If you are looking for ways to create ebooks easily and give it to your blog subscribers, continue reading the post as you will be finding the solution in this post. I have written in this blog a couple months ago that to increase your subscribers, giving an ebook is an effective method. But I have been asked by a few people on how to create valuable ebooks without spending much time or doing hard work. Here’s three ways you can follow to create simple yet effective ebooks to give it away in your blog as a gift to those who subscribe.

eBooks are Great for Blogging

1. Write A Series Post And Make It An Ebook
In my blog, a month before, I wrote a series of articles on blog commenting. Writing series post doesn’t take much time. It takes the same time as you write normal posts for your blog. You only need to put all of those articles in a word document and create a pdf file. There are also certain other benefits from writing series posts which you can read here.

2. Concentrate On The Best Blog Post In Your Blog
Go through the archives in your blog and find the best blog post. Once you have found one article that is very good, copy-paste it in a word document. Elaborate the article and make it long. Say, if you have written an article on “20 ways to make money online blogging”, write about what a blog is, how to start blogging, the blogging plat forms, and then ways to earn money. Add a bio, author info and conclusion to the word document to make it bigger. Once you are done with it, you can make it as a PDF file.

3. Interview Others
Find the best bloggers in your niche. Interview them. Get their permission before including it in the ebook. Tell them what they will get by publishing their interview in the ebook. Once you have interviewed three to four people, put them in a word document and convert it into a pdf file. This method will not take you more than 1 hour excluding the time taken by the person you are interviewing. 10 minutes for contacting the bloggers. 30 minutes for creating the questions. 15 minutes for putting it in a word document and make it look good. 5 minutes for converting it into a pdf file.

If you don’t know how to create a word document into a pdf, read the tutorial I wrote here.

Have you tried creating ebooks? Do you find that people subscribe to your blog if you are giving them something valuable? Please share your views in the comments.