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Your Pinterest Inspirational Resource: How to Productively Build More Traffic from Pinterest



Pinterest is one of those social media platforms you cannot just help cheering for: It’s neither Twitter nor Facebook, it’s not trying to mirror any of the existing social media solutions and it is following its own path offering real value to its readers.

On top of all, it is able to drive loads of well-converting traffic. The key is in creating Pinterest-friendly visuals and consistently be there to build connections.

Here are a few examples and tools to help you build some solid traffic from Pinterest.

Pinterest Image Creation Tool: Canva

Canva is my tool of choice when it comes to Pinterest-friendly images. It’s free and it saves your templates for you to save time by editing your previously created images which already have your branding (logo, URL, etc.) and use your site color palette.

The two recent additions to the platform makes it even more productive:

  • Add your team: Multi-author blog owners and editors will love this feature! You can add up to 10 people for free to share your branded designs with them. Consistent visual look is so important for brand building and this new feature by Canva will help you encourage your authors to create in-article imaginary that will look consistent with your overall blog branding.
  • Set up your brand: Upload your logo, save your fonts and set up your brand colors to use from image to image.

Canva brand

Pinterest Marketing Tool: Viral Content Bee

The biggest problem of starting out on Pinterest is the lack following to support your efforts. Building your social media network takes lots of time and dedication on any platform, and Pinterest is no exception.

Viral Content Bee is a free platform that solves that problem. It has “Pinterest section” allowing you to upload your site images (with the link to your web pages where those images appear) for other users to re-pin the images to their pinboards. The result:

  • Your site images are pinned to other people’s dashboard throughout the pinners
  • You build contacts with those pinners who promote your images by liking & sharing your pinned images as well as following your promoters.

Pinterest Viral Content Bee

Don’t miss this guide by Colorlib on how create featured images for WordPress. This will ensure your readers are pinning the right image from your page.

Pinterest Image Sources

To build a solid engaged following on Pinterest, you should consistently pin interesting images. Depending on your niche, bookmark several sources of good images and pin images from there on a regular basis.

Here are a few examples of sources I am using:

Get Inspired by Examples

The below examples represent the three most successful Pinterest audiences: Food, mom bloggers and retail.

Whole Foods

Whole Foods Pinterest

Whole Foods Market, the supermarket chain specializing in organic and natural foods, was one of the first big brands to realize the potential Pinterest had when it came to marketing.

So why has it done so well?

Whole Foods has utilized Pinterest as a way of reaffirming its brand ethos and interacting with its customers in an entirely new manner.

Whole Foods created a number of different pinboards to reflect the varied interests and beliefs of the company. As well as pinboards for food, recycling and green living, it created boards for less obvious (though no doubt relevant) topics including holidays, “cool” kitchens and food art.

However, Whole Foods has not just demonstrated an interest in its own brand and pinboards; it’s incredibly active in the Pinterest community, follow others and repinning things of interest.


scholastic pinterest

As the world’s largest publisher of children’s books and an embracer of all things cool and colorful, it’s no wonder that Scholastic would come to see the potential the Pinterest community could hold.

Why has it done so well?

Scholastic followed a similar premise to Whole Foods by fully embracing the whole ethos of how social media should be used for marketing.

Instead of sticking with the easiest option of creating pinboards relating purely to the publications and financial interests of the company, Scholastic decided to create a number of pinboards that, while related to the company and its products, should draw in a more diverse crowd than only those who have a vested interest in the company’s products themselves.

Some of its pinboards include:

  • Libraries We Love
  • Beautiful Bookshops
  • Wise Words
  • Vintage Scholastic


michaelsstores pinterest

Michaels is a chain of stores specializing in crafts and arts supplies – the perfect candidate for a Pinterest marketing campaign if ever there was one.

What’s so good about it?

Michaels created a wide range of pinboards designed to gather the interests of a diverse array of Pinterest users, including boards for knitting, baking and making crafts from recycled materials.

However, Michaels hasn’t forgotten that if you want to be really successful in social media, you need to demonstrate a genuine interest in the words and actions of your following. With this in mind, Michaels created a pinboard purely for the purpose of sharing its followers’ projects. This kind of interaction is exactly what companies should be doing if they really want to excel at social media and ensure their actions online transcend to increased profits offline.

Are there any tools I’ve missed here? Please share them in the comments!

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What You Need to Know About Influencer Marketing in 2019



With the pervasiveness of the internet, online advertising becomes profitable both for small and large businesses to attract consumers, compared to traditional media in the past five years. Online advertising revenues in the US rose by 22%, to a record of $72.5 billion, surpassing TV ads ($69 billion) in 2016.

An average person is exposed to over 1,700 online ads each month, but only half of them are actually viewed. The use of ad-block applications also rose by 30% in 2016. Consumers today have become immune to ads. They don’t take what brands are telling them at face value and prefer trustworthy sources – a trusted friend, family member, expert or social media influencer.

They rely on these sources before making purchase decisions to seek assurance of a good quality or experience. A research from Nielsen confirmed that recommendations from close peers or family are the most trusted source of information, rather than company websites, consumer reviews, and editorial articles.

This leads to the rise of influencer marketing. Influencers are considered to be credible because of their expertise in a specific subject matter and their ability to engage with their followers. Thus, brands can capitalize on this by using influencers to reach the consumers on social media platforms – where internet users spend most of their time.

In 2017, 71% of internet users are using social media platforms and these figures are expected to grow in the future. Social media has become the channel where influencers connect with consumers.

The most popular platforms for influencer marketing are Instagram and Youtube. According to Goldmedia, sponsored content from both platforms accounted for 34% and 31% of total influencers respectively.

Shifting to Top Tech Influencers

Huawei Mobile, a global provider of smart devices, partnered with a top tech influencer, Judner Aura to introduce the new Mate 10 Pro smartphone by giving an in-depth review of the phone on his Youtube Channel (UrAvgConsumer).

His Youtube channel has the most viewed technology product reviews of all time, with some of his most popular videos generating around 1 million views. The fact that he is extremely well-known for his knowledge of consumer-tech products makes his reviews credible. Thus, influencers like Judner Aura act as a guide that followers turn to before pulling the trigger.

Retail Chains Turn to Fashion Bloggers

H&M utilized Instagram to target young consumers, with its 700 million monthly users ranging from 16-24 years old. A research showed that 85% of Gen Z uses social media platforms to learn about new products and is more receptive to product information on social media.

To promote its H&M Divided Collection, H&M partnered with fashion bloggers, Julie Sarniana and Megan Ellaby on Instagram, resulting in a huge spike in followers just moments after the post was uploaded.

According to 2017 ShareIQ analysis, H&M generated 39 million Instagram engagements from just 486 posts and 20 times higher engagement than its competitors. Since then, H&M has been a strong performer on social media platforms, joining forces with fashion bloggers, style bloggers, models, and other fashionistas.

Joining forces with influencers are effective because it leads to building a brand’s credibility since they specialize in a particular category of content. Take advantage of their recommendations, testimonials, product reviews, and commentaries to attract consumers on social media platforms.

40% of respondents mentioned that they made a purchase after seeing a social media influencers using the product or service. Influencer marketing is a worthwhile investment and if you plan to increase your budget for influencer marketing for your business, make sure to check out the infographic below.

Courtesy of: Milkwhale
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A Fool-Proof Formula to Creating Original Content for Social Media



You are doing a great job of posting on social media every day, and some people appear to be liking your content. So, you’re good to go, right?

Not necessarily.

Research shows that 60% of today’s marketers generate at least a single piece of online content every day, which may include blogs or social media posts. However, not all social media content in particular is equal when it comes to quality.

Social media is an essential part of any digital marketing campaign. Here are a few fool-proof tips for creating sharable original content on social media from one day to the next.

Let’s jump in!

Tell Stories to Generate Original Content on Social Media

Anybody can find commonly used inspirational quotes in his or her industry and post them on their own social media pages. That’s easy.

However, not all people can effectively share firsthand accounts of events in their respective industries that taught them something and perhaps even changed their lives.

If you’d like to produce content around topics that are heavily saturated on social media, it’s paramount that you do something totally unique by telling stories.

If you provide your own input and give your post an original flavor readers can’t find elsewhere on social media, you’ve got winning original content.

Constantly Gather New Ideas

A challenge that many brands face is that they are closed in how they approach to social media marketing.

For instance, perhaps you look at the creation of social media content as a task that takes place within a certain time slot. Outside of this allotted time, you don’t give attention to your content. With time sensitivity aways being of concern, a great way to take advantage of social media and being in the moment, it to focus on Instagram hashtags. With hundreds of millions of users on the platform at any given time, this is a great way to reach a ton of users for free, while also ranking in their platform for what’s happening at any given moment.

If you’re serious about creating successful original content, you’ve got to think differently about when you post on social media. Instead, it’s important that you gather ideas 24-7.

For instance, whether you’re going to a movie at night with your significant other or you’re getting the kids ready for school in the morning, your brain should be wired such that you constantly look for fresh ideas for your social media content.

You could even use these ideas as inspiration for the messages you share as part of your short message service, or SMS, marketing strategy. (View here for tips about what and what not do in the area of SMS marketing, based on a real-world example.)

Take the Visual Route

Words are indeed powerful, but pictures are even more memorable and engaging.

So, if you’d like to create content that grabs your readers’ attention on congested social media news feeds, go visual. That means posting stimulating photos with your written content or even posting video to engage with your target audience on a personal level.

How We Can Help

In addition to highlighting about how to create original content for social media, we offer a wide range of tips and resources on creating effective blogs that generate results.

We understand that online marketing as a whole is quite competitive. In fact, you could say that trying to get your voice to stand out online is a lot like trying to scream louder than everyone else in a crowd of 10,000 people.

Yes, it’s hard, but it’s not impossible with the right tools.

Get in touch with us to find out more about how you can generate online marketing content that people actually want to read, and that will motivate them to purchase your offerings time and time again.

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7 Quick Tips on How to Keep Your Instagram Page Interesting




5 Instagram Marketing Tips to Increase Your Blog Traffic

Overwhelmed with a lot of great Instagram profiles popping up like daisies? I don’t blame you. With Instagram becoming a saturated space, about a billion active users, it’s tough competition to get your followers to stay interested. You can’t afford to be complacent even when you’re confident you have a great following.

The preferences and priorities of your followers change as they go through these fast-paced times influenced by mass media and technology. Keeping them happy and engaged increases the probability that they are here to stay.

Cool Visuals

Instagram is designed to showcase eye-pleasing photos. So use this to your advantage — high-quality, energized and dramatic images are a way to catch your audience’s attention. Use photo editing software or apps that offer a variety of creative filters. Caption photos that tell a curious story and stir positive reactions. Excitement. Nostalgia. Tapping into your audience through emotions builds a connection.

Content Curation

Sometimes things can get boring when you run out of ideas to create, that you just make do with a lazy topic. Try to breathe new life into reliable old posts or topics that may be relevant to your audience or the brand you are promoting. The content should offer something unique or add value to your followers. Every post should give to your audience a take-away to think about or something of use. They will learn to rely on your every post since they can relate to it relative to their everyday lives.

Social Sharing

Effective content curation is a way that can get you to network online, as you are sharing relevant sourced content that you are using to increase your brand’s visibility. This means a higher chance of getting your brand out there, which equates to more potential likes and followers. If you want to increase visibility, buying Instagram likes can help you get ahead. The more likes you get, the more traffic you get. A win-win situation if you ask me!

Play with Trends

Admit it, it’s fun to join in on the latest hype or even crazy meme to make things lighter and more entertaining. Novel ideas spark interest and build even more ideas and dialogue. We are curious beings and new things, or even old things seen in a new light, are always great conversation starters. The more you get your audience interested, the more they will understand that your brand is keen on providing current and fresh concepts.

Following the Big Name Brands

One of the most effective ways to keep your own social media profiles and updates relevant and interesting is to keep an eye on the big players in your industry. It doesn’t matter if you are an e-commerce company, selling ads online, or even just posting pictures of the latest fashion — it’s important to know what your competition is posting, so you can not only get inspired by their promotions — but also get determined to do it even better! Follow the big name brands and most followed Instagrammers in your niche space to see what others are liking and sharing the most.

Engage in Debates

You can’t please everybody. There’s bound to be that one commenter who will think otherwise. It’s a great opportunity for you to get involved and comment back. It sends a message that you are in touch with your followers and not a snob. Just remember to keep the vibe positive and conversation healthy. Keep it classy!

Listen to Your Followers

So, you’ve established your brand and the kind of content you wish to sustain and build. There may be times when you’re so focused on getting your brand noticed, you’re set to base everything on your decisions. You forget your audience has a voice too. Don’t become one-sided. Feature them in your posts. Give back. Take the time to know and understand the needs or preferences of your audience but still keep true to your brand. Be receptive. Be flexible.

It’s a challenging feat to take on. But if your passion is blogging and getting satisfaction from seeing your followers happy, then keeping them interested will come naturally to you.

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