Yesterday marks the first week I spent in Qatar.

With an average household income of $400,000 USD this is the wealthiest country on earth.

I learned 3 distinct blogging lessons from my stay here.

Lessons that can help you build a successful blog.

1: Convenience Wins

I visited a mall called The Villaggio.

This Venice themed mall showcases:

  • a series of canals (like Venice, Italy and yes, INSIDE of a mall)
  • gondola rides
  • a ferris wheel, go kart track and mini amusement park
  • a full-sized ice hockey rink
  • a plethora of stores, restaurants and services
  • parking attendants who will wash your car during your mall visit if you request this service

We even spotted what seemed to be runway lights when we walked into the parking lot at the airport. The red and green lights simply indicated available or taken parking spots. Neat!

Convenience wins in this wealthiest country on earth.

While some may feel the mall is over the top, think of it this way: in a climate where temperatures reach 120 degrees F every day during summer months you can either sit in the air conditioning at home or do a bunch of fun things in an air conditioned mall.

Likewise, with all the wind and dust storms that blow through the parking attendants offer a valued service in washing your car while you shop.

How convenient is your blog?

How easily can readers:

  • subscribe to your email list?
  • buy your eBooks?
  • buy your courses?
  • get in touch with you?

My contact link is prominent on my blog. So is my opt-in form.

All my eBooks and courses are pretty much 1 click to buy deals.

Easy wins.

Convenient wins.

2: Enter into the Spirit of Opulence

I spent yesterday on The Pearl.

This man-made island is an oasis teeming with luxury yachts, the world’s most exotic super cars and enough 4 and 5 star hotels to make your head spin.

The Qatari people live in the spirit of opulence. You know what? It makes YOU feel rich, wealthy and prospering to be amid such stunning symbols of wealth.

The whole of Doha is not much different. I see Lamborghinis, Porsches and Ferraris on a daily basis. I even saw 3 Al Thani palaces, each of which could qualify for having its own zip code.

Surrounding yourself with images of wealth makes you feel wealthy, which then moves you into wealth-creating actions.

Enter into a spirit of opulence. Spend money on premium hosting. Spend money on a CDN. Buy eBooks. Buy courses.

Surround yourself with inspiring, successful bloggers. Feast on their prosperity. Feel abundant.

Investing intelligently on your blog and making friends with rocking bloggers helps you develop a more loving, abundant vibe which promotes your blogging success.

3: Teamwork Makes the Dream Work

Recently I wrote a similarly titled post explaining how teamwork makes the dream work.

Here in Qatar folks are prepping for the World Cup in 2022.

Qataris only make up 250,000 of the country’s population of 2.3 million people.

Ex-pats and migrant workers provide the bulk of the population.

Although most ex-pats work office jobs the migrating workers are teaming up to build soccer stadiums and all forms of infrastructure for the impending World Cup.

This dream of Qatar is becoming manifest because of team work.

Strength in numbers.

Build a team around you. Build a blogging community.

I make new blogging friends daily and strengthen old bonds because teamwork helped me live even beyond my wildest dreams.

1 person can do little. A supportive community can create miracles.

Your Turn

What blogging lessons did you learn today?

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