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Do you sit in front of computer to write an article and don’t come up with any content idea? Ever had trouble coming up with a topic to write on at very important situations like when you have got a back link from a popular blog?

What I’m letting you know in this article will surely help you in coming up with content ideas easily without thinking for a lot of time. It’s not a guarantee. But you will see results if you follow all the 3 ways I’m listing below. People read so many books regarding making money online. But most of them don’t earn money. The fault is not with the book (in most cases). After all, the same method has worked for the author. You have to take action. Reading alone will take you nowhere. You have to plan and take action. The three ways I’m showing you below will work for you (it has worked for me) if you take action.

Without further ado, let me take you to the 3 surefire ways to get tons of content ideas.

1. Join Forums
Forums are a treasure for blog post ideas. There are people asking questions every day. People ask new questions every hour in popular forums. People come with lots of problems and they come for help to the forums. If someone has a question, surely there are many more people with the same question. Join the forums in your niche. Go to google and search for “your niche forum” without quotes. Join the forums where there is high activity level. Find questions that you can answer in your blog. Write a detailed blog post answering that question. But forums can get quiet addictive. Make sure you don’t spend a lot of time in forums.

2. Subscribe To Blogs And Social Sites
In almost any niche, you can find blogs that are running successfully. Subscribe to these blogs. I suggest you to subscribe to the smaller blogs too. Sometimes the smaller and less popular blogs are the ones that come up with great content. Keep an eye on the blogs on your niche and make sure you don’t miss any post. If someone is writing on “how to effective do article marketing”, you can develop your own method of making article marketing effective and write a post. Social sites like stumbleupon, digg etc are also great places to find content ideas.

3. Keep An Eye On The Comments Of Other Blogs
When you read blog posts on other blogs, don’t forget to check the comments section. People ask questions most of the times. The popular blogs get a lot of questions in the comments section. But due to the huge number of questions asked everyday, the blog author doesn’t write blog posts answering all the questions. But you can do that. Take a note of the questions that are repeatedly asked in the comments of other blogs. Create a file with all these questions and whenever you are struggling to get content ideas, look at the questions in the file and try answering some of them in your blog.

I’m sure if you follow all these steps, you will have a lot of topics to write on. Again, let me tell you it’s not a guarantee. It has worked for me really well. If you take action, you will see results. What is your best way for getting new content ideas? Please share it in the comments.