I watched an inspired Steve Jobs documentary last night.

The man was legend.

He has inspired me from the ethers. I never was a tech guy but learned to appreciate his genius after his passing, diving deeper into my entrepreneur journey.

I pondered a few questions for picking a blogging niche after watching the bio.

Struggling bloggers make the common mistake of picking a blogging niche based solely on outcomes. Said lost blogging souls research profit potential and demand, choose a niche yielding huge profits, with ample hungry folks driving the niche, and tend to fail terribly. Why? How can you possibly succeed if your primary driver consists of making money? Imagine if Steve Jobs drove his vision for Apple on money? He would have quit a few months into his entrepreneurial career because, like all of us, he made zero money early on. Plus, he would have quit when Apple ran into billion dollar losses, because vanishing money would have meant his driver vanished, too.

Foolish bloggers pick a niche based on profit potential. Profits never appear for bloggers new to a niche. Motivator lost. Struggles ensue. Dis-interest takes over. Failure, then quitting.

How in the goodness could I write and self-publish 100 plus eBooks, including this one, when I knew many would not gain traction for years?

I never wrote an eBook to make money. I wrote eBooks because I love writing and I love helping people build successful blogs. The love-passion helped me keep blogging and also led to increasing traffic and profits for me over the long term.

I picked my niche based on my passion, like the great Steve Jobs.

You better do the same.

1: Do You Feel Incredibly Passionate About the Niche?

Job’s enthusiasm for technology has not been rivaled by another human being. Namely, because no human inspired billions of humans to embrace tech, how Jobs had. Only an incredibly passionate person could fuel their business journey in such fashion.

You better be passionate about your niche. Passion fuels you through ups and downs, learning and struggling, succeeding and earning.

2: Would You Blog if You Never Got Paid for Blogging?

Jobs’ passion seemed to be the reward. Money was a bonus, no big deal. He lived a Spartan life, owning a home with few things. He cared little of money. Big time factor in his stunning success; he loved the process and cared little of outcomes.

Would you blog in the niche sans pay? I observed John Chow at Affiliate Summit East sharing how he would have blogged without making a dime because he was detached from outcomes, blogging solely for fun and enjoyment. All stunningly successful bloggers share this level of joy, and detachment, in selecting a niche.

3: Do You Solve Some Pressing Problem?

Steve Jobs saw a fragmented, non-connected world prior to the iMac, but the “Internet” Mac slowly but surely connected humans through tech. Fast forward to the iPhone, the smart phone that created the smart phone craze of today, and he created a niche that connected the world, all iPhone owners connecting to both endless information, and humanity.

What pressing problem do you solve in your blogging niche?  Mike Allton helps you be a better blogger at Blogging Brute. Meg shares travel tips at Mapping Megan. Each pro solves some pressing problem to connect deeply with readers.

Pick your blogging niche based on your passion. Solve a pressing problem. Enjoy the ride. The work becomes the reward. Be generous, patient and persistent on your journey to greater blogging success.