steps to building a successful pro blogging career

Before I became a pro blogger I needed to be a pro blogger.

This feels confusing at first, guys.

You will need to change habits. You will need to let go the former you. You will definitely need to follow the pro blogging fundamentals presented by successful, pro blogging coaches.

Follow these 3 steps to become a professional blogger….intelligently.

1: Let Go the Former You

I hear from folks how they are:

  • former teachers
  • former truckers
  • former office workers

and how they are struggling to gain traction with their blogs. Of course they struggle. Why would someone whose energy screams former whatever succeed with blogging? I am a former security guard. But I did not take that energy with me when I intended to become a pro blogger. I could not be a security guard and pro blogger at the same time.

I eventually let go the former security guard to begin being a pro blogger, even well before I saw pro blogger results.

Do not buy into the illusion that screws up most bloggers; they never act or feel or BE a pro blogger because they do not see pro blogger results. Guess what? You are still being the former whatever, that you used to be. Stop being that person. Those days have passed. Start being a professional blogger. In order to become, you must be.

2: Build Your Day Around Being a Pro Blogger

If you are a full time employee and part time blogger you need to follow this tip more than ever by:

  • setting aside 2-3 hours nightly – or daily – to be and feel and do as a pro blogger does
  • let go the low energy, crappy activities that the former you needs to let go, to become a pro blogger

If you can work full time, pro blogger hours, do so. This is the direct path to being a pro blogger.

Example; I build my day around doing yoga and meditating on waking. Pro bloggers vibe high, so high that they do creating and connecting diligently enough to wow amateur hour bloggers. I manage my energy on waking through  diligently following a daily schedule. That is what pros do, right?

But the old me built my day around getting a paycheck. I worked jobs, just to make money and get health benefits. Since I had little drive to free myself of the 9-5 chains, my free time was largely spent hitting the gym and watching basketball.

I would wake up to a bagel and the news, or sports updates. Meditation? Why do that? I could be enjoying a meal and filling my mind with horrific images of world events?

Dingbatish days, these were, but I had to change my habits to be the person who would become a full time, professional blogger.

3: Follow Professional Bloggers

Pro bloggers show you exactly how to be, to become pro bloggers.

Peep Zac Johnson.

He is one of the top pro bloggers on earth.

While having lunch with him a few years ago he mentioned how at the time he wrote 1-2 guest posts daily to place on authority blogs. Zac focused heavily on building friendships with top bloggers.

He was not concerned much with outcomes. He served, he bonded and created generously from a largely detached space.

Google “blogging.”¬†

You will likely see Zac’s Blogging Dot Org show up as #1 via organic search results.

Pros show you how to be, and how to help people, intelligently, to become a pro yourself.

They teach you passion, patience and persistence.

I dove into my prolific guest posting campaign full bore after seeing Zac’s shining example.


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