Guest blogging is a very popular and effective way to get traffic to a blog and it has turned a lot of new bloggers to celebrity almost overnight. Guest blogging has a lot of advantages including traffic, link building, reputation boosting and this is no doubt why every blogger wants to get his/her guest post published on another blog. Guest blogging with results isn’t only about writing your guest post and the reality is that a large percentage of guest authors will hardly get their guest post published on the blog of their choice.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re targeting big blogs or small blogs, there are some things that will make sure your guest posts never get published and this post will be listing some of them.

1. Your Guest Post is Irrelevant

A major mistake many people make when trying to submit a guest post is submitting an irrelevant blog post to another blog. If you’re submitting a guest post about fishing to a blog about cooking then you should know it will never be published.

Relevancy is very important when it comes to guest blogging because it is also important to blogging success. Every blogger has an audience he wishes to satisfy and most bloggers will go to any length to satisfy their audience because that is the only way to achieve success. You can’t expect me to publish your article on skateboarding on my blog when my main audience are bloggers willing to make money online. The first step is to realize who the audience of the blog you’re trying to target are. Craft the best post you can that caters towards this audience and the rest will take effect.

2. You Litter Your Posts With Links

Even though some bloggers love to help and believe you have to get results from you writing from them no blogger will tolerate you littering their blog with links. There is no point in submitting a post to a blogger’s blog and encouraging his readers to visit your blog to get the information that is supposed to be included in the post. It is either you write or you don’t. Every blog has a place for you to include a link to your blog and introduce yourself and it is very important not to include a link to your blog in your content unless it is completely relevant. You have to prove to the blogger that you’re not just writing for your own self interest but for the mutual benefit of both of you.

3. You Believe it is Your Right to Get Your Blog Post Published and so You Misbehave

It doesn’t matter what my standard is for writing a guest post for my blog and it doesn’t matter whether you meet that standard or not, as a blogger, I still reserve the right to publish your post or not. It doesn’t matter whether you are the best in your niche and you’re sending me the best post ever written, I reserve the right to publish it or not. A lot of guest bloggers make a silly mistake of being rude in their emails when trying to approach other bloggers because they believe it is their right to get their blog post published on a blog. You can’t sue a blogger because he didn’t publish your guest post so you should always do your best to ensure you’re in the good light of every blogger.