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Home Blogging: Give Your Room a Voice with Its Own Airbnb Blog




It all started with an idea to make a quick buck. “I might as well rent that spare bedroom every once in a while” or “I’m out of town this weekend, why not try to make some cash?” Now you’re loving the Airbnb life and the cash it brings in.

Why not capitalize on your adventures even more? It’s well-known that blogs can help businesses grow, but did you know they can be great for your Airbnb too?

If you have the writing bug and you want to build up your rental revenue, here’s how an Airbnb blog can help.

The Benefits of an Airbnb Blog

You’ll see articles all over the internet about how to make money as a blogger, but you can do even more by blogging about your Airbnb experiences. Here are the benefits you could enjoy.

Get More Bookings

Every business is a numbers game at some level or another, and that applies to side hustles too. Part of the battle for more bookings is to drive more traffic to your listing. A blog is a great way to do that.

If your blog is interesting, it will start getting attention. The more people read it, the more often it pops up in Google searches, bringing you even more traffic. And of course, everyone who sees your site will see links to your Airbnb listing too. All of a sudden you have more cash and less stress about paying the bills.

Legitimize Your Listing

You already know how nerve-wracking it can be to bring a stranger into your home. Renters feel the same way, never quite sure who they’re renting from. That’s especially true if they’re renting a room in the house while you’re there.

Your blog is a great way to put renters at ease. They can get a sense of who you are before they arrive, so they feel like they’re taking less of a gamble.

Just as important, your blog will show renters that you are, in fact, a real person. They’ll have no worries that you’re a nameless scammer who could leave them high and dry.

Add a Revenue Source

As much fun as it can be to meet new renters, the money is probably the main reason you use Airbnb. Why not bring in another way to make money?

In addition to bringing you more bookings, your Airbnb can be a revenue source on its own. You can sell ads, try affiliate marketing, and much more. There are plenty of ways to make money with your blog, but remember that the better your posts are, the more likely you are to bring in money.

Ideas for Your Airbnb Blog

Now that you know all the good your blog can do, there’s another big question mark: what do you blog about? Feel free to mix it up, and get started with these topic ideas.

Ask Guests to Contribute

One cool way to make your blog interesting is to tell the stories your renters have experienced during their stays. Of course, there’s a right way and a wrong way to do this. You don’t want to come off sounding creepy, as if you watched your guests the whole time.

If you spend time with your guests during their stay, you can blog about where you took them or what they enjoyed most. If they’ve had more solo adventures, you can ask them to jot down some of their favorite parts of the trip for your blog. They can even write the entire post if they so choose.

Whether you write the post or the guest does, make sure to respect their privacy. Never post any mention of a guest without their permission. Even if you do have their permission, be sure to change their names and don’t offer any identifying details.

Offer Tips for Fellow Hosts

Don’t assume it’s only future renters who will read your blog. You can build your audience even more by offering some content for other Airbnb hosts too. In fact, one of the biggest blogging mistakes is writing for too narrow of an audience.

Put your expertise to use and offer tips for hosts. Suggest ways to advertise their Airbnb or ways to get more bookings. Talk about the amenities your guests have enjoyed the most. Create an Airbnb checklist for beginners.

Some of these hosts could become guests themselves if they come to your hometown. Even if they don’t the traffic they provide will help your blog grow even more.

Suggest Local Activities

As an Airbnb host in your hometown, you make money off tourism to the area. Why not try to promote it on your blog?

Post about some of your guests’ favorite attractions in the area. Offer suggestions for your favorite local restaurants. You can even do this in a hyperlocal way, talking up the restaurants in your specific neighborhood.

You can also do this by writing about upcoming events in your area. Is there a big music festival on the schedule? There’s a blog post. What about a unique museum exhibit or a family festival? Those can make great blog posts too.

Highlight Your Latest Changes

On top of enticing people to visit your city, you can use your blog to encourage them to stay in your Airbnb specifically. Any time to make a cool update to your home or you buy a new nicety for your guests’ rooms, blog about it.

For more tips on how to best highlight the latest changes or features of your home, be sure to check out these interior design blogs. The better the photos and display of content on your blog for your rental property, the more likely you are to find success with an ongoing supply of new renters and AirBNB users.

Sometimes those details make the difference. They also tell renters that you’re attentive and that you truly care about creating a positive experience. Guests love knowing more about what to expect during their stay.

Embrace the Wonderful World of Blogging

We live in an age when people spend hours and hours online every day. Why not capitalize on it by giving them something interesting to ready and making some cash while you’re at it? That’s what your Airbnb blog can offer.

Of course, all these tips will require some writing ability. If you’re new to the blogging scene or if writing isn’t your forte, check out these blogging resources to help you get on track.

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My passion is with SEO and finding new markets that are gaining traction, while also building business models around them. This is what we are currently focusing on with

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Earning BIG Crypto Commissions with RunCPA Affiliate Network



The cryptocurrency market has changed many industries in unexpected ways. The affiliate marketing industry is one of the biggest examples. Not only can affiliate commissions and earnings be sent through crypto, it can also be transferred and used as forms of payment from thousands of other sites and businesses. Accepting crypto and having affiliate networks pay out in this currency, also allows for more individuals around the world to start benefiting from what an online business really has to offer.

A perfect example of these new opportunities, like within a new affiliate network named RunCPA, which is tapping the popularity of crypto to offer excellent services for affiliates and advertisers alike.

RunCPA is a crypto affiliate network that is changing the nature of affiliate marketing

RunCPA is a revolutionary affiliate network that was founded in 2014. This network was the first to rely exclusively on blockchain and crypto.

Over 5,000 affiliates have joined this growing network. Dozens of merchants have also signed up.

What is the appeal of RunCPA? Here are some of the main benefits.

Affiliates Can be Anonymous

Many people go into the affiliate marketing profession because they shy away from careers that require them to be in the public eye. You can run affiliate marketing campaigns from your home computer without ever having to engage with customers face-to-face.

However, other affiliate networks don’t allow you to be entirely anonymous. You need to submit your full name, a copy of your driver’s license or other government issued ID, your tax identification number and other identifying information. Your affiliate manager and other people in the network will know you by name.

This isn’t a big deal for everybody, but some people prefer staying entirely off the radar. RunCPA give them greater privacy.

When you create an account with RunCPA, you don’t need to share your name or proof of identity. You simply need to use your email address to create the account. You still have the option to link to your social networking accounts and provide your full name, which might be a good idea if you want more personalized support from the network. However, it is not at all necessary like it is with other networks.

You can receive instant payouts

Most affiliate networks make you wait for your payments. The payment methods aren’t always very convenient either. Here is a rundown of some of the payment policies of different networks:

  • Maxbounty requires customers to wait a week before getting paid if they use Payoneer as their payment method. If they use another payment method, they will be paid after a month.
  • PeerFly generally pays affiliates once a month. They can request to get paid more quickly, but they will need to accept a lower payout. The premium for getting paid more quickly depends on their payments threshold and how quickly they need to get their cash.
  • W4, Above All Offers and Global Wide Media all pay their affiliates on a net 30 basis.
  • ClickBank generally sends checks every two weeks, but affiliates need to wait a week or two after reaching their payment threshold before the check is sent out. They don’t have the option to get paid through PayPal, Payoneer, direct deposit, bitcoin or other digital payment options.

These options aren’t very convenient for most affiliates. You spend a lot of time and money generating traffic. Sometimes you need a faster cash flow so that you can be invest more money in your campaigns.

This is another reason why RunCPA is such an appealing network. You don’t get paid on a net 30 or 60 basis. Instead, you will receive a crypto payment as soon as you generate a conversion. This provides a strong cash flow, which makes it easier to make a living as an affiliate.

You should get fewer chargebacks and disputes from the merchants you work with

As frustrating as delayed payments are with most other affiliate networks, there is a much bigger issue that most affiliates have to deal with. They have to put up with having conversions reversed if the advertiser suspects the affiliate engaged in fraud or the customer disputes the charges. Unfortunately, sometimes advertisers and networks reverse leads that they suspect were fraudulently generated, even though the affiliate didn’t do anything wrong. This is incredibly frustrating for affiliates that act in good faith, only to discover that they aren’t getting paid for their conversions.

RunCPA uses state-of-the-art blockchain technology to process all conversions. This helps the network ensure that affiliates aren’t doing anything unscrupulous and that customers aren’t using stolen credit cards or other deceptive strategies to get chargebacks. Also, since purchases are usually made through crypto, there probably isn’t much recourse for customers to request a refund anyways.

This is great news for affiliates that have gotten sick of getting shortchanged by other networks. They know that they will get almost always get paid for the traffic that they send.

Dashboard is Simple and Easy to Follow

As expected, with the many different resources and metrics involved in affiliate marketing, you would expect for your affiliate platform to has an easy-to-use, yet also effective dashboard and account area. That is exactly what you will find with RunCPA and their GUI dashboard.

You can see what it looks like here:

You can easily see all of your traffic statistics, including earnings, the number of conversions that you have generated, clicks to your offers and your conversion rates. You can also browse listings of new offers that you can promote.

However, the main benefits and features of RunCPA lie within their tools and advanced tracking solution.

Maximize Your Earnings with an Ad Rotator

The experts at RunCPA understand that some offers convert much better than others. Unfortunately, most other affiliate networks require you to manually setup a number of separate campaigns to test the different offers in your vertical. They have a simple ad rotator, which allows you to use a single block of code on your website. Different offers will be shown to the visitors, so you can figure out which ones convert the best with minimal work.

In addition to everything else mentioned in this review, RunCPA also has the following measures in play to help affiliate marketers grow their revenue and traffic to that next level.

  • they have a private CPL only for trusted affiliates, that makes their catalogue of offers even bigger.
  • they have personal managers for the affiliates, which help choose best offers for the particular traffic type and open “private” offers.
  • they have the tools and resources in place to help educate affiliates their both personal manager and the content on their blog.

To learn more about each of these options, be sure to join their affiliate network and get in touch with your affiliate manager right away. You can also take a look at any of the top affiliate marketing forums and see RunCPA with an online rating and review page, while also having exposure and attendees at events around the world.

RunCPA is a Welcome Disruptor in the Affiliate Marketing Industry

Crypto is playing an important role in the future of affiliate marketing and the way we all accept and make payments in the world. RunCPA is the first network to not only use it to make things easier for affiliates and merchants alike, but also to base the main structure and focus of their platform on it.

If you want to join a network that allows you to anonymously promote offers, get paid instantly and quickly test offers and scale campaigns, then you should give it a try.

All you need is your email address to sign up. You can also browse available offers before creating your account.

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How To Create Effective Email Newsletters for Your Blog Post




newsletter example hero

Creating an effective email newsletter can be a daunting process, and it requires a lot of testing to figure out exactly what you should be doing.

Two primary metrics you should be measuring after you send your newsletter is the open rate and click-through rate.

The open rate corresponds to the percentage of people who opened your email in relation to the size of your email list.

And the click-through rate shows you the number of unique clicks the resource you’ve attached within the email received, that is, the unique clicks to your newly-published article.

Let’s start dissecting the creation of an email newsletter.

Your Email Subject Line

Initially, you would want to create an appealing email subject line and as you might already know your subject line is key to unlocking greater open rates for your email campaigns.

Things to avoid when creating a subject line:

  • Wordy subject lines (Keep them between 20-50 characters)
  • Using generic and blunt words
  • Over-promising & Over-selling

What you are ideally looking for is a short and to the point subject line!

For example let’s say we are trying to write a subject line for this article here which is titled: “How To Create an Effective Email Newsletter for Your Blog Posts”

Creating The Ultimate Subject Line

What I will do is brainstorm a couple of ideas that come to the top of my mind:

1st potential subject line: Let’s revamp your email newsletters!

This subject line includes the Let’s part which to the user is translated to I am going to show you how to do it.

Then revamp which is a fancy word for remake/build/create which provides some mystery to your subject line, therefore, intriguing your subscriber

And finally “your email newsletter!” provides that personal element that you personally will help them fix their own newsletters (which is true so we are not over-promising :D)

2nd potential subject line: Get your blog’s email newsletter from zero to hero

Similar to the above example although this time we set the value proposition to the end of the subject line.

This might sound a bit counter-productive, right?

Nope, because we are directly capturing the attention of your email readers by having a strong initial action “Get your blog’s”.

3rd potential subject line: Crafting the ultimate email newsletter for your blog

This one here is a really interesting example because we are using the adjective “ULTIMATE” which evokes strong emotions to your email subscribers which can result in an increase in open rates!

Which one do you think is the best to use?  Let me know in the comments below!

Depending on the email marketing software you are using you will have the option to A/B test your subject lines.

A/B testing allows you to test two variations of email subject lines and choose a winner based on their open rate or click through rate.

This works by sending these two subject lines to a small sample of your email list.

The Body of your Email

Assuming that your email subject line did its job your email subscriber is now expected to read the body of your email.

You want to provide a copy that’s both intriguing to the reader and with a clear call to action.

A call to action or CTA  can be a button within your email that prompts the user to click in order to continue reading your super AWESOME long-form article around that subject.

To better understand how to write amazing copy we are going to take a look at two email newsletter companies are using to promote their blog posts and one from a serial blogger.

Well, you might be thinking why we are looking at how companies are doing their email newsletter, “I am not a company”, I am just an aspiring blogger and want to promote my content.

Thus, my defense here is that taking a look at how companies promote their posts will provide you with great information on how to professionally structure your email as well as how to place CTAs.

It’s a great starting point to get ideas!

3 Email Newsletter Examples

Here is an amazing example of suspense building with two clear CTAs by Moosend.

email newsletter example

And another one here by Sumo where they include a staggering 3 CTAs going to the same destination, interesting to say the least!

email newsletter example

Now the blogger example. How a single blogger promotes it’s blog posts with email, are you ready to be impressed with the simplicity?

Brian Dean from Backlinko has to be the King of straight to the point simple looking newsletter.

backlinko newsletter example

The reason behind creating so simple looking newsletter to promote your content is that this type of email will seem so familiar to your readers it’s like receiving an email from a friend that has an amazing article attached for you to read.

And choosing the right template for your email body is no easy task you will have to test and adjust your copy and when you see the click-through rate going up that means you hit gold!


That should be all for today’s article, hope you enjoyed it.

Remember that creating an effective email newsletter to promote your blog is not an easy task it will take time and a lot of effort, but the results will be all worth it.

Let me know what you think in the comments below!

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8 Tips to Gain Blogging Confidence



I cannot lie. I am a pretty confident guy. But Rye used to be shy.

All struggle is a lack of confidence. All success is confidence.

No need to have cajones the size of the King of Bayonne guys but you need some confidence and clarity to be a successful blogger.

Follow these tips.

1: Promote Yourself Early and Often

Lorraine Reguly promotes herself like we breathe. She is clear and confident on promoting her products and services. Evidence being her ample promotion.

Promote yourself like the dickens. Gain blogging confidence.

2: Hang with Confident Bloggers

Hang with confident bloggers. Feast on their confidence. Learn their ways.

Jan Verhoeff is confident. She is clear. Follow her.

3: Spend Time in a Quiet Room

All my blogging problems grow in noise. All my blogging problems dissolve in a quiet room.

Being quiet expands your awareness, helping you face, embrace and release fears that try to strangle your confidence. Spend more time in quiet. Spend less time in noise.

4: Be Pulled outside of Your Comfort Zone

I am operating on 2 hours of sleep. Jet lag in Oman. Writing this post pulls me outside of my comfort zone, goading me to both face fears and boost confidence. Growth, fun, happiness, freedom and greater confidence greet you kindly outside of your comfort zone.

5: Brand Yourself like a Boss

Check out this guy:

I circle the globe with paperbacks and eBooks and stuff to brand me and to boost my confidence. Most bloggers lack the confidence and clarity to brand themselves with paperbacks and shirts and cups and hats. Not me. Been there, always doing that.

Brand yourself and your blog to boost your belief in self.

6: Promote Other Bloggers

Abundant, confident bloggers freely promote other bloggers, having the confidence and clarity to give up their stream freely.

Alonzo Pichardo is a shining example in this regard. He oozes confidence by freely promoting other bloggers, including promoting me like it is going out of style.

Promote bloggers through your blog and social media. Feel and release fears concerning giving up your stream.

7: Practice Writing

Practice writing 500-1000 words daily. Increase your blogging confidence through repetition.

Write, write and write some more. Be diligent. Be automatic.

Writing my rear off gave me major league blogging confidence.

I wrote thousands of posts and 126 eBooks by practicing like mad, increasing my trust in self.

Vishwajeet Kumar practices writing religiously, improving his writing confidence and clarity.

8: Do Not Beginner Blogger BS Yourself

Guys; some new bloggers talk a good game, mean well and start off on solid footing but BS themselves in the confidence department. I spoke to a few wee blogging lads who claimed to be confident but the minute I invited them to display faith through commenting, guest posting, promoting other bloggers or blogging on specific topics, most fall like a house of cards.

Newbie bloggers; you lack confidence. As you should. You have all the skills of a newborn baby, screaming for the basics. You are about as green as Kermit the Frog after riding on a steam ship during a hurricane, showing serious seasickness.

Lying to yourself about being confident – when you lack confidence – makes your blogging duties tougher, multiples your struggles and guarantees your failure because you cannot succeed online being burdened with the heavy yokes of fear, doubt and anxiety.

Wrap Up

Be clear. Be bold. Be confident.

Follow these tips to boost your blogging confidence freely.

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