Photo sharing is hot right now! how-to-use-pinterest-to-promote-your-blog-1

Pinterest came on board and wowed everyone with their pinboard and the user-friendly interface.

The entire blogosphere is still trying to recover from the impact of professional photo sharing.

Only few people actually used Flickr to promote their images.

In fact, I didn’t know about photo sharing in the real sense of it, until I saw the the ‘extra’ feather’ from this social media network – Pinterest.

If you want to get the full benefits of Photo sharing, I’ve 3 tips to get you started. It’s not about uploading beautiful photos, but the effect on your business is what counts.

Be Relevant

Photo sharing is an arm of content marketing. And as simple as it is, it may not produce results for you, if it lacks relevancy. The first step is to study your niche, understand how people interact with images (both good and bad images) and find a spot to strike a great bargain.

Being relevant is the key to winning. The other day,  I logged into my Pinterest account and saw a lot of pins from my Uplines. It seems everyone is pinning home decor-photos, fashion and food images.

What happened to internet marketing images, or business-like photos?

And needless to say, I didn’t waste time acknowledging these pins. I simply clicked-away and scoured other pins. Be relevant, that’s the only way to achieve tremendous success with Photo sharing networks. You might be tempted to pin and repin that beautiful picture which does not connect with your audience, please don’t – always keep this in mind!

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Optimize Images On Your Blog

If you must pin images directly from your blog, then make sure it’s properly optimized. I’m talking about SEO optimization principles here. Add a title, a description, and an “alt” text when using images for blog post.

When you’ve done this, you can pin the image on your pinboard and get others to repin, like and comment.

And the best part is, Google can crawl, index and rank your Pinned images – this would send additional targeted traffic from organic search. You may not break-even with your primary keywords, because of competition from your counterparts, but you could trounce millions of web pages and appear on Google’s homepage using images.

Pinterest images are also dofollow – that’s an awesome link-juice which Google spiders can follow.

Connect and Share Valuable Images

I talked about relevancy above. It’s very important, but don’t forget to offer valuable contents (images) to your followers.

When someone follows you on Pinterest, he/she has a deep conviction you won’t fail and trust your opinions. They believe you can help their business grow, or add values to their lives. Don’t disappoint these people with irrelevant and crappy photos. Before you pin a photo, ask yourself, “what would this photo do for my follows, and how does it enhance my self-image.”

Photo sharing has more to offer than connecting with potential consumers. It also reveals the ‘real’ you – what you dislike and how you see life; your hopes, faith and virtues. When I repin an image, it reveals something about me – taste!

Over to you…

How has photo sharing helped your blog – what do you think of Pinterest? Is it a time-waster or a potential traffic source – Share your comments and let’s grow together. See you at the top!

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