One of the most important things every blogger should do is develop a system that keeps on generating income for them for years to come and when it comes to developing a system the importance of having a mailing list should never be underestimated.

I didn’t realize the importance of building a mailing list of active buyers until late in my blogging career, I decided to try out building a mailing list and at just a little over 140 subscribers I was able to make $50 by sending one email to my list. Just take a look at that, that was only an email, and it was sent to less than 150 subscribers. What if I had ten times that number of subscribers? What if I had hundred times that number of subscribers? What if I sent the email to my list 3 times or more? Your list is one thing, and your knowledge on how to make money from it is another thing so the importance of building a list of hungry buyers should never be underestimated.

It is also important that you realize that when it comes to building a mailing list the larger your list, the more you can make and you should also realize that not all traffic is equal. I have tested a squeeze page of mine to convert at around 80% (that is 80 out of 100 people) for a particular traffic source while the same squeeze page converts at around 20% for another traffic source. So when it comes to building a mailing list, the size of your list and where your traffic comes from are of utmost importance. Since you can’t build a list without traffic the main aim of this post will be to give you tips on gaining more traffic to your landing page which will in turn result in subscribers.

Also, so that you know that building a mailing list works, I was recently looking at my overall traffic source and I noticed my mailing list was the top traffic source to my blog in general (I started building a mailing list around 4 months after starting my blog), my mailing list has sent several thousands of visitors to my blog and the visitors from my mailing list are one of the best converting visitors to my blog. They take more action on my blog, spend more time reading my blog and do their best to share and interact with my content. Below are some tips on how to effectively grow your mailing list as a blogger.

1. Make Use of Referral Services

As a blogger who has been blogging for over a year now I have been observing visitors to my blog and how they interact and I have noticed that visitors who come to my blog through another person’s recommendation spend more time on my blog. Building a successful online business is all about trust and since there is a lot of information online it becomes difficult for people to know which one to follow so they look for the help of people they trust and this can make a difference in you getting results or not.

With a lot of competition online now it is becoming even difficult to get people to recommend you to others so a lot of tools have been developed to help you get more people to recommend your services to others in exchange for an incentive. The incentive can be in form of a free ebook, software or plugin and people will have to refer 1 or 2 visitors (or more depending on what you set) to be able to get the incentive. One of the best tools that can be used for this is the Viral List Builder Plugin (You should know that I’m a cofounder of Viral List so my views might be biased, but it doesn’t really hurt to try it).

2. Guest Blogging

If you’ve been reading my work for sometimes now you’d have noticed how much emphasis I do lay on guest blogging.

Guest blogging is a great way to market your blog and your business and it is one of the most used way to build an audience now. All you have to do is look for a top blog in your niche, study and observe the blog and its audience and craft a great post that meets with the blog audience. In return, you will be able to include some details about you and a link to your blog below your post and through this you can get more exposure, traffic and quality links to your blog. In this case, you won’t be linking to your blog in your guest post but your email list landing page so you can capture visitors from your guest post to your mailing list.

3. Split Testing

Even though I’m no expert when it comes to this it has been fun working on it so far. I have been hearing about split testing for a long period of time but I haven’t had the courage to try it, I recently decided to test it when I launched my ebook on how I make money online and the results has been awesome so far.

What split testing does is help you test 2 or more pages so that when visitors try to access your squeeze page they will be showed different squeeze pages randomly (depending on the number of pages you’re split testing). What I mean is if you decide to split test 3 squeeze pages and 90 people visited your squeeze page they will be divided into 30 visitors each (making 3 groups) and each group will be shown a different squeeze page. The highest converting squeeze page will then be determined so you can make it a permanent squeeze page. A lot of people underestimate this strategy, but believe me, it works.