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10 Must-Use Tools to Start a New Niche Blog in 2019



There’s one thing with blogging that always gets me: I feel like starting a new one on a regular basis. If you are actively reading and writing online, there are always those mini-site ideas floating around. You either see a cool monetization idea or just feel instantly inspired about the topic. Either way, you rush registering a new domain name right away.

But how manage that all? How to productively manage and promote a new niche blog?

Niche Blog Productivity Tools

Do want to up your productivity, or just make life a little easier? We all do, and the more popular your site becomes, the more desperate you will be for efficiency, and the more you will need to cut out steps in the process. Otherwise, you will forever be working.

To keep your blogging empire going, you need a few productivity tricks and tools.

There are literally hundreds of amazing tools out there, and different people will swear by them.

When it comes to my own list, these are the five I would never want to go without.

1. Evernote


The big app on campus for snatching and saving content is usually Evernote. Allowing you to sync up your desktop, mobile phone and tablet, you can organize your entire life using this program.

But it is especially useful for creating notes, saving content, and easily searching that content for later use. The interface is unique and attractive, which is what I enjoy most about it. But there are plenty of reasons to check it out.

There are multiple free productivity tools out there, so you may want to check some alternatives now in case you need a free option.

2. Google Alerts

Reputation management and keeping up with current events in your industry are both important parts of blogging. Both can be handled using Google Alerts, as can several other tasks like watching competition, seeking out guest blogging opportunities, monitoring the most popular blogs, and more.

If you aren’t using Google Alerts, you are crazy. It is the most diverse tool on this list, hands down.

3. Flickr


This is still one of the greatest places on the web to find images to include in a blog. Full of creative commons photos that can be shared with nothing more than credit and a link back to the original source. But it is also a place to share your own work and manage galleries, which can work as a form of social marketing with your users.

There are other cool image sources you may want to check out for the sake of variety:

4. Google Drive

Another fantastic tool from Google, this one is great for editorial calendars, especially if you have multiple staff members to keep track of, who need to see deadlines and when articles are going to be published.

Create text files, spreadsheets and anything else you might need, then share it out with whoever needs it.

5. Cyfe

Cyfe marketing

There are a lot of pieces to niche bloggers: You may need to have separate social media networks for each, separate writing schedule, separate rank tracking and analytics accounts. How to keep everything together?

Cyfe is your answer. Create a separate niche blog dashboard to monitor and manage everything from one place. From Google Analytics and Search Console to social media posting widgets: Each dashboard will give you a birds-eye view of everything that’s going on with each of your niche mini-sites.

Niche Blog Management and Writing Tools

The earliest writers created masterpieces with rustic paper and a supply of quill pens. Lucky for you, the modern writer can save time and avoid those pesky ink spots by using a few electronic tools to make the writing process a little bit easier.

If you’re missing even one of these useful items, you might as well be writing by candlelight!

6. ManageWP

For multi-blog management, ManageWP is a must-have. It works by allowing you to connect multiple accounts from different blogging platforms. You can then update them from a single dashboard, without having to log in to your dashboard.


Switch easily between blogs, drag and drop parts of a page, get crash recovery, auto detect music and much more. They even have powerful collaboration features too.

7. HaveALook

Each niche website needs to have a unique brand and memorable brand identity. It also needs to be properly optimized for conversions and ad clicks.

Sounds expensive? Good news is it all can be achieved on the cheap with a HaveALook that can your web design ready fast. The designs are responsive and optimized for conversions.


8. Copyscape

No writer who’s worth their fountain pen wants to copy another person’s work, even if it is by accident.

Copyscape prevents accidental plagiarism by scanning the Internet for similar pieces of text. In addition to preventing duplication, it’s a great way to keep your voice fresh.

9. Dragon Naturally Speaking

This tool teaches your computer to listen to you! Instead of typing, the writer speaks as the computer takes dictation. Not only will your written word flow more naturally, it will save time and spare your fingers.

Anyone with a carpal tunnel diagnosis can definitely benefit from Dragon Naturally Speaking!

10. CoSchedule


Editorial planning is important! I’ve been saying that for ages. My friend does not share this sentiment, or at least she didn’t until recently. For years she has said that she does better when she is footloose and fancy free, able to spontaneously post whatever she wants, when she wants.

Over time when she began to increase her brand, her site growth slowed. She started feeling burnt out and failing to write regularly. Her SEO efforts suffered and her organic traffic started to decline. It really hit her hard. What was she doing wrong?

What was wrong was that she wasn’t organized and she didn’t have a plan. It took some convincing but by the time she had lost about 30% of her average monthly unique visitors, she desperately jumped on board and created a solid monthly posting plan and an editorial calendar. Not only that, but she managed to score some guest posts by planning that, as well.

CoSchedule is an excellent tool to use to get your niche blogging schedule planned and organized, avoid feeling stressed and stuck and keep yourself always inspired.

A few niche blogs to get inspired:

  • Comet Camper: Aiming at people who prefer living a minimalistic lifestyle and making a positive impact on the environment with their daily consumption habits, this blog features absolutely awesome content
  • Law Listings: Featuring regular infographics and surveys, this one is a new blog that has a unique style
  • The Friendship Bread Kitchen is a resource for all things Amish Friendship Bread with tips, tutorials, FAQs, etc.
  • Paws Buzz GO: It’s all about dogs! How to take care of them, travel with them and even dress them up for Halloween. The blog with its unique vibe is known for its fabulous blogger, Jessica

Niche identity

Once you try a few of these tools, your blogging productivity will skyrocket and you’ll be able to add new and new niche blogs to your digital empire!

Do you know of any other niche blogging tools out there? I will bet you do. Let us know about them in the comments.

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Anna Fox is blogger behind Hire Bloggers, a free resource helping bloggers to find online gigs and start earning money

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5 Must-Do Tips Before Publishing A Lifestyle Blog




Running a lifestyle blog can be very profitable. You can make a steady stream of passive income writing about everyday topics that you are passionate about. The best part is that lifestyle blogs are pretty simple to take on and keep going. Your blogs can be about travel, daily life experiences, or even a vlog (video blog).

However, prior to publishing your blog online, you need to adhere to a few important, yet simple principles. The most important step is finding your niche. Choosing the right niche can save you a tremendous number of headaches down the road. Once you selected the perfect niche, there are some other factors you need to keep in mind while finding your voice. We compiled a list of must-do tips for anyone ready to publish a lifestyle blog. Let’s dive in!

1 – What niche is best for your lifestyle blog?

Before you begin any work toward launching a lifestyle blog, you need to carefully define your niche. Some blogs have very broad niches, while others are much narrower. The blogs with a broader niche can generate a lot more revenue if they become prominent enough. However, it is difficult to succeed with a very broad niche without a massive budget and a willingness to create thousands of posts. If you are trying to get results more quickly and on a smaller budget, then you should stick a tighter niche.

If you plan on writing about your world travels, your niche could be traveling the world while blogging. If you plan on traveling by boat only, maybe your niche can be sailing and blogging. You can draw from a number of best boating blogs for inspiration on this.

Whatever your niche, be sure to have it clearly defined before doing anything else. Why? Having a solid niche market and idea in place will dictate the type of content you plan on publishing. It also helps keep your content unique and authoritative. People do like to read, but they would rather be entertained and engaged when doing so. Defining your niche can do just that. It also helps you stay focused down the road as well.

2 – Identify your ideal target audience

You can write until your fingers bleed, but if you don’t have a clearly defined target audience that is easy to monetize, it is all just a waste of time. If you aren’t specific enough when defining your audience, then you will not be able to create content that resonates with any of them. What steps should you take to define and get a better understanding of your target audience?

Aim for 1,000 true followers and the rest will fall into place. By having a very defined target audience, you can essentially write just for them. That is why 1,000 people should be your hallmark. Because if you can get 1,000 people truly engaged in your content, you can get 100,000 people later on. That’s because it is the same process, only scaled. And your 1,000 true followers will help you reach 100,000 by becoming advocates for you and your content.

3 – Have a clever blog name and tagline

You are not simply creating a blog and writing content for your target audience. You are creating a brand. You are your brand, and every successful brand has a clever name and tagline. This is essential if you want to have growth and success with some passive income rolling in.

With your niche on your mind, start brainstorming name and tagline ideas. It is best practice not to rush this process. By the end of a few hours of brainstorming, you should have at least 50 names and taglines on paper. After that, narrow it to 10, then three, then just one. Feel free to get family and friends advice too, because you may not be seeing something they can. Once you have it, check to make sure it is available for use on WordPress and social media channels.

4 – Choose The Right Blogging Platform For You And Your Budget

Once you have chosen a domain name and outlined the general direction of your blog, you should choose a blogging platform and content management system (CMS) that works for you. One of the best is WordPress. With WordPress, you can get a paid or free blogging website. It is best to go with paid, because you can lock in your domain name, serve up ads, and have more control of the user experience (UX) you deliver to your target audience.

5 – Do Detailed Keyword Research And Write 10 Blogs

This is going to be the hardest part of starting your lifestyle blog. You can’t just start writing content that you think readers will like. It needs to get attention and help you build your audience. Content is certainly great, but ensuring your content is ranking well on search engines, like Google, as well as having enough content for site visitors to browse is critical.

For example, if you attract a visitor to your site via one blog and they love it, but can’t find anything else, they will probably not subscribe to your site, or visit again. You just lost one of your 1,000 true followers right from the start. Instead, write 10 blog posts and have them ready to go when it is time to publish your blogging site online.

And do your due diligence when it comes to keyword research. There are plenty of platforms out there you can use to find great keywords that have low ranking difficulty with reasonable monthly search volume. Google Keyword Planner is useful for this, and free.

Good Luck With Your Lifestyle Blog!

Starting a lifestyle blog is exciting. The above must-do tips can serve as your quick startup guide, but they are certainly not all the aspects you need to know. Do your research and be sure to put your best foot forward when you decide to publish your lifestyle blog online. What is your top blogging tip?

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Every Blogger Starts Somewhere



The NBA all star game went down during the past weekend.

Kyrie Irving, Ben Simmons, Joel Embid and D’Angelo Russel all made the all star team. These 4 bright, young stars share something in common; each was coached in high school by Kevin Boyle.

Kevin Boyle is one of the top high school coaches in the nation. Coaching 4 players who would be all stars during the same year is an unreal feat, when you consider the odds. Well before Kevin became a superstar coach at Montverde Academy in Florida or at St Pat’s high school in New Jersey, I remember him stalking the sidelines as a high energy, sometimes nutty, but always passionate, grammar school coach at St. Joe’s in Roselle, New Jersey, in the mid 80’s.

The coaching superstar who coached 4 future NBA all stars once coached little kids during a CYO game in gyms with capacity of, say 30 people.

As a grammar school CYO all star, I remember this intense coach trying to get his guards to trap me into a turnover. I had handles back then, so I danced through his press. Anyway, that passionate grade school coach persistently asked the athletic director at St. Pat’s for the soon to be open coaching job. Kevin was no veteran, but still hung out at the American Legion, where the AD spent time. Eventually, the athletic director hired Boyle, and Kevin built St. Pat’s into a national power, spawning NBA talents like Al Harrington, Sam Dalembert, Kyrie Irving and Michael Gilchrist. He made the move to Montverde, coaching stars like Simmons, Russel and Embid, as well as current Duke star Rowan Barrett.

But 35 years before he coached 4 NBA all stars, he stalked the sidelines as a grammar school coach, persistently pressing for a high school coaching job of a St. Pat’s program that had struggled for a decade.

We all start somewhere in life, blogging-wise, and often, the beginnings are humble.

I was an unemployed security guard who did not know the definition of blogging, 10 years ago. Yet today, I circle the globe through blogging, having been featured on world famous sites. Struggling bloggers wrongly assume I was always successful, but 10 years ago, I was a broke, laid off security guard, not a successful blogger.

We all start somewhere.

Virtually all of us start from humble beginnings.

Never assume successful bloggers:

  • had it easy
  • were connected
  • were always successful
  • never had to face daunting obstacles
  • had everything handed to them

You need to be:

  • passionate
  • humble
  • confident
  • clear
  • patient
  • persistent
  • generous

to succeed with blogging. You need to have a vision, too. Kevin Boyle did not see himself as just a grammar school basketball coach. He saw himself building St. Pat’s into a national power, landed the job through being persistent and being passionate about the game, took some lumps, and eventually helped build the basketball team into one of the top 5 or 10 teams year in and year out, before heading to Montverde and turning that program into the dominant power in high school basketball.

Fools assume that he was always connected, that he got lucky and that everything fell into place for him. I can personally attest; seeing him stalk the sidelines in 1985, at tiny OLP in New Providence, New Jersey, I knew he was different than any CYO coach I had seen. I eventually followed his St. Patrick’s program for some 15 years after my high school career and still keep tabs on his success at Montverde.

The high school coach who turns out more NBA all stars than Coach K at Duke had the most humble beginnings. Remember this, if nobody seems to read your blog, right now. Develop a vision. See through blogging obstacles.

We all start somewhere, seemingly light years away from where we will be down the road.

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1 Mental Block that Plagued Every Blogger Who Ever Blogged



Unless you are the Dalai Lama, you, at one time or another, became highly attached to a single blog post. I do not care who you are. 8 figure bloggers allowed their fears to attach them to a blog post. 8 cent bloggers allowed fear to attach them to blog posts.

Now, the happiest, most successful bloggers face, hug and release this fear, for sure. But every blogger allowed fear to goad them to TRY LIKE HELL to drive traffic or profits to a single blog post. Or, being human and foolish, we allow fear-attachment to goad us into thinking that publishing a guest post on a blog with a million member community instantly leads to millions of dollars in blogging profits.


I recall being featured on Virgin Dot Com. Floored and humbled, for sure, but I was kinda detached about the feature, being more grounded in love and gratitude, and less fear-attached to any single platform, post or opportunity.

Happy, successful bloggers own this fear-attachment, let it go and adopt an abundance mentality. While most bloggers publish a single post and try to SQUEEZE as much out of it as possible, due to fear and attachment, I developed an abundance mentality and published 700 posts on Blogging Tips Dot Com. Heck; I have published 70 guest posts on the blog of Enstine Muki. For most bloggers, publishing 70 guest posts in total is quite a feat. I published 770 guest posts….between 2 blogs alone.


How am I so prolific?

I have largely conquered the fear of trying to GET as much traffic and profits as possible through any single blog post. I blog from an energy of love, fun and abundance, mainly, not fear, tension and scarcity. Few bloggers have mastered this mindset; only the happiest, most detached bloggers become so prolific, it makes our heads spin.

You Are Human

Of course you become a little attached to any one blog post. This is not a problem. But you need to be honest; the attachment is fear, and as the attachment and fear grow, you move from abundance and worldly success, to scarcity and blogging struggle.

A Good Mindset for Abundance Mentality

Alonzo Pichardo wisely advises to publish content, and let it do what it does. I agree. I never check metrics. Genuinely; if blogging is energy and if I am having fun, I reached my goal. Increasing success is imminent. I trust my feelings, not inanimate numbers on a screen. This is the abundance mentality in action.


Why this Mindset Prospers

I appear to be in a million places at once because I never attachment to any one post or video. Per Alonzo, I let the content do what it does. Not being shackled by stats, I keep creating, expand my presence, appear to be all over, and see greater success. Meanwhile, most fear-scarcity bloggers write a single post and waste their time and energy:

  • trying to GET as much as possible through it, promoting it in thousands of places over the next 30 days
  • obsessively checking post metrics every few minutes, or, every hour, after publishing the post
  • panicking and bailing on proven strategies when a single post does not meet their expectations

All while this crowd makes all these mistakes, I am publishing hundreds of pieces of content over the same month, and also, meeting tons of new bloggers through genuine blog commenting, enjoying the ride.

Publish a post, promote it in a few spots, then move on to the next post, video or blog comment.

Develop an abundance mindset.

See increased blogging success and enjoy the ride.

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