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Blogging for Beginners: 1 Surefire Way to Accelerate Your Success Quickly



Blogging for beginners becomes easier and easier if you do one thing.

Focus on wins.

Every positive blogging step is a win.

Buying your domain and hosting is a win. Publishing your first blog post is a win. Buying my blogging audio course is a win because you accelerate your success by learning from a pro.

If you focus on wins and feel successful your success expands. Where your attention and energy goes, grows.

Blogging for Beginners

I feel even more successful than I did earlier today; and I felt super successful earlier today.


I Googled “pro blogging tips” and saw two of my articles on page 1:

Successful Blogging Tips: Befriend Pro Bloggers

Pro Blogging Tips: Are You Sharing the Struggle and Success?

Feels good. I see the win. I step into the win. I feel more successful.

I Googled “digital nomad mistakes” and saw two of my articles on page 1:

10 Lessons in Failure from 10 Digital Nomads (I was featured in article)

5 Digital Nomad Mistakes and Corrections

I feel good. 2 more wins. 2 more successes. As I devote my energy to success I keep seeing success. Like a success runaway freight train.

But you need to keep focusing on success to see more success.

Newbie bloggers accelerate their success moment ridiculously quickly if they keep building on all the wins during early days.

Focus on these wins. Feel good. Feeling good aligns you with greater success.

Beginner Blogger Wins

  • investing in your domain and hosting
  • writing your first blog post
  • publishing your first blog post
  • publishing your first comment on a blog
  • receiving your first blog comment
  • sending your first tweet containing a blog post
  • investing in a premium theme
  • Sharing your first blog post on Facebook
  • getting mentioned on a blog for the first time

Every single step toward greater success is a win. Every single step toward greater success is success. Focus on how good these wins feel. Feel even more successful. Act from a success-filled energy. See greater success. Cut your learning curve by years as you hit the ground running.

Why This Is a Surefire Way to Succeed

You focus on new blogger wins, feel like a winner and emit a success conscious vibe.

Here is a win from my trip to Doha, Qatar.

Feeling successful inspires you to create helpful content and to link to top bloggers through your content.

You share your dream and proven tips to help your readers. Guaranteed; you will catch a successful blogger’s eye, doing this from an abundant vibe. I regularly notice success-seeking, posturing, new bloggers. I may retweet said bloggers or Share their latest post on Facebook. You see more traffic and profits per my promotion. More traffic. More profits. More success.

Your success focus put it all into motion. Your chosen energy put it all into success. Your peaceful, calm, detached, relaxed vibe inspired me to promote you and your inspired work.

This is the surefire approach to blogging success because life follows your energy. Life follows your focus. Focus on success as a newbie and you become successful more quickly than most newbie bloggers.

Most new bloggers struggle by focusing on their struggles. Most new bloggers fail because they focus on their failures.

Focus on your dreams; not your dread. Focus on your success; not your struggle. If you face an obstacle just solve it. Or go to the pros who teach you how to solve it. Case closed. Obstacle solved. Feel super successful, and accelerate your success.

Be Cool and Calm

I am feeling cool and calm now. At 12:01 PM on Monday, in Thailand, I listen to traditional Thai music during the Thai New Year celebration called Songkran.

I feel like I could go to sleep. Not because I am exhausted, but because being here feels peaceful and serene.

New bloggers; take this same cool, calm, chill, success vibe with you today, going forward. You will see success and align with top bloggers more quickly by maintaining a detached, serene vibe.

Keep Mining Your Wins

You can never lose anything as a new or pro blogger. Win after win unfolds. Everything is a win, gain or success. Focus on mining wins and you have more wins to mine because where your attention and energy goes, grows.

Check out my win-success; from one of my trips to Costa Rica.

blogging for beginners

See wins. See goodness. See growth.

Give your attention and energy solely to your wins. Each win acts like a building block of success.


See your latest blog post as a win.

See the first blog visitor as winning. Ditto for the second blog visitor.

I still do this now with each comment and Like on Facebook and I write for a million member readership via Positively Positive. See success and see it all as a win and your wins expand in spectacular fashion.

Before I was living in places like Fiji and Bali for 4 and 6 months and before I drove 44,000 monthly visitors to my blog I saw each:

  • visitor
  • blog comment
  • dollar in blogging profit

as a win.

That’s a lot of wins. That is a lot of feeling good. That is a lot of feeling successful.

The more successful I feel, the more successful I become.

Where your attention and energy goes, grows.

Following Winning Bloggers

Follow winning bloggers like David Boozer. He is a top internet marketing coach.

David shares inspiring videos from his paradise in the Pacific Northwest. He helps you see wins, to see your success, so you too can see greater and greater success.

You can succeed and will succeed. You are successful right now.

Count all of your wins.

Since everything leads you toward greater success all you are doing as a beginner blogger is succeeding.

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Ryan Biddulph is the owner of Blogging From Paradise. He's a blogger, author and world traveler who's been featured on Richard Branson's Virgin Blog, Forbes, Fox News, Entrepreneur Dot Com and Neil Patel Dot Com. Ryan can help you become a full time blogger with his course.

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What Does Your Blog Need?



I wrote an eBook explaining what your blog needs:

6 Things Your Blog Needs Today

Success finds bloggers who cover all bases.

If you need nothing and feel your blog needs nothing, you succeed and live your wildest dreams.

Successful bloggers know adding the right elements to blogs and beginning blogs the right way accelerates your success. Plus it feels good to begin blogging intelligently.

What does your blog need?

1: Domain and Hosting

Invest in a domain and hosting.

Accelerate your blogging success.

Domain names make you stand out.

Observe how Pat Flynn invested in Smart Passive Income.

Of course you know immediately; the blogger covers smart passive income. Passive income seekers know the resource because Pat bought a domain name.

He also invested in hosting to ensure he owned his blog.

Take this step to control:

  • branding
  • income potential
  • blog voice

Own your site. You need to own your blog to be in control of your blogging campaign.

2: Premium Theme

Invest money in a premium theme.

Stand out from the crowd.

Circulating money on a premium, eye-catching, clear theme emits a professional, impressive, powerful message.

This was from one of my many trips to Thailand.

Readers see you are a serious, successful or success-seeking, blogger. Of course you gain trust and grow your readership quickly by investing money in a premium theme.

Why do you need a premium theme? Would you trust a blogger who uses a cheap-looking, heavy, non-professional theme? If someone cannot afford to invest $60 in a premium theme you better not trust their advice, their insight and their sharing. Why? Serious, skilled bloggers never allow $60 to dictate their life’s direction and failing, struggling, unskilled bloggers make the foolish decision to not chase their dreams over $60.

3: Content

Content drives blogs.

Your blog needs content to:

  • prove you know your stuff
  • spread your presence online
  • inspire readers to follow you
  • inspire readers to trust you

Visit Blogging From Paradise.

Look around for a few minutes. Read 3 of my recent posts. Do you see why content drives the blogging engine?

Imagine if you saw only 1 blog post. Every blogger begins somewhere but publishing helpful content from a generous, success-focused energy distances you from most bloggers in your niche.

Imagine seeing 1 to 5 blog posts on a blog. Good introduction no doubt.

Imagine seeing 50 to 100 blog posts on a blog. Massive impact.

Focus less on post numbers and more on being generous with time and talents. Content just shows off what you know.

As folks see you know your stuff thru your volume of helpful posts you begin to:

  • increase traffic
  • boost your blogging profits
  • expand your presence
  • increase brand awareness
  • help more folks
  • make a big impact in your niche

Content makes everything grow.

Publish content on the regular to become a successful blogger.

Focus on Your Dreams

Concentrate on your dreams from a relaxed, chill energy.

You need dreams to feel the calm, detached confidence of bloggers who invest in:

See your blogging wins now. You succeed now. Own it.

Feel good about your blogging career. You are rocking it out.

Succeed, being the blogger who covers all blogging needs.

Bonus Need

Invest in a blogging course.

Your blog – and you – need a blogging blueprint to follow in order to succeed from a calm, confident, orderly, relaxed energy.

Blog like a success.

Learn from the best to become a successful blogger.

Courses just give you a structure for learning in the proper format.

Imagine sitting down in a classroom to learn disciplines from a professor.

You do the same thing through a blogging course.

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How Can You Turn Criticism into Blogging Profits?



I wrote an entire eBook on lessons I learned from critics:

6 Life Lessons I Learned from Nasty Critics

As you see greater blogging success, you get criticized.

No blogger avoids criticism.

Learning how to convert nasty criticism into blogging profits helps you be a highly successful blogger.

Picture This

Imagine someone tossing big rocks at you.

Fools step in front of the rocks, injuring themselves.

Idiots catch the rocks and throw said rocks back at folks, wasting precious time and energy on rock tossing morons.

Wise humans avoid the rocks, allowing the stones to reach terra firma, and build a castle from all the granite-type rocks tossed their way.

Highly successful, happy bloggers are like wise humans; building something meaningful and profitable from inevitable criticism, versus taking criticism personally (stepping in front of rocks) or fighting critics (throwing rocks back at rock throwers).

I wrote 2 eBooks on the topic.

In addition to the prior eBook I also wrote:

How to Turn Harsh Blogging Criticism into Sweet Blogging Profits: 11 Tips

Observe the product page.

I profit through an:

  • eBook version
  • audio book version
  • paperback version
  • mass market paperback version

of the topic.

I make money through 4 income streams based on teaching folks how to profit through blogging criticism.

How can you convert criticism into coin?

Follow these tips.

Breathe Deeply and Relax

Most humans:

  • fight criticism
  • feel the sting of criticism
  • feel embarrassed about being criticized
  • fight critics
  • go into a shell after being criticized

Breathe deep. Relax.

Feel energies and emotions in reaction to being criticized.

Release said energies.

Be calm, confident and poised.

Establish the proper energy for profiting through criticism.

Gain Clarity

Criticism is a projection of individual; we see ourselves in others.

100% of the time, critics speak 100% of themselves, not you, through their criticism.

Knowing this, you do not take criticism personally. Ditto for gaining clarity in all you do, blogging-wise.

I reacted with anger, annoyance, embarrassment and shame on reading my first few 1 star audio book reviews. Turns out, those fear-based feelings needed to be addressed and released for me to generate more income through audio books.

Increased profits flow to bloggers who feel clear on income channels.

Being criticized forces you to face, embrace and release fears concerning income channels, said clearing resulting in clarity and greater sales.

If you react negatively to criticism, the reaction suggests you have fears to feel and clear regarding the criticism. Clearing these negative energies allows more profits to flow through the income streams because fear strangles income while clarity increases income.

Convert Criticism into Tangible Products

Turn hate into create.

Convert criticism into tangible profits.

Note my 2 eBooks, my audio book and paperback.

Create an online course to help your readers process criticism.

Strike while the iron feels hot; create immediately after receiving criticism to allow your prolific ideas to flow.

Add a price tag.


See Problems and Profit in Projection

I create:

  • blog posts
  • guest posts
  • videos
  • podcasts

based on critical projections bandied about by critics.

Critics may or may not see errors in their ways.

This was from my 2 month trip to Oman.

I just stress how criticizing promotes their failure, strangles success and prolongs misery and suffering, based on my content.

If critics wake up and read, these folks become likely readers, fans, customers and clients, because if I solved their problems for free I can solve their problems for pay.

Profit through the Discipline of Detached Observation

Observing feelings from a detached, calm, confident energy versus reacting to feelings is a skill most millionaires cultivate.

What better way can you develop this skill than by reading and processing criticism without reacting to your emotions?

Wealthy bloggers observe knee jerk reactions in their being, feel energies, release, and proceed to profit. You see immense patience, persistence, poise and profiting. But the blogger just watches, feels and releases, versus reacting.

Move Up the Energetic Ladder into More Prospering, Higher Circles by Ignoring Critics

Critics vibe from a fear-based, lower, poverty conscious energy.

Ignore these folks to rocket higher in blogging circles, toward a loving, prosperity conscious, profitable energy.

I made blogging friends in high places by completely ignoring lower energy folks, some of whom criticized me and my blog.

Starve lower energies.

Make room for higher energies.

Profit, free yourself and see increasing blogging success.


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What Do You Sell and How Do You Sell It?



One easy way to make money blogging is to get clear on calling folks to buy your stuff and hire you.

Invest in my blogging course.

Visit my blog for blogging ebooks and blogging audiobooks.

Advertise on my blog.

Paypal me.

See how easy?

I clearly call you to invest.

You invest.

Simply put, knowing what you sell and how you sell it increases your blogging profits because people respond to your energy.

Prior lines? Each feels clear and comfortable to me. I know what I offer. Of course I know how I offer it. How, meaning, how I feel offering.

Imagine feeling light, airy, calm, confident and detached as you call readers to buy or hire. Money feelings. Good.

But imagine feeling heavy, resistant, uncomfortable, awkward or embarrassed calling readers to buy or hire.

Your greatest pro blogging success occurs by shifting from heavy to light during money calls.

Or feeling light, airy, detached and clear on calls because you freely share what you sell and sell with clarity results in big blogging profits.

Audio Books

I note a spike in audio book sales and reviews. Of course I barely touched my audio books over 3 years. I generate almost completely passive income; the audio books sell themselves.

After seeing royalty payments recently I pondered the passive blogging income; I barely actively sell ‘em so the what and how seems non-existent. But detaching just lets what and how unfold gracefully and beautifully, resulting in virtually complete passive income.

This was from my trip to Bali.

Getting almost 100% clear on what and how results in ever increasing, passive profits.


Blogging is energy.

Blogging Energy

Imagine feeling clear on receiving money from someone. You just accept it.

A friend buys lunch. You cheerily accept.


Your energy dictates you clearly accept and enjoy the money or purchase.

Ditto for blogging income streams. Emit the same clear, relaxed, accepting, receiving energy. Money flows to you thru clear streams. Of course my audiobooks sell passively; I am clear on that channel.

Boosting your blogging profits requires you freely offer what you sell and sell from a clear, confident, abundant, knowing, detached energy.

Example; note how I include 1 or more calls to action for all blog posts and videos. I offer what I sell freely. My readers never need guess. Clarity. No hiding or awkwardness or discomfort. I am clear. I sell.

How do I sell? Of course, from a calm, clear, confident, knowing I am successful energy. Naturally, I sell and profit because my energy around what and how feels clear to me.

Next Level Profits

Profit like top bloggers in your niche.

Get clear on receiving money.

Visualize yourself owning ample money. Feel rich.

I enjoy counting money in mind so it feels real to me. Swiftly, I make money through iTunes, Bitcoin and Quora, as has been the case recently.

Bitcoin and Quora are neither directly related to blogging but so goes money; it cares not channels, it justs finds bloggers clear on receiving money. Plus my blogging related profits increase too.

Picturing your wealth serves you because what feels real in mind flows into your experience.

Money and worldly success find you through profitable ideas, people and circumstances.

Execute the ideas from a chill, relaxed energy. Profit.

Freely offer what you offer. Promote yourself through every blog post and video. Tell us what you sell; we want to buy it. Sell with clarity. Know success and profits are yours; promote with clarity, detachment and a knowing that you already have profits because mind owns profits.

Blogging Is Not That Hard for Mind Scientists

Every day, my email inbox delights me.

My visualization sessions yield fascinating, profitable opportunities.

Mind creates reality.

As within, so without.

Blogging is not that hard at all for bloggers who visualize success, who feel rich, who count their blogging wins and who keep things positive.

Success follows success-focused bloggers.

Profits follow rich-feeling, riches-seeing bloggers.

As within, so without.

Get clear on selling and receiving money.



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