When it comes to social media marketing, some businesses are simply more fun to manage than others. If you had the choice of marketing for Chipotle or Orkin, you’d probably choose Chipotle.

Just because you’re tasked with marketing a “boring” business doesn’t mean you have to create a boring social media strategy. It may take a little extra creative juice to be successful, but that just makes it that much more satisfying!

Here are three ideas you can use to enhance your current “boring” social media  ideas marketing.

Focus on Building Value for Your Product/Services

Businesses new to social media tend to think that their pages and channels are all about them. But unless you’re a household name like Coca-Cola or the New England Patriots, you’re not going to build a real audience by only posting about your business itself.

Instead, focus on building value in the products you sell or services you provide. Even if you own a “boring” business, you’ll find it much easier to build value in your products or services than simply sell customers on your choosing your business over others.

“As a car dealer, one of our objectives on social media is to make people want to buy a Honda over other brands. The typical photos of happy customers is completely pointless because it doesn’t add value to a user’s experience. That’s why we work on selling social users on the car first, and supplement that content with reasons to buy from us over our competition,” says Mark Frost of AutoFair Honda.

Create Helpful/Useful Content and Link to It

The best kind of social media content is the kind that solves problems. If you can brand your page as a great source of information, you’ll have no problem creating an audience over time. And once you have your audience, you can work on marketing to them more and more.

What constitutes helpful/useful content, though? This will depend on your business itself. Let’s say you run a pest control company, which probably sounds like one of the most boring businesses to try to market. That’s only if you’re thinking of marketing in the traditional sense!

But here’s an interesting idea for this boring business: create a video series that shows people how to spot specific types of infestations. Once these are live on Facebook, you can boost this content to your local audience and generate business as people discover issues in their homes.

Shoot Fun Videos That Will Entertain People and Build Brand Awareness

Content should always have a purpose, but there’s no harm in occasionally having fun. Especially when you’re talking about a boring business!

Think about Dollar Shave Club, for instance. If ten years ago I told you that one of the most effective online marketing in the future was a simple video from an online company that sold razors, you’d think I was crazy. But thanks to this video and other clever marketing campaigns, DSC went from being an unknown startup to being valued at $615 million (as of June 2015).

With your own videos, you probably won’t see the level of success that Dollar Shave Club did; however, you can still use their strategy to reach more potential customers than you might using traditional marketing strategies.

Here’s an example you can steal: let’s say you own a furniture store and are ready to pull the trigger on this plan. You could create a series of videos about a couple going shopping for various items and the hilarious dilemmas they face during these trips to your furniture store.

Whatever you end up producing, it’s all a matter of trying. So get out there and start producing content!