets or checklists. That way people can get more benefits from your content without spending too much time.
  • Create a bigger list. Use half of it as a content upgrade. If people like your stuff, they will gladly join your list to grab the remaining stuff.

#5. Run giveaways

Noah Kagan built two million dollar online businesses and a million subscribers email list mostly by using giveaways. He’s the king of giveaways. He knows running giveaways can attract more people to subscribe.

Not only they help you grow your email list but giveaways also help you boost your social media fans, backlinks and overall brand awareness.

If you are just starting out, use a small budget ($100 to $500) to giveaway any product relevant to your industry. If you are running a marketing blog, try to giveaway an SEO plugin instead of offering iPads. That way you can attract “really targeted people” to grow your email lists.

#6. Do email outreach

Let me tell you one thing: email outreach is hard.

It’s hard because most people start reaching out to other bloggers with just one thing in mind: getting help. Instead of asking others to help with something, offer help first.

That’s how you can get faster responses. Also make sure to learn how to write compelling emails. Keep your emails short and sweet instead of writing long and boring emails.

No one likes to read a long email especially when it comes from a stranger.

While doing email outreach, remember the following things.

  • Always use people’s names. Don’t start with “Hi there!”. It really sucks.
  • Use compelling email subject lines. Instead of using corporate words, use friendly tone.
  • Always ask yourself “what’s in it for them” before pitching someone with your emails.
  • Find out how other top bloggers in your industry are creating their email series. Learn to steal their strategies and use them to your own benefit.

Over to you

Email list building can be a lot of fun if you follow the right strategies such as guest blogging, using content upgrades, blogger outreach etc.

Give #1 priority to growing your email list for next 30 days and you will see amazing results. And make sure to use a free tool like List goal to hit your email list goals. So what are your thoughts?

Do you have any more list building tips?

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A Multi-Millionaire. Ex-Hollywood Actor. Kidding. A Full-Time Blogger for over 5 years. If you like this post, you will like my oversimplified SEO strategies too. Keep hustling!

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Beware Who You Trust for Advice



Sometimes I ask questions on Quora.

I asked a question recently about shadow boxing while walking and if this practice burns calories.

Peep 2 answers.


I was a personal trainer and fitness nut for 20 years. I know shadow boxing does in fact burn calories and help you get more ripped because since doing it every single day during my walks, my arms are becoming as defined as ropes. True; shadow-boxing does not increase muscle mass. But the individual gave me a false, untrue answer because he fears what he looks like and cares about the opinions of others. He is not shadow boxing while walking or jogging because it is not effective; he fears people will look at him and believe he is a fruit loop, whatever that means.


Exhibit B.


This individual actually offers honest, truthful advice; shadow-boxing while walking burns more calories. If he ended it there, the advice would have been helpful. But he also fears criticism, aka, what people think about him, so his fears advise me not to do the extra calorie burning thing, because I would look like a Rocky wannabe jerk.


Two well-meaning guys who offer poor fitness advice because each guy deeply fears what people think about them. If I was not a fitness pro I’d have believed their inaccurate advice and would have cheated myself out of calorie burning. All because of the illusion of fear and its hold over most of humanity.

Blogging Advice

Before you trust blogging advice, check the source. Does the blogger:

  • radiate happiness?
  • radiate compassion?
  • exude success?
  • inspire you to succeed?
  • uplift bloggers?

If so, awesome. Trust the advice because you know the person offers advice from love, harmony and truth.

But if someone adds a fear-based element to the advice – like the fitness guys above who fear what people think about them and allowed their fears to become a projection on me – you know it’s bad advice because fear is not real, an illusion, and stepping into illusion moves you away from truth.

The Truth

If you burn more calories, you burn more fat and get ripped. This is truth. Shadow boxing while walking made me super ripped so the truth shines through. But if I stopped shadow-boxing while walking because I feared what people thought about me or what they’d say about me, I would step into the illusion of fear, away from truth, and would not be as ripped and cut as I am now.

Imagine if I listened to those 2 fear-fitness guys last month when I returned home? I’d look a lot more like Olive Oil and less like Bruce Lee.

Be careful about who you trust for blogging advice guys. Most people mean well – like the fitness dudes – but project their deep fears onto you and offer poor, or downright terrible, blogging advice. I have compassion for afraid bloggers but I won’t listen to their illusory advice.

One Such Example

Many top bloggers feel terror at losing email subscribers so offer advice based on the fear. Meanwhile, guys like me who have no such fear offer advice to help you bond deeply with your most rabid fans through email, exponentially increasing your success. Loss is impossible in a Universe of abundance.

Who do you think inspires you to live your dreams?

The blogger offering advice from the illusion of fear, pulling you away from truth, into smoke, mirrors, and appearances, not really there?

Or the blogger offering advice from truth and abundance.

Follow heart-centered bloggers.

Live your dreams.

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Do You Establish Work at Home Boundaries?



Some people love attention.

I know a few who do their best to grab my attention. Phone calls, emails, cryptic Facebook Messages.

I ignore everything and every one outside of what I do in the moment since I set up work at home boundaries. I close the door and go into my office. No way I stop working for anything or anyone who starves for my attention. The house could burn down and I would scoot out at the last minute because work time is work time and I do nothing else save work during work time.

If you do not respect your time, people will not respect your time. If you give people your time whenever they want your time, for:

  • favors
  • gossip
  • small talk
  • chats
  • general BS

people will gladly ask for favors, engage in gossip, engage in small talk, chat you up and BS for hours, because you chose not to establish work at home boundaries.

100% of the time, if people appear to be using you or eating up your precious time, it is your fault. People treat you how you choose to treat yourself.

How a Happy and Successful Blogger Sets Up Work at Home Boundaries

Easy; I close the door, walk into the office and get to work. I do not leave the office until I complete my work. My phone? I turn it off. I check email rarely. I only check Messenger 2-3 times daily for 5 minutes at a clip.

I set up definite, clear, work at home boundaries to respect my time. People reflect my time-respecting back to me. Easy peasy.

If someone tries to grab my attention through Messenger, or the land line, or through email, or at the door, I completely ignore attempts made to grab my attention and time. Boundaries folks; you need to be clear and firm on your work at home boundaries to ensure everybody else respects your boundaries.

You Are Walking into a Word Office

Would a friend, family member or casual neighbor barge into your 9-5 job office asking for a favor? Would said folks barge into your 9-5 job office to spread the latest gossip? Nope. Then why allow said folks to barge into your work at home office to do similar things? Nope. Put up boundaries. Door closes. Enter office. You are busy. You are working. Even my 3 year old niece understands when Uncle Ryan goes to work in the home office. Everybody else can easily grasp this concept.

What About Impatient or Desperate Online Folks?

I completely ignore impatient, fear-filled, desperate folks who demand I answer Messenger or email requests in 1 minute, 5 minutes, 10 minutes, or in 24 hours. I respect my time and completely ignore people who do not respect my time.

I built my blogging business almost completely on a passive income model so nothing I do online is time sensitive. I have answered most questions 1,000 to 10,000 times through my courses, eBooks, blog posts and videos. It is up to these awesome but unclear folks to find and use the answers I created, to improve their lives.

I am generous daily, publishing a blog post and/or video. Plus I published about 800 posts on Blogging Tips, and over 2,000 posts on Blogging From Paradise. It is on the impatient folks screaming for my attention to follow my blog posts, guest posts, videos, eBooks and courses because I answered their questions many times.

People treat you exactly how you teach them to treat you. I have posture so I set up work at home boundaries for offline and online folks.

Respect your time and work schedule and other folks will do the same.

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Who Do You Surround Yourself with in Your Blogger Network?



Some bloggers cannot see the forest for the trees, like the beautiful, lush, thriving national park I visited in New Jersey recently.

The masses tend to be caught up in fear, pain and struggle because they cannot see the big picture.

Birds of a feather flock together.

You have heard that one, right?

I circle the globe and change time zones like most folks breathe. Would I be wise to surround myself with people who tremble at leaving their home town or home neighborhood? Nope. Such people would teach me the world makes for a scary, dangerous place. I would get advice like play it safe, be comfortable, get a job, buy a home and take it easy, from such folks. Such folks also live a bland life because if you rarely or never leave your comfort zone, you cannot:

  • grow
  • thrive
  • face your fears
  • serve humanity
  • be a bright light for people to follow
  • live your deepest, wildest dreams

Obviously, I chose to surround myself with bloggers who happily circled the globe as successful bloggers. I also surrounded myself with happy, successful, home body bloggers too; to learn the basics of building a rocking blog effectively. I learned how to succeed from my blogger friend network, sponging up their knowledge, inspiration and insight.

Meanwhile, if you surround yourself with new, struggling or failing bloggers you will get advice on how to struggle, fail, or flounder through your blogging day.

Do bloggers around you complain about losing $50 on blogging? Lose these zero’s immediately and surround yourself with bloggers who invest thousands of dollars on their blogs. High rollers teach you to succeed. Broke jokes teach you how to fail.

Do bloggers around you see making $25 as being a huge amount of money? You better lose the low-aiming crowd to surround yourself with bloggers who see $1000 and $10,000 and more as making coin.

Do bloggers around you circle the globe as swash buckling travelers? Check out this photo from my trip to Vietnam. Kong: Skull Island was filmed here.

Time to ditch the comfort zone crowd to hang with adventurous types.

Don’t get me wrong; I celebrate every cent I make online. But if you think I’m placing a sponsored post for less than $1000, you are insane. Like a famous super model who said she didn’t get out of bed for anything less than $10,000 a day, you need to develop a prosperity consciousness that demands big money and ignores appearance of poverty, lack, limitation and fear.

Who Do You Hang With?

Who do you count as blogging buddies? Happy, highly successful, prospering bloggers? You better, to increase your success.

For example, observe my blogging paperback on profiting. The aftermarket price is $45 USD. If most or all bloggers in your network would feel uncomfortable receiving $45 in royalties for a paperback, you better lose that network and surround yourself with bloggers who believe in abundance. I know John Chow feels comfortable receiving $45 for anything he offers online. Who cares? It is just money. It is only money.

Surround yourself only with bloggers who:

  • have posture
  • have authority
  • charge top dollar
  • profit freely
  • prosper freely
  • exude confidence
  • have a highly developed prosperity consciousness

You learn from the best, gain inspiration from the best and become the best by surrounding yourself with the best bloggers on earth.

But you need to be honest in who you choose to hang with in your blogging circles. Be clear. Be truthful with yourself. Maybe you feel comfortable trading comments with struggling bloggers you befriended 10 years ago but nothing spectacular happens for you if you surround yourself with struggling bloggers, being firmly fixed in your comfort zone.

Release all bloggers who are not happy and prospering.

Fill your blogger friend network with empowered, inspired, happy, successful, prospering bloggers.

Nothing personal.

Just your blogging success at stake.



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