If you cannot seem to crack the blogging income code you probably are skipping the fundamentals.

Following these 3 basic steps sets the foundation for building a rocking, successful, income generating blog.

Step 1 is beyond key; it is at the core of successful monetizing. Unfortunately most bloggers skip this step in their fear-based desperation or greed to make chedda through their blogs.

Blogging profits flow your way over the long haul in response to the skills you persistently develop. Remember this at all times if things seem a little scant in the blogging profits department.

Follow these 3 tips to boost your blogging profits steadily over the long haul.

1: Blog Your Passion

Blog your passion.

This is the core element to making money through your blog.

Blogging mainly for fun detaches you from blogging outcomes, largely. Instead of worrying about getting traffic and profits you will be giving of your time and talents, learning how to blog and practicing blogging to develop the requisite skills to earn that sweet cheddar.

If clients or readers ask me about how to pick a blogging niche I advise them to follow their passion. Doing so puts you in the right energetic space to see the work as the reward, so traffic and profits and social shares feel like bonuses, or icing on the cake.

If you love doing what you do, blogging-wise, you naturally persist through learning and practicing until blogging profits flow in steadily over the long term.

Do not skip this step. Blog mainly for fun or else you will be doomed like the majority of bloggers who are blogging mainly to get money. Your getting energy will force you to skip steps 2 and 3, leading to certain blogging failure.

Give freely. Follow your blogging passion. Receive easily.

2: Learn




Before you develop skills in any discipline you learn how to effectively develop your skills.

Build the foundation for a successful blog monetizing campaign. Learn blogging.

Learning is a continual process. I learn daily even though I have 10 years of blogging experience. It’s about being open to experiences and re-reading, repeating and studying blogging concepts until these ideas seep deep into your subconscious mind.

Once you grasp an idea on a subconscious level you are free to practice the skill persistently so that you inspire folks to hire you, to click your advertising links and to buy your stuff.

Before you teach, you must learn.

Follow top bloggers. Take notes on their blog posts, videos and podcasts. Be diligent in studying these notes. In time, you will lay the foundation for a successful blogging campaign in terms of helping folks and monetizing your blog effectively. But only after you have learned the basics of blogging through study.

3: Practice

Practice makes better.

Or practice makes clearer.

Or practicing persistently precedes blogging profits.

Practice your blogging skills. Create persistently. Connect with generosity.

The art of practicing improves your blogging skills. Skilled bloggers get paid.

Do not practice with your eye on the goal, or outcomes. Practice for the joy of creating and connecting. Revisit tip #1 again and again to cultivate your passion, to blog with love and to blog with the passionate fire that always precedes steady, long haul, substantial blogging profits.


Peep this video as I discuss how to increase your blogging profits through these 3 simple steps.

Your Turn

Are you having a difficult time turning around your blogging profits?

What tips can you add to this list?

How are you increasing the amount of money you make through blogging?

Are you patiently laying the foundation for a successful blog monetizing campaign?

Please share your thoughts in the comments section below.